Unexpected Results: THE Eternal Podcast #32 – Balance Changes w/ NotoriousGHP
Platypus is joined by NotoriousGHP to do a bonus episode about …
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Gwent Arena Meta Update – January 10 2019 Patch
Welcome back to another Gwent Arena meta update. That’s right, all …
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Unexpected Results: THE Eternal Podcast #31 – Ambitious World
Platy and Mantid catch up after the brief hiatus, talk about …
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Sealed Deck Beginner’s Guide for Magic: the Gathering
Your Fate is SEALED! Sealed Deck is now one of the …
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Why hero powers are problematic: an analysis of Baku, Genn and Hero cards (Part 1)
Hero Powers are a features that set Hearthstone apart from many …
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Meta Monday – Ambition
“You mean FJS Monday? Starring ECQ winner FJS and ETS winner …
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