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Team Rankstar is a CCG team with a focus on the digital space, including Eternal, Gwent, Magic: the Gathering, Hearthstone, Mythgard, Teppen, Pokemon TCG and The Elder Scrolls: Legends. Our goal is to bring high quality content and competition to the games we work in. We aim to create an inclusive, active and competitive space for our communities.

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Where in the World is GHP?

Theo, wait no, SHAWN and Tim discuss the most recent adds to the expedition format. //iTunes //Soundcloud//Spotify FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: @NotoriousGHP @Tchamber5 @The_Overmaster @TeamRankstar SUPPORT

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Magic: The Gathering

This Week in Arena 2019-12-06

This week’s Magic the Gathering Arena news including: Esports Updates, Mythic Championship VII Decks, Sultai Ramp, Izzet Flash, Historic Ramp, Kumena Brawl

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I Made Mythril… Now What?

We’re joined today by koolkat to talk about the climb to Mythril and where to go next. How do you improve and how do you identify what needs improvement?

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