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Team Rankstar is a CCG team with a focus on the digital space, including Eternal, Gwent, Magic: the Gathering, Hearthstone, Mythgard, and Teppen. Our goal is to bring high quality content and competition to the games we work in. We aim to create an inclusive, active and competitive space for our communities.

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Magic: The Gathering

MTGA Budget Deck // Orzhov Lifegain

This budget build of the Orzhov lifegain deck looks to use the Ajani Pridemates and Bloodthirsty Aerialists in tandem with cards like Healer Hawk and

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Deck Check – Herald of Bad News (THRONE)

’tis the week before the new Eternal set arrives, and Calebovitsch reminisces about a one-turn-kill deck of olde. One he played a year ago. Now, armed with new tools and after some card changes, he revisits … Herald of Bad News!

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