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Team Rankstar is a CCG team with a focus on the digital space, including Eternal, Gwent, Magic: the Gathering, Hearthstone, Mythgard, Teppen, Pokemon TCG and The Elder Scrolls: Legends. Our goal is to bring high quality content and competition to the games we work in. We aim to create an inclusive, active and competitive space for our communities.

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Deck Check – An Elvish Bargain

In this episode of Deck Check Calebovitsch tries to understand the Bargain mechanic and strikes a deal with two Elves … and proceeds to show you not one, but two versions of an Elvish Bargain aggro deck in Expedition.

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Backlash Episode 29: More FoX

Tim and Gerry Discuss more FoX! We also go over The latest happenings from Riot Games! //iTunes //Soundcloud//Spotify FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: @NotoriousGHP @Tchamber5 @TeamRankstar SUPPORT

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The Boneyard VII: Extra Sauce

Welcome to The Boneyard post show! We talk with Lazergician about the upcoming Moonlight Masquerade event and what decks we expect to see. Bring your

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