ThatResolves – Feln and Xenan

Xenan is a fairly under represented faction on ladder as of late. Both LifeForce, Xenan Mid as well as Big Xenan have been fairly absent since the first week of the first week of the 2018 ETS. While some iterations of the deck were fairly popular pre-Dusk Road, it seems to have very heavily fallen out of favor since the meta shifted to include/combat more Argenport. ThatResolves takes a look at the most current iteration of LifeForce, showcasing some of the decks strengths and weakness (namely to Harsh Rule).

We just got our new promo a few days ago, so ThatResolves ventures into finding a home for it! Feln Tempo has been a deck popping up on the ETS the past few weekends. The deck has seen some very strong games, but has yet to put up a solid finish. Could this be the piece of technology that pushes the deck into the competitive realm? A 3/3 for 3 with neutral card advantage can help the deck keep up. Personally, I hope to see some Dinosaur brew pop up and make use of our new feathered friend, but this list seems to be the best direction for the card!

LifeForce Video

Feln Tempo Video

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