Meta Monday – Removal Pile

We are happy to introduce the first installation of our new weekly series: “Meta Monday”! The goal is to showcase and discuss a deck capable of competing in the current meta! One of the amazing things about Eternal is that the meta can shift fairly quickly, so if something is unfun or too oppressive, it can be hated out in the matter of a week.

This week, we are starting things off with the now popular Removal Pile which is similar to the lists championed by camat0 and ManuS during the ETS on 2/3/18. The list fights a fairly straightforward “if it moves, kill it” plan, with the top end consisting of two of the best finishers in the game: Icaria and Makto. The list showcased in ThatResolves video plays Makto and Stonepowder Alchemist, tuning it to be a bit more optimized for ladder.

We hope you enjoy the video and look forward to hearing your thoughts about the deck, it’s performance on ladder, and the evolution of the archetype!

Removal Pile featuring Makto

Be sure to also check out the video on Stonescar Beatdown

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