Welcoming “The_Mantid_Man” to Team Rankstar!

We are on a roll with new recruits, and super excited to welcome our new author “The_Mantid_Man” to Team Rankstar! Check back soon for his debut article coming up!

The_Mantid_Man brings a whole new perspective to the TCG and CCG community. With an practical and analytical approach to the game he is consistently in the top tier of the games he sets his mind to. With multiple seasons at Legend in hearthstone as well as 2 Darkmoon faire semi-finals, 2 national top 32 finishes, and a top 16 finish at Worlds in the WOW TCG he has proven his worth time and time again. He has also brought his savvy and experience to deck evaluation articles, sneak peak reviews, and a weekly podcast to multiple TCGs so that no one has to go without his insight should they want it. The_Mantid_Man is now focused on the quickly growing world of Eternal, spending time in Masters in Ranked and Draft formats. When he isn’t slinging digital cards he is either building or playing in Dungeons and Dragons games, working on his pursuit of Voice acting, or spending time with his two sons and wife who are closing in quickly on his heels in Eternal as well!



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