Meta Monday – Tokens

With some recent changes to cards, a new weekly tournament, as well as a turn of the season, the meta is still establishing itself. “Removal Pile” is still putting up solid performances, with its Jund-like ability to adapt to the metagame. The deck is loaded removal, lifesteal and resilient threats that can lineup with just about anything. One of the most popular decks in last week’s ETS Top 8 was “Icaria Blue“. A variation of the list found its way into both top 8’s, and should be somewhat prevalent this coming week on ladder. The deck that took down the inaugural TSEQ Weekly, was a really cool Nostrix Control/Midrange list. While this deck can be somewhat top heavy, it performed well against a pretty diverse top 12, which included Argenport Goodstuff, Praxis Midrange, Gunslingers, a spicy Dark Chalice list (shoutout to SecondBlue), and the breakthrough deck of the weekend: FJP Aggro.

ManuS took down the ETS with the deck, and it has become very popular on ladder. When Hulkbuster debut their version of the list a few weeks ago, it was an instant hit. Now that the list has been streamlined due to its popularity, I expect it to be a ladder powerhouse this season.

All of that to say it has nothing to do with the direction of where we took this weeks Meta Monday, except that we wanted to wait until things shook out a little bit more before bringing some more “serious” decks to the table. On top of the previously mentioned changes, “Dead Reckoning” (set 3.5) was announced and looks to shake up the meta once more.

So this week we have a viewer request in the form of FTP Shimmerpack and a personal project of ThatResolves, Praxis Tokens! Both decks do battle with the “go wide” strategy of a token deck, with Shimmerpack using its namesake as a top end finisher, and Praxis using Tesya, Omen Shaper to finish the job.

Shimmerpack was a format staple once upon a time, but has been slowly pushed out due to the increase in quality of other finishers, Shimmerpack and Scouting Party being nerfed, as well as other swarm strategies being a little more potent. Since it has all but disappeared, you can get the jump on your opponent, since they likely don’t anticipate what will happen around turn 8. Even without drawing Shimmerpack, the deck does a great job attacking every turn and making your little dudes bigger using Arcanum Monitor and Xenan Obelisk. Using Scouting Party to get you some card advantage is a huge boon of this list, and can often be the tempo swing you need to win the game.

Praxis Tokens uses a lot of the same tools as Shimmerpack, with the addition of Jekk, Hunted Fugitive and Tesya, Omen Shaper to help close things out. Jekk is not necessary for the deck to do its thing, and can be swapped out for really anything you need to give you reach. Firemane Cub and General Izalio can both give you the extra push you need to end things. Both lists can have a hard time with sweepers, but if you can make smart trades and uses your removal as needed, they both can overwhelm the opponent in no time.

Hope you enjoy giving these a try!

-Aphelion and ThatResolves

Come join the conversation in our Discord:

Shimmerpack Decklist



Praxis Tokens Decklist


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