Meta Monday – Elysian Beatdown

The past week has been a big one for Eternal! There was a big patch that shook things up a few weeks back, then an expansion just last week! We did not get a ton of time in the post 1.28.7 meta before Dead Reckoning came out, which was unfortunate because things seemed to be in a REALLY interesting spot. Then again, who can say no to new and exciting content? The expansion has changed things up dramatically. With the introduction of some key cards including Draka, Queensguard, In Cold BloodRipknife AssassinHailstorm, Inquisitor’s Blade, Hooru Pacifier, and to a lesser extent Icaria, Valkyrie Captain and Equivocate.

The first 6 cards mentioned have already found homes in many top decks, as well as bring some new archetypes to the top: Argenport Mid, Elysian MidXenan Mid, Hooru Fliers, FTS Goodstuff, and a list I am hoping to see more play, FTP Curiox Control. Argenport has been around, but sank in popularity with all of the shifts that have happened over the past few weeks, however it has so many new tools to play with, I expect it to be a very popular choice in the coming weeks. As a personal fan of Xenan based strategies, I plan on spending some more time with the FTS list we have been working on to combat Makto and friends. The “Removal Pile” decks have been less popular lately, but are still around. I expect them to swing more toward Argenport, as we see the rise of Tavrod once more. Hooru Fliers is an archetype that is essentially as old as Eternal open beta, so it’s exciting to see it return to its former glory.

Paradox wrote a really great article on meta predictions which can be found here.

NeonBlonde and SirRhino do a great job going over the cards and discussing what a healthy meta looks like in last weeks Eternal Cast. If nothing else, I highly recommend listening to the last 30 minutes or so when they talk about meta changes. They cover some really great points, and I think it can be helpful to all players to hear this perspective.

Without further ado, we chose to go with a new take on Elysian Midrange this week! Elysian was a power house before Tavrod came out, and has been a powerful combination of threats for some time. Now, with some new toys in the form of Draka and Equivocate, the deck is poised for a come back! This past ETS, TWO Elysian decks made it into top 8: Goodstuff and Horn. I think these are the only two Elysian decks we have seen do this well since Horus Traver, which is exciting stuff. I tried a TJP Horn deck a while back, and it felt good, but I think this Horn list is much more streamlined.

ThatResolves wanted to take the Elysian deck a slightly different direction, using Champion of Wisdom and Predatory Carnosaur as more proactive threats, rather than the more reactive Praxis Displacer. A buffed Champion of Wisdom and a regular Carnosaur can bring back Dawnwalker, which helps with the grind plan a bit. Both have strengths, and I think choosing one over the other would be a meta call. If you get a chance, try them out and let us know which one you liked more!

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-Aphelion and ThatResolves

4 Initiate of the Sands (Set1 #74)

3 Permafrost (Set1 #193)

1 Twilight Hunt (Set3 #59)

1 Backlash (Set1 #200)

2 Equivocate (Set1003 #21)

3 Friendly Wisp (Set1 #82)

3 Xenan Initiation (Set2 #44)

4 Dawnwalker (Set1 #86)

4 False Prince (Set1 #356)

4 Champion of Wisdom (Set1 #358)

4 Sandstorm Titan (Set1 #99)

2 Xenan Obelisk (Set1 #103)

4 Cirso, the Great Glutton (Set1 #362)

2 Crystallize (Set1 #232)

4 Worldbearer Behemoth (Set3 #87)

3 Daraka, Queensguard (Set1003 #12)

2 Predatory Carnosaur (Set1 #118)

4 Primal Sigil (Set1 #187)

5 Time Sigil (Set1 #63)

3 Amber Monument (Set1 #420)

2 Amber Waystone (Set3 #51)

3 Crest of Wisdom (Set3 #261)

4 Elysian Banner (Set1 #421)

4 Seat of Wisdom (Set0 #63)


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