Ten Bloods – An ongoing Guide to TESL Tournaments

“I greet you, Chosen One! A victory in my Tournament of Ten Bloods brings great honor.” -Boethia

Any TCG, LCG,  or CCG worth it’s salt is going to have tournaments.  Competition brings out the best (and in rare occasions, the worst) in players.  It forces even the greatest of  players to become better and continue to push forward.  The key, in a word, is “stakes”.  What is at stake?  Without stakes, movies or TV shows become the most boring tripe where we are forced to answer for ourselves why we should care.  Stakes give meaning to our actions.  When you lose in casual, nothing happens and when you win, almost nothing happens.  By all means, everyone should be playing because it’s fun and I hope everyone is having fun, but I know for some, myself included, the most fun comes with a little competition.

Below, we’ll keep an updated guide for your reference of active tournaments and their requirements.  If you are interested in joining our team or community, let us know.


Not all tournaments have requirements, but if you are new, I would recommend making sure you make some accounts to streamline your entry and tournament experience.  Some tournaments are open entry and others are only available to those who have qualified.

Discord – Text and voice chat service.  Recommended Servers: Legends Discord the official discord for the game, TESL Champion Series required for TCS tournaments, ESL (Electronic Sports League) for lots of info about their TESL tournaments, Warp Meta highly recommended for their tournaments, Team Rankstar for discussion, fun, help, etc.

Reddit – This is the Reddit hub for all things TESL.  There’s a lot of great folk out there to help and this is a great place to ask a question.  This is a regularly updated mega-thread for tournament information which you will normally find stickied at the top.

Challonge – Used for tournament tracking by a lot of tournaments.

Legends Decks – Deck building for a whole lot more than just tournaments.  Also collection manager, article hub, tournament tracker, and more.  Used for deck entry into a lot of tournaments.  My personal recommendation is to save your decks ahead of time as private so that you are ready to upload your lists, but do not link directly to your list.  Open it in deck builder and use the link at the bottom, it will identify the cards you are using by the URL.

TESLegends.PRO – Deck building, tournament host, meta-analysis, article hub, all around great resource.  Mostly same story as for Legends Deck, but I have less experience with the deck builder.

ESL (Electronic Sports League) – Giant network of gaming tournaments for more than just TESL.

Warp Meta – Regular tournament host for TESL and several other games.

Screenshots – Not exactly a resource, but you’ll want to be ready to save screenshots of your match in the unfortunate and unlikely event that your opponent doesn’t agree about who won the match.  Some clients like steam have built in screen capture (F12 by default), but if not, you can always use print screen.  Hopefully, this will never come up.

TCS (TESL Championship Series) – Twitch

This is “the show,” the official, Bethesda partnered tournaments.

To enter into these tournaments, you’ll want to have their discord already set up.  For the current series, you’ll want to have 3 decks in mind and lists mostly complete so that you’ll be able to enter links for them as soon as the form goes live.  See the linked title for more information and upcoming dates.  TCS has in the past and may continue to host smaller tournaments as well.

ESL (Electronic Sports League)

There are a few varieties of tournaments hosted by ESL including the Go4TESL Global.  You’ll want to make an account ahead of time and if the tournament requires decklists, you’ll want your decks saved as you’ll need to turn those in before the start of the tournament.

ESL doesn’t have a TESL specific twitch, but in the past, it has been hosted by Bethesda’s twitch channel.

TESLegends.PRO Tournament Hall

Some fun, some serious, some Bethesda sponsored action.  Different tournaments are likely to have different rules, but I would recommend having at least an account with their site ready to go.

Warp Meta – Twitch

Weekly tournaments (Thursday or Sunday, it can change) with some cash prizes on the line.  You’ll need an account with their site and 3 decks with no class repeats (i.e. Warrior, Archer, Mage not Warrior, Warrior, Mage).  Rules are posted on their site as well.


Lastly, but certainly not least, we have a variety of tournaments hosted by our lovely champions of content, however, as this information changes from time to time, if there’s any streamer that would like their tournament listed here, just let us know.


We encourage you to come join the conversation in our Discord!

We are also actively recruiting streamers, YouTubers, content producers and members for our tournament team: here!

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