Welcoming “chPIG” to Team Rankstar!

chPIG became a defacto member via participation in Discord and helping members test for the ETS. They have been really active in our community, and we are excited to have them officially on board. Already working on some projects for Team Rankstar, expect some awesome articles coming soon!

More about chPIG:

Hailing from Northern Ireland, chPIGs grand illustrious card career started with Stud Poker at the tender age of five before moving on to Kitchen Table Magic in the late 90s. After dipping his toes in the Irish competitive MTG community, he quickly pulled them out again with the release of Mirrodin before committing to DAoC, and later WoW as a competitive PvE player instead. With the release of the WoW TCG, chPIGs love of card games was rekindled and he quickly returned to MTG as a playtester and deck-tuner for his far more competitive and far more irresponsible friends. After shelling out too much money on his legacy deck in a fiery decision to “go for it!” he was suitably chastised by his partner and “gently encouraged” to investigate a more cost effective way to find his fix. After briefly toying with Hearthstone, he found Eternal in early 2017 and has been a consistent constructed masters player ever since. When not playing cards, chPIGs biggest loves are rugby, design, music, and cigarettes.

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