Thunderstrikes are go !

Feln is perhaps my favorite faction pair, outside of maybe JPS – which is basically Feln with Makto – so I’m always happy to experiment and try some new, or in this case very old things and see how they perform on the ladder.

My first step was to try Witching Hour, I’d ran out of legendaries to craft and I’d never had the chance to really play with it as ‘Party Hour’ was nerfed just before I started playing and I was having too much fun with Stonescar beatdown to care ! – this was when you could play Umbren Reaper and Soulfire Drake in the same deck with no issue !

Witching hour was fun the few times it worked but for the most part it always cost about ten power because we didn’t ever have enough cheap interaction or we had situational spells.


Against other Controlling decks we weren’t proactive enough to reduce the cost of hour and against beatdown decks we didn’t have time to play a ten cost spell.
I think there is probably a build you could create with Hour where you play spells like levitate and sabotages just to have a bunch of lotus petals in your deck but I’m no card scientist so I’ll leave that to someone else to find !

It was about then that I decided to take a look at the old style of decks, see what they were doing and then it struck me. Thunderstrike Dragon, I was already playing second sight and Trailblaze but now we had a combo. Second sight meant we could feel a lot more threat dense which is something I’ve been struggling with in feln decks since Vara got wiped off the card file.

feln deck

4 Permafrost (Set1 #193)
2 Annihilate (Set1 #269)
4 Second Sight (Set1 #207)
4 Strategize (Set3 #165)
4 Vara’s Favor (Set0 #35)
4 Hailstorm (Set1003 #11)
4 Wisdom of the Elders (Set1 #218)
4 In Cold Blood (Set1003 #15)
4 Champion of Cunning (Set1 #371)
2 Jotun Hurler (Set1 #227)
4 Black-Sky Harbinger (Set1 #385)
2 Thunderstrike Dragon (Set1 #243)
1 Azindel’s Gift (Set1 #306)
3 Channel the Tempest (Set1 #244)
3 Primal Sigil (Set1 #187)
5 Shadow Sigil (Set1 #249)
4 Cobalt Waystone (Set3 #151)
1 Crest of Chaos (Set3 #268)
4 Crest of Cunning (Set3 #267)
2 Crest of Fury (Set3 #266)
4 Feln Banner (Set1 #417)
4 Seat of Cunning (Set0 #62)
1 Crest of Vengeance (Set3 #264)
1 Crest of Wisdom (Set3 #261)

Thunderstrike Dragon actually does a lot for us and as much as I really like Daraka Queensguard I really don’t like getting blown out by single removal spells. Thunderstrike is a lot more resilient in the face of removal spells and though slightly smaller the evasion gained from flying is slightly superior than the evasion gained from overwhelm as it also works defensively.

I really like to be in a position where my win condition is able to blank both Icaria and Makto (rest in peace sweet makto) and our win conditions are just so resilient in this deck as you need basically two kill spells for our heavy hitters (Champion and Dragon) and may not even have an answer for Channel the Tempest.

Channel is pretty huge in this deck too as you can get a little bit extra value here because of the Fate and Echo in the deck it’s even possible to squeeze a little bit of extra damage by second sighting a Dragon onto the top of your deck and then channeling the tempest at your opponent.

Second Sight allows us to protect ourselves from discard spells and gives us a little bit of protection from Rain of Frogs though this is a little unreliable. With the Crest density we have in the deck we can treat it as a poor-mans Strategize where you put something on top and then play a crest to bottom it if the card isn’t good in the matchup. Often this is a play pattern I would be doing with strategize anyway, playing it on turn three to dig for a crest so here it feels roughly equal though you get to play it at fast speed if you need to.

Playing Second Sight left me feeling I was a little light on “combo pieces” to go with it so that lead us to trying Jotun Hurler. Hurley does some great things, allows us a real cheap piece of interaction that fits in with crests when we’re pelting down Oni Ronins but it also allows us to smack down Crownwatch Paladins aegis allowing us to hailstorm on time and take out the followup Unseen Commando.

This raw amount of cantrips too really allows us to find our win conditions to turn the game around and take over in the air as well as allowing us to find the important pieces we need for any specific matchup like Hailstorm or In Cold Blood.

Here’s the video where I took the deck for a spin where I’m in about the top half of masters.

As you can see the snowballs are great and the Thunderstrike dragons really let you go over the top of any other controlling opponents.
I think there is actually lot you can tune with the deck in terms of numbers and I can very easily see some meta games where you go up to three Thunderstrike Dragons or maybe even go up on the hurlers too !
Let me know what you’d change and what old technology you would want to bring back for current decks.

Thanks for reading, I’ve been Thatresolves I’ll catch you on the ladder !

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