Welcoming “HeyWhyYou” and “ArbitraryArmor” to Team Rankstar!

Better late than never, we are welcoming our two most recent members to Team Rankstar! HeyWhyYou has had some recent success on the ETS circuit, placing 2nd in last seasons LCQ as well as the invitational!

ArbitraryArmor has finished in top 100 several times since they started playing. Looking to break into the tournament scene this season, keep your eyes peeled for more from them!

“HeyWhyYou started with card games by playing casual MTG back when M13 and Phyrexian block were around. He played with some starter decks and really enjoyed it, then played some common drafts with friends. He wasn’t much of a competitive MTG player by any means and it was too expensive a hobby to continue. Later, he came back to TCGs in finding “Infinity Wars”, and fell in love! Unfortunately this game died a couple years ago so he moved to “Spellweaver”, another CCG with some features from both HS and MTG. Soon he started playing tournaments managing to get 1st place in official launch event.. After seeing “Infinity Wars” completely dead and “Spellweaver” slowly dying, he left the CCG scene until I looked at “Infinity Wars” forum to see a post when some random person said they had moved to Eternal and loved it. He tried it, and in a couple hours, figured it’s the game he had been looking for! Now, he finally enjoys limited, play competitive ranked with good decks and the tournament scene at the same time.”


“arbitraryarmor started playing Eternal at the recommendation of a friend, and it didn’t take long for him to love the game. Tired of MTGO’s clunky interface and Hearthstone’s over-the-top RNG, he found that Eternal strikes the perfect balance between the two, making the most of Magic’s strategic depth and Hearthstone’s sleek gameplay. One of his biggest pleasures in card games is playing cards that his opponents have to read for the first time, followed closely by fooling an opponent with a savage bluff. arbitraryarmor also plays Magic extensively, participating in every tournament format available. No matter what format or game, arbitraryarmor is always excited to pick up an interesting-looking deck and take it for a spin.”

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