Jank Friday – Crowned Firebombs

Hello everyone, heywhyyou is here with our new (not sure if it’s will be weekly, but I’ll try my best) Jank Friday article series! I hope everyone had a great week and hopefully most of you already made masters in ranked. If you have, well, I might have something for ya!

Note: this deck won’t help you climb up the ladder. In fact you might drop a lot of ranks with it. Still excited? Alright, I warned you.

Crowned Firebombs!!

Have you ever played crown decks? Have you ever felt like “eh, it’s fun, but not fun enough for me” while playing them? If you have, this is probably the deck you need to try.


“Crowned Firebombs” is basically a crown roaches deck with another win con – Firebombs. We have 2 bomb producing engines: Light the Fuse and Unexpected Results. While Light the Fuse is pure meme and more like do-nothing-spend-1-mana card, Unexpecting Results actually comes in handy quite a lot of times especially in heavy control matchups.

Let’s cover some matchups! If you face an Icaria deck you might want to get rid of Harsh Rules with Unexpected Results and save up your Sandstorm Titans and some Torches and Equivocates to deal with our flying lady. If you bump into an aggro deck, well, you really want to dig in your deck with Strategize and Wisdom of the Elders trying to find Hailstorm while doing everything you can to stay alive. If it’s a scream deck – let their ability to draw cards constantly become their impending death by placing as many bombs in their deck as you can. Midrange decks are our worst matchups – no actual advices from me here except for being lucky with the crown. ;)

Another useful tip on playing Unexpected Results: if you decide to stick to bomb plan in your game and an opponent is playing primal, you REALLY want to get rid of their Strategizes – its ability to put the card on the bottom triggers before bomb explodes, so keep that in mind. Strategize can screw up the whole game quite easily.

If you find out the meta to be really aggro directed I’ll recommend swapping 2 Equivocates for 2 more Hailstorms. Rain of Frogs might be a good call if the meta is more control-ish, bring some froggies in and swap some Hailstorms out.


Some of the reasons why you should play this deck:

-Seeing Runehammers being smashed by a Firebomb is priceless;

-Winning with a firebomb lethal is priceless as well;

-You’ll receive more “I like your style.” emotes in a day than you did for the whole year;

-It’s twice (if not more) more fun than your regular Crown deck;

-You’ll get a couple of in-game achievements you probably won’t get by playing any other deck.

P.S. The answer to “why is Call the Ancients even in this deck?” is “I have no idea”.

Have fun and meme harder,


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