Deck Guide: Redoran Rally

It’s been an exciting season in our TESL community with the release of the long anticipated Morrowind expansion. I’m not going to touch on any of the new mechanics or changes to the game, as I’m sure you have all seen that by now. Instead I wanted to share with you my favorite 3-colored deck, a Midrange Rally Redoran.

This is my first deck guide after joining team TRS and I plan to produce content on a regular basis for the team. There will be deck guides such as this one but also an series of post on game theory, deck crafting and things that have a more general interaction with CCGs (such as this post I made a while back post).

This deck was a unique CCG experience for me, it was the deck I enjoyed playing the most all season while also being my most efficient despite only seeing play in Legend rank. It is based around the interaction between the Rally and charge keywords with good card drew to keep the tempo going.

Decklist: Deck List

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 10.28.50 AM

Early game:

This deck has enough rally to reliably have the option to put rally characters on the board early and often, we want to make sure before attacking with them to optimize our targets. I would rather play my Velothi assassin before I rally (since he gain little from +1/+1) to improve the chance of buffing one of my charge finishers. Also worth noting for those less experienced with rally is that this keyword stacks, so it is fine to give a Redoran Battlespear to character that already has rally. Ambitious hireling is another great rally target which serve to extant the decks reach in a similar way.

It is important not to play this deck like an aggro deck, we want to hit face and are certainly not afraid to break runes. But at the same time keeping a rally alive with good trades and making sure to keep drawing should be a priority.

Midrange finish:

This deck is hard to counter with the amount of out of hand damage it has from charge, hopefully with some buffed minions from rally.

If that falls short, Haafinger and Sower of Revenge will often provide that extra punch.



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