Hello everybody! Without too many greeting words, I present you 8 new cards which you may not see in the game very often, but probably should.



False Incarnate

Popularity: 1%

Fitting decks: aggro-midrange warrior, aggro crusader, aggro archer, Conscription Hlaalu/Redoran.

This card right here prevents most ways for your opponent’s midrange deck to stabilize. You have no silence for that drain creature and are forced to stop your aggression? Not anymore! Just completely ignore that Barrow Stalker or Moonlight Werebat in the other lane. As a bonus, Chodala (it’s him in the card art) activates House Dagoth synergies, mainly Ash Berserker of course. And if he dies to Lightning Bolt (his weakness), well, that’s a 4-cost card for a 4-cost card.



Ambitious Hireling

Popularity: 1%

Fitting decks: all token decks


The key to this card’s effectiveness is power synergies: a 2/1 Hireling will give a friendly creature +2/+2 and so on. So play him along with power amplifiers:

Fifth Legion Trainer into Ambitious Hireling: 2/1 body, +2/+2 summon. 4/3 of stats and immediately enables a favorable trade – not bad at all. Orc Clan Captain into Ambitious Hireling – the same.

Ambitious Hireling when Divine Fervor is in play: 2/2 body, +2/+2 summon. If FLT is in play as well: 3/2 body, +3/+3 summon. For TWO magicka.

And the most spicy synergy, when Haunted Manor procs on Ambitious Hireling: 3/3 body, +3/+3 summon. This doesn’t even need a setup aside of one 0/1-cost creature. This kind of plays wins you the game.




Mages Guild Recruit

Popularity: 2%

Best decks: Conscription Telvanni, greedy control decks.

Firstly, this allows you to cast defensive actions faster: turn 4 Ice Storm, turn 6 Dawn’s Wrath, even turn 5 Traitor’s Flames are something aggressive decks will HATE. Then, if your win condition is Tullius’ Conscription, it speeds that up by 2 turns as well. Some decks can even use Mages Guild Recruit for both purposes, according to the board state.




Cliff Strider

Popularity: 0%

Fitting decks: midrange archer, monk, Dagoth.

This wall of text of a creature is a good board control unit. At turn 3/4 you can summon him, immediately remove a 3/2 or 3/3, and then he trades with something again – even if it’s in the other lane. Most players are put off by the inability to go face, but it isn’t really the purpose of this card.




Fighters Guild Steward

Popularity: 0%

Fitting decks: rage archer/Dagoth, slay archer.

I predicted this to be the first Morrowind card to get nerfed because such an effect should be a 4-cost action, not a summon ability on a 3/3. I was wrong (Nix-Ox got the hammer first), but the power level still stands.

In a correct board state this is a 4-cost Piercing Javelin which leaves a 3/3 on board. The “Battle” mechanic fully interacts with Drain, Breakthrough, Slay, on-hit effects (like Staff of Sparks) and – most importantly – doesn’t consume that creature’s attack. Again: you can attack with a creature normally, and then FGS commands it to fight something else. Or, at 8+ magicka, you can summon a cheap 5-power creature (Deranged Corprus, Mighty Ally, Vigilant Ancestor, if you want to live dangerously – Queen Barenziah) and bump it into something right away. Even in the shadow lane or behind a guard. This is just O V E R P O W E R E D.




“Crusader’s Assault not drawing any cards is a more gross bug than this” – unknown player
“Kwamama” – pm_me_your_Yi_plays

Kwama Queen

Popularity: 0%

Fitting decks: two-colored token decks.

Token decks need to be able to build up unanswerable pressure. Before Morrowind, the generally accepted way to accomplish this was Haafingar Marauder as a finisher: equip tokens with items to make them bigger. However, Kwama Queen is a better alternative. On turn 6 after a 0/1-cost creature, this puts 8/6 total stats on the board. WIth Fifth Legion Trainer it becomes 11/6. With Divine Fervor – 11/9. It also doesn’t instantly die to Ice Storm – Kwama Queen has 4 toughness. This is the best finisher for token decks!




Fleeting Apparition

Popularity: 0%

Fitting decks: assassin/Telvanni featuring Last Gasp synergies.

This is just such a powerful tool for aforementioned decks. So many cool interactions. In general, you get to activate two summons, one Last Gasp, and draw one card. It’s difficult to describe in general so I’ll just make some examples.

  1. Apparition summons Black Hand Messenger, he deals 2 damage with drain. Messenger is betrayed (Last Gasp activates) to recast Apparition, it summons Giant Bat, it attacks face for 2 damage with drain, end of turn, Giant Bat returns into your hand.
  2. Apparition summons Balmora Spymaster, Betray is used on that Spymaster to recast Apparition, it summons Word Wall (shout upgraded), end of turn, Word Wall returns into your hand.

In both cases you played ONLY Fleeting Apparition, and in both cases you got a ride on the value train.




Enamor’s Keeper

Popularity: 1%

Fitting decks: item decks, midrange decks.

One of the few Exalt cards where neither the base form nor the Exalted form are terrible. On turn 3 he is a 4/3, which isn’t bad – trades with everything. However, at turn 8 you get a 9/3 right away, and when he’s removed (the same turn), you get a Heirloom Greatsword, the undying item for finishing. He doesn’t make the cut just yet, but he’s really close.


Alright, these were the 8 underrated cards of Morrowind. Try them out in your decks right now – or, if you disagree, leave a comment below. The popularity numbers used are from legends-decks.com. See ya!


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