TheSkeeJay’s Tier List | June 3, 2018

Hello again everybody! Two weeks ago I debuted the first version of my tier list and it was very well received, so thank you to everybody who took the time to leave some feedback! This week, I wanted to use data to try to get an accurate picture of the meta game. This served two purposes: 1) It made sure that I didn’t leave any decks off the list that are popular enough to be considered; and, 2) Knowing which decks are the most popular helps dictate which other decks are primed to beat them! The data was gathered by keeping track of decks that I played against personally, as well as decks that streamers played against on stream. The sample size isn’t huge, but it still painted a very clear picture.

This week, the three decks that make up the Diamond/Masters Tier 1 account for a whopping 31% of the overall metagame! While none of them hold enough shares to be considered for Tier 0 status, it’s still humbling to know that at least one out of every 3 games will likely be against Argenport, TJP, or Skycrag. Better have your Torches ready!

Instead of linking to versions of these decks that I believe to be the “standard” versions, I’ll link you to a search page on for decks that contain the key cards for the archetype. This allows you to sort through different examples and pick one that’s right for you!

Also this week, I updated my descriptions of the tiers. I don’t want to mislead anybody into thinking that queuing up with a Tier 1 deck guarantees victory! So here is what the tiers represent:

Tier 0: NERF NOW! Tier 0 is where the very oppressive decks live. These decks make up an unhealthy part of the meta game and warp it in a very unhealthy way. Ideally, this tier is always blank but will be used if a problem arises.

Tier 1: The best of the best. These are generally the most popular decks and also the strongest. The decks in this tier have been tuned to be as consistent and streamlined as possible and are the favored decks of players looking to have high winrates. They have few truly “bad” matchups and are the decks that every player needs to be prepared to face.

Tier 1.5: The meta calls. These decks are powerful in their own right and are used because of their good matchups against other popular decks. Any deck in this tier is a very strong option to attack the metagame with, but do have larger holes and weaknesses than the top tier decks.

Tier 2: The contenders. Like their 1.5 counterparts, these decks have very strong matchups against a good amount of the field but can be less consistent or have more glaring weaknesses. This tier is where I put a lot of decks that are very popular but aren’t as strong as their popularity would suggest. These decks can be weak to very specific popular cards, and the prevalence of those cards is the biggest thing keeping them down.

Tier 3: The risky picks. Tier 3 is where potentially powerful decks are waiting in the wings for their chance to shine. Oftentimes, these decks can have a glass-cannon feel to them, where they do really powerful things sometimes and absolutely nothing other times. These decks are good options if you know the deck really well or if you know the metagame is going to be soft to it. They can reward you handsomely if used at the right time.

Tier 4: The “I’m ok with losing a lot” decks. Before entering a game with one of these decks, you have to be aware that your odds of winning are 10-15% lower than if you chose any other deck. These decks are able to steal a game or two every once in a while but are not a good choice for the ladder overall, either because they are too weak, too inconsistent, or have matchup spreads that are too wide. You may have that one auto-win matchup but you will also have 5 pretty bad ones.

Masters and Diamond

Tier 1:

Tier 1.5:

Tier 2:

Tier 3:

Tier 4:

This week, the “lower” tier list is not going to mirror the other quite as closely. This tier doesn’t have nearly as much data as the other one, but I have gathered enough to know that it is truly the wild west! This tier list is based on what I’ve noticed is the most popular and decks are tiered based on popularity and their matchups against the popular decks.

Gold, Silver, and Bronze

Tier 1:

Tier 1.5:

Tier 2:

Tier 3:

Tier 4:


That’s it for this week! With the release of The Fall of Argenport looming, I’m not sure if the next edition of the tier list will be released on time. Releasing a tier list a few days before or after a set release seems like a waste of time, so the list might need to be put on hold until we get a better idea of what The Fall of Argenport (and the impending Organized Play updates)mean for the metagame.

As far as reviewing the current spoilers, plenty of people are sharing their hot takes in written or video form. My evaluations of the new cards are done on my stream at You can ask me any questions about the new cards that you’d like, live on-air! There’s no set time where I stop the broadcast to talk about them (usually,) so ask me whenever you show up and I’ll be happy to answer.

What did I get wrong in the lists? What did you like or dislike about it? Make sure you leave a comment down below or on the Reddit thread. Until next time, happy grinding everybody!

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