Welcoming EndoZoa, Lateralus19 and PauloDiogo to Team Rankstar!

We are beyond excited to welcome this power trio to Team Rankstar! In order to get to know them better, I decided to interview each of them about their experience in TESL, goals within Team Rankstar and thoughts about the community!


What brought you to TESL?

EndoZoa: I’ve been playing TCGs/CCGs for years (started mtg in 2nd grade) and basically grew up on daily mtg and ChannelFireball articles. I’d tried several digital TCGs before (HS, Shadowverse, Hex, Duelyst, etc.) but honestly hadn’t heard of TESL before. Someone mentioned it on an mtg stream (I think Conley’s? He’s a bad ass btw check him out. Also works on Eternal now which is cool) and I decided to check it out.

Lateralus: I started playing MtG as a kid and my love for card games stuck. I played it competitively on and off up until my son was born a couple of years ago. Just after he was born, my wife (known as “mom” if you’re ever around my streams) actually told me that Elder Scrolls had a card game. I joined about 3 days before close beta ended and have been playing ever since!

Paulo: After almost 3 years of Hearthstone and RNG fiesta I heard from a buddy of mine that Bethesda was about to drop a CCG and after I joined CVH chat for the 1st time I really enjoyed the game and gave it a chance.


What excites you most about the future of the game?

EndoZoa: TESL’s future is unknown but it has a lot of potential. It seems like Bethesda is starting to see that and more seriously commit to it and I’m excited to see how the tournament scene will grow in the future. I also do have high hopes for how Sparkypants will be able to bring the overall production level of the game to the next level and hopefully enable it to have a higher ceiling for growth.

Lateralus: Bethesda making a change as big as switching developers has me hyped! I always felt the current UI and platform felt like it was holding TESL back from what it’s true potential. Now with these changes, I am hoping that the potential of a more broad, bigger and most importantly, consistent competitive scene takes off. The desire of the community is there, it is up to Bethesda to deliver now.

Paulo: The room to grow is there! I’m excited to see what the game will evolve to in terms of competitive scene.


What do you bring to the community? 

EndoZoa: I stream semi-regularly and have been focusing more on it so far this summer. (I’m a student and while I do other work during the summer I have a lot more time and flexibility) It’s been great growing in that department and I really do love interacting with players of all skill levels and learning together. As a result of that passion I also coach which has been really rewarding so far and I feel fortunate that I’ve had the opportunity to work with a few very strong players as well as players brand new to the genre. I cast Warpmeta weekly which has been a great opportunity for me and it’s been rewarding growing as a communicator. I’ve already done some written work with TRS, pushing out a high level strategy article a couple weeks ago and worked with Warriors and Karak on the Epics crafting guide recently. I’m looking forward to doing more written work with TRS and should be putting out a bi-weekly (maybe weekly in the future) Warpmeta recap article going over meta developments and storylines week to week. Look out for more strategy articles from me, I’m excited to share my thoughts with the community!

Lateralus: I stream around 10-12 hours a week currently. You will see me hanging out in Twitch streams fairly often and do like to discuss the game on social media and discord as well. I have written and done casting before as well. I used to help write the Meta Snapshots for CVH on BTL when he was producing those. With this platform, I hope to write more and maybe even begin video and audio content as well.

Paulo: I’ve been a regular in so many streams this couple of years and I love being able to talk with the community to help with what I can giving new player part of my knowledge. I also try to be on Reddit a bit for the same reason trying to help new players. I wrote some guides for BetweenTheLanes back in the days and I’m looking forward to writing some more articles when I have the time. 


What are you looking forward to most being part of Team Rankstar?

EndoZoa: I’m excited to have the opportunity to work in a more official capacity with some players for whom I have a lot of respect. In addition being affiliated with an organization like TRS will keep me honest and provide more clarity as to the purpose of TESL in my life. I have always wanted to take TCGs/CCGs more seriously and this makes me feel more justified in doing so.

Lateralus: I have teamed up with a couple of members before and it was the most fun I have ever had playing a CCG. Even the others, I have interacted with in other ways and always had pleasant experiences doing so. The opportunity TRS is giving us is exciting. It will allow us as individuals to heighten our game play and mindsets. Being able to come together as a group to give back to the community in ways that we may not be able to do easily on an individual level should be rewarding for all. I think there is a void for particular content that has yet to be filled and I hope we can accomplish that. Stoked to get started!

Paulo: I always liked the idea of being part of a team that’s aiming to become better at something, being part of TRS means I can once again do that trying to improve myself while playing with other great players that are aiming for the same thing helping each other out.


Who are some of your favorite content producers in the community?

EndoZoa: Lateralus is actually the first streamer I ever watched, like literally before I even downloaded the game so it is very funny to be here a year later working with him. I’ve always enjoyed his content. I really like the material Warriors has been putting out lately (unsurprisingly since he produces the kind of content I like to consume) but more than that I think he is putting in a lot of time and effort and doing great things for the community. Similarly Link is someone who I’ve been watching since the very beginning, so its been super surreal to cast with him. To be honest I consume a surprisingly small amount of TESL content since I really don’t go after memes very much and I’m pretty focused on competitive play. There is very little content dedicated to the competitive side of the game so I am excited to get to develop it alongside the rest of TRS.

Lateralus: There are so many to name. The ones I happen to watch the most on twitch currently are probably Warriors7, Earlmeister, Endozoa and TurquioseLink. I don’t consume a lot of YouTube content personally, but I do enjoy the occasional JustinLarson, Charm3r, DTB, or Hiking Emric videos. There are so many other great streamers that I will occasionally get to watch or lurk, but there just isn’t enough time in the day for me to do so!

Paulo: My favorite content producers are Warriors, Matt, Earlmiester and the list goes on and on. We have a lot of good streamers in this game. In terms of YouTube, I love JustinLarson and Charm3r videos.


What is your favorite underutilized card?

EndoZoa: Gloomlurker. It’s crazy to me that it doesn’t see more play. While the 1 toughness is a major downside its ability to protect agility’s brittle but potent threats (like goblin skulk and mournhold traitor) is 2nd to… wardcrafter but within the color exceptional.

Lateralus: Winterhold Illusionist. I’ve always loved “blink” or “flicker” effects coming from MtG. The interactions you can do with this card are really fun and flexible. Playing one on another is an interaction most don’t get to see!

Paulo: Orc Warrior!


What is the first deck you played to legend?

EndoZoa: Rage Archer. I pieced together Rage Archer over a month after my first month where I just spammed arena and had a lot of success playing a less combo centric build than most of the ladder. (When I put my first build out Eyenie hadn’t unleashed his build on the world quite yet and people were mostly trying bog lurcher and child of hiricine shenanigans.) Luckily someone apparently built my deck as I had it configured when I first hit legend since I made a reddit post about it and I can present it to you in all of its unrefined glory: Rage Archer. It got a lot better over the next couple weeks when I started playing in tournaments and somehow managed to qualify for the september esl final basically off the back of it and some bad midrange decks. Here’s some lists from back then: September 2017 ESL finals lists

Lateralus: Ah. My spirit deck. Spellsword Control (budget at that time). I played this my first few seasons to legend actually. I was inspired by Blackfall, the Lord of Salt and God of Control himself when I first started playing and this was my first deck to craft. I remember fairly early on when SS was considered nearly unplayable (around the time Hist Grove came out), I was able to pilot a non-ramp version from 4-Legend with a 70% winrate. Oh how different the game looked then lol.

Paulo: Orc Crusader!



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