Tips for a More Enjoyable Ladder Experience

Eternal’s ladder changes by the minute; you could be queueing into Skycrag Aggro for 5 consecutive games, finally change your deck to beat it, and never see it again. If you’re like me, you suffer from minor ladder anxiety, really dislike “ropers”, and really don’t enjoy losing. This ladder experience challenges me sometimes, and with Set 4 on our doorstep, here are a few of the ways I keep it enjoyable:


Take frequent breaks

Get 5 loses in a row? Have your last 3 opponents high roll their 1 out and win? Lose on turn 4 against aggro but the game still took 12 minutes? These are the times when I go take a walk outside (pretty much the only time I go outside). It’s good to stretch, take some deep breaths or chat with a friend. This lets you come back to the next game refreshed and with a clear mind, hopefully free of tilt.


Have something on in the background

I used to dislike slow play even more than I currently do. They would be the bane of my existence in normal/low stakes games. I would actually become tilted if someone slow played me the whole game. But then, one day complaining in the “#salt” channel to friends, ThatResovles told me they watch gritty crime dramas while they game. I kinda dismissed it at first, thinking I needed to focus my mental power on making sure I win every game, but then I put my client in windowed mode and booted up Twitch. I haven’t had a single problem with slow players since. They can be roping me every turn, but I’m busy focusing on whatever I’m watching. I also haven’t felt rushed with decisions on ladder either, leading me to recommend this activity. Similarly, checking and upvoting things on Reddit, having a Discord chat with your friends, browsing the wide world of social media. While you shouldn’t distract yourself TOO much, having something else to focus on can remove some of the anxiety from games.


Drink plenty of water

This one may sound lame, but this point is more “listen to your body” than anything. Keeping hydrated helps keep you mind more focused and you in a better mood. If your body isn’t busy trying to keep running, you won’t feel as stressed, and thus less tilted. Having a snack on deck to keep your blood sugar up is also key. Sometimes I get locked into “grind mode”, forgetting to eat for several hours, then wonder why I get so grumpy after losing to the ol “rope-a-dope”.


Switch up your deck

This may be a luxury for some of us, but changing your deck can keep you from getting frustrated. I know for me “set fatigue” (the desire for new content) is rough. After a few games with the “best deck”, I’m usually bored, so I try and find fun and strange decks to try and tweak to work. I’m a huge fan of Mask decks and anytime some new Mask “technology” comes around, I’m ready to take a much needed breather of grinding for some lifesteal ramp.


Understand the Meta

In a similar vein to the point above, if I can’t win with a deck I know is good, my saline levels rise dramatically. Sometimes I believe the deck I’m on should be the perfect choice but I can’t seem to run into the match ups I want or I have a misunderstanding of how the match up plays out. For example, SecondBlue’s Unitless Control on “paper” should crush Praxis Tokens, but when you play that matchup 10 times, you learn very quickly it’s maybe 40% in your favor. Understanding what decks counter which is key to ranking up and, for me, avoid lethal levels of salt. Don’t be afraid to ask someone what they think should beat a given deck. Our community is wonderful and usually the deck creator is a Reddit post or Discord DM away. Some good places to find more info on the meta are the Tournament Decklist section of, RNGEternal, Seek Power Gaming, and Team Rankstar!


Emote Spammers

This one doesn’t bother me in the slightest, but I know people that have uninstalled over some nerd spamming “Oops” or “BWAHAHAHAHA!” Sadly, there is no auto squelch feature in Eternal, but there is a “Mute Totems” feature. In Settings, under Gameplay, there is a check box for muting those annoying Shadow Totem screeches or Time gongs. All I can say about the emote spammers is mute them (by licking on their avatar) and take solace in the knowledge that they’re trying so hard to make you angry and you don’t even know it. Aphelion heavily advocates for “auto muting” as soon as a game starts, which is a practice they apply in every card game. Finding the formula that works best for you is important, and if giving your opponent an opportunity to BM via emotes is tilting, consider muting!

I hope these help you avoid frustration as you grind for rank 1.Feel free to share your tips and tricks for avoiding tilt in comments below! I’ll take a look and if they’re good, I’ll compile another list including them. 🙂



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