Legacy Open Top 8 with Czech Pile

Hello, Dunkelwerk here! This weekend Aphelion and I found ourselves in a Legacy Top 8 for our local shop. I chose Czech Pile for the tourney for it’s amazing fair match up. My local area has wayyy too many Death and Taxes players and I felt very confidant in my Grixis Delver match. I’ve probably played 300 game versus competent Grixis Delver piolts and the real secret is: board in Marsh Causalities and don’t play around Daze. Anyways, he’s how I managed to lucksack my way into 5-8th place, losing to the infamous MTGO grinder ewlandon.

You can find my decklist Here

Round 1: Mono Red Moon – Loss

This is one of those match ups that I write off. I love my super greedy mana bases; in fact I used to play the same Deathblade list that also top 8’d. There not much you can do in this match up other than get lucky and highroll, so I take my beats and move on.

G1: So I know this guy and he had traditionally played Czech Pile as well, but I hadn’t been playing in a couple of months, so I kept my options open. If I recall correctly, my opening hand had FOW, FOW, BS, Ponder, Fetch, Usea, Snapcaster. He plays Chrome Mox into Chalice, I FOW pitching Snap, I Ponder looking another fetch to get out of Blood Moon and shuffle. He plays Blood Moon, I FOW pitching BS. I think I top deck BS and cast it finding my last maindeck FOW and a blue card. I FOW another Blood Moon and the next turn he plays a Magus. I believe I fetched up an Island because I had a surplus of cantrips in my hand, but I could have never had a fetch and just found an Island. I have a Lilianna the Last Hope that I think I played on turn 3, I get it up 7 in our 15+ turn game, but at the time he had an Ensnaring Bridge our with a Magus and Simian Spirit Guide and I have 2 DRS so I think he can’t kill it and I can keep her around. He ends up playing a Pia and Kirin and have another 6 or so turns, grinds Lilliana in the ground. I lose cuz of Magus.


How I sideboarded:

In: +1 Engineered Explosives, +1 Force of Will, +1 Hydroblast, +2 Thoughtseize

Out: -3 Fatal Push, -2 Leovold, Emissary of Trest

G2: I keep a hand of FOW, Usea, Ponder, DRS, Island, Hymn, and another card. He plays turn 1 Blood Moon, I FOW. I play DRS off Usea, He plays Blood Moon eventually into Pia to kill my DRS and game over.

Round 2: Bye

So I got the pity win. I’ pretty happy about this cuz it gives me more time to settle after losing round one to a metagame deck. I take my free win and scout out the room while I can. There seems to be a bunch of DnT and Mono Red. Very little combo. I’m pretty pleased.

Round 3: Sneak and Show – Win

So this guy is a friend and fellow local Legacy regular. He owns quite a few different Legacy deck, but my previous scouting revealed what he was on.

G1: I keep a hand of DRS, Fetch, FOW, BS, Ponder, Snap, Hymn. I don’t remember who goes first, but he Ponders and plays a Lotus Petal. I play DRS, and proceed to top deck into another fetch to Hymn and Ponder. I believe I hit two fattys with Hymn. My Ponder reveals two Hymns and a land. I snap keep it and proceed to Hymn him 4 times game 1.


How I sideboarded:

In: +1 Diabolic Edict, +1 Engineered Explosives, +2 Flusterstorm, +1 Force of Will, +1 Hydroblast, +1 Pyroblast, +1 Red Elemental Blast, +2 Thoughtseize

Out: -3 fatal Push, -2 Lightning Bolt, -1 Toxic Deluge, -1 Liliana, the Last Hope, -2 Baleful Strix, -1 Kolaghan’s Command

G2: I’m fuzzy on what I end up keeping, but he ends up getting a turn 3 Sneak Attack and turn 4 Emrakuls me with 3 cards left in his hand. I have two DRS and a Strix with 4 lands? I sac everything to chump Emmy. I have a Leovold and Pyroblast in hand but no lands. I draw into a land, Pyroblast his BS, then proceed to draw into 2 more lands and jam Leovold. Somehow he doesn’t draw anything and I manage to win.

Round 4: Bug Delver – Win

This person is also a friend and I am aware of what they’re on. We had played the previous night in the local weekly event and he had beaten me. I had made some tweaks to my deck for this event, and hoped they would lead to some percentage points.

G1: I don’t believe he has a turn 1 play, but turn 2 Hymns me, I keep playing Strixes to recoup card advantage. I end up landing a Jace on a board with 2 Strixes to protect it and ride in to victory.


How I sideboarded:

In: +1 Diabolic Edict, +1 Engineered Explosives, +1 Marsh Casualties (if they play True Name Nemesis)

Out: -3 Force of Will

G2: He mulligans to 4 and I Hymn him turn 2, he Hymns me back, and then I Hymn him a second time. He’s on topdeck mode, but I am as well as I had played out my lands. I finds a Delver, I find a removal spell, he then finds a Tarmogoyf. I manage to top deck a Jace and use it to take over the game. Much closer that a mull to 5 along with Hymning them should have been.

Round 5: Czech Pile – Loss

So I knew what he was on. I believe there were only 3 Pile players in the room.

G1: I keep a hand of Fetch, Island, DRS, Snap, Ponder, Jace, Strix. I like my hand and I’m on the play. I play DRS, he Ponders, I Ponder, shuffle, play Strix. He kills my DRS and passes. I play my 3rd land and attack. He Hymns me and at this point I have Island, Jace, FOW, and DRS. I left it happen and hope he doesn’t hit my Jace. He gets DRS and Jace. My hand is bad. I end up going on the aggro plan and start aggressively killing his Strixes and attacking with mine over probably 5 turns. He’s barely staying afloat. I get him to 3 and end up having 3 turns to top deck something but don’t and he ends up sealing it up.


How I sideboarded:

In: +1 Hydrobalst, +1 Liliana, the Last Hope, +1 Pyroblast, +1 Red Elemental Blast

Out: -3 Force of Will, -1 Toxic Deluge

(Thoughseize is a debate for me, please feel free to discuss in the comments)

G2: Long story short here: he’s got the perfect answer to what I play and 2 for 1’s me into the ground. I play turn 1 Ponder, he Thoughtseizes me turn 1 and takes my LtLH. I play Strix he follows up with his LtLH. I play Leovold, he Jace bounces and Hymns me getting the two relevant cards again. GG EZ

Round 6: Ad- Nauseum Storm – Win

I’ve know this guy for a while. He’s really nice and has a beautiful fully altered Storm deck. I know he’s competent and have resigned myself to a loss but plan on trying anyways.

G1: He’s on the play. I don’t really remember what I kept, but it was over pretty quickly. I had too many removal spells.


How I sideboarded:

In: +1 Engineered Explosives, +2 Flusterstorm, +1 Force of Will, +1 Hydroblast, +2 Marsh Casualites, +1 Pyroblast, +1 Red Elemental Blast, +2 Thoughtseize, +2 Surgical Extraction

Out: -4 Baleful Strix, -1 Diabolic Edict, -3 Fatal Push, -2 Lightning Bolt, -2 Jace, the Mind Sculptor, -1 Lilianna, the Last Hope

G2: I have 13 cards to board in here. I saw him kill someone with Empty earlier, otherwise I wouldn’t have boarded in the Casualties, but I do like keeping Deluge. I keep a hand without FOW but have DRS, lands, and 2 Hymns and a Snap. I decide that if kills me, I die, but if he doesn’t, he probably can’t win. I plays land, pass. I sigh a breath of relief and Hymn him. Tutor and cabal Ritual. I think I am very much in the clear. I end up Hymning him two more times and seal it up.

G2: I open a hand of TS, Hymn, Hymn, FOW, blue cards and DRS I believe. I ask him to not kill me turn 1, he end’s up mulliganing and informs me that he had a Probe and if it hit any mana source I was dead. He mulls to 5 and it’s EZPZ. He’s a very good player and I got lucky af.

Top 8 Quarters: B/R Reanimator

I have no idea what they’re playing going into this, but my opponent is the legendary Eric Landon of MTGO fame and doesn’t play much paper MTG so he shuffles his deck at me. I see Bandlands and Animate Dead. I generally don’t think much of Reanimator. I used to play a U/B version about 2 years ago and know how to attack it/what hands to keep.

G1: I keep a hand of Edict, Hymn, DRS, Ponder, BS, Fetch, Push. He keeps 7 and I decide to keep because I have DRS and my 1 main Edict. I don’t have FOW, but since I have 3, I have diminishing returns on mulliganing for one. He’s higher seed and goes first; playing a Badlands and passes. I’ve almost never seen Reanimator do that unless their hand is very powerful, so I decide to Ponder looking for FOW and shuffle. I don’t find it and he proceeds to end his turn with Griselbrand, Chancellor, and Tidespout all in play on turn 2.


How I sideboarded:

In: +1 Diabolic Edict, +2 Flusterstorm, +1 Force of Will, +1 Hydrobalst, +2 Surgical Extraction, +2 Thoughtseize

Out: -3 Fatal Push, -2 Lightning Bolt, -3 Kolaghan’s Command, -1 Liliana, the  Last Hope

G2: I open a hand of Fluster, FOW, Ponder, DRS, Fetch, Thoughtseize, and unknown. I like this hand very much and start off with Bayou into DRS. He plays a Pithing Needle, frustrated, I have to FOW and he proceeds to put Griselbrand and Iona into play turn 1. GGEZ


Final thoughts:

I am very happy with my choice of deck. Going into the tournament, I knew I was cold to Burn, Blue-Red Delver, and Lands. A lot of people claim the Grixis Delver match up is bad, but I would argue its 52% in Pile’s favor. Semantics, but still. I believe the most important match up comes down to who draws better. With other match ups, the deck feels insane. Proactive discard for combo match ups and a very powerful draw and removal engine for fair match ups. I highly recommend borrowing the deck because current MTG prices are absurd.



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