Nix-Ox Combo Deck Tech

The Nix-Ox Combo is one of the coolest, and possibly most disgusting decks to grace TESL.
Nix-Ox Combo, the Assassin version, was one of the most powerful decks to exist in TES:Legends. It could kill opponents as early as t6 (usually t8-10) while consistently finding early defensive tools to stall long enough. Since its nerf, it has remained relatively quiet, but with the discovery of ramp, Necromancer and Uprising combos, it has now evolved into a new deck. There is a shout variant of this deck that plays quite similarly to this deck, but here I will be focusing on the combo aspect.
If you’re good at math, like combo decks, and have good APM (Actions Per Minute), then I would definitely recommend this deck. Also this is a DV-free list, as I despise the card and don’t want to touch it.


Draw, ramp and defend for the combo. The combo is assembling an infinite mana engine (2 or more Nix-Ox + Uprising) and Laaneth, which is tutored by manipulating magicka to 15 so Pathmage can tutor her. Multiple Nix-Ox, Laaneth and Uprising will result in endless magicka that tutors your deck and a huge board. You end the combo with a charge creature and Mentor’s Ring to hit the opponent for about 40 damage.


  1. Two or more Nix-Ox, generated by Pathamge, Doppelganger or Divayth Experiments. This will be your infinite magicka engine with Ulfric’s Uprising.
  2. Laaneth, usually tutored from deck when Pathmage is played at 15 magicka, which is achieved through ramp or magicka cheating with Nix-Ox.
  3. With two or more Nix-Ox on board with Laaneth, it means Uprising is generating magicka, while allowing you to tutor specific cards. You will end up having enough magicka for Divayth Experiment/DoppelGanger on Laaneth, which means you can tutor 2 cards, 1 Uprising, the other combo pieces or more stats on board.

The goal of the deck, majority of the time, is to set yourself to 15 magicka with Pathmage in hand and a way to generate 2 Nix-Ox on board and Uprising in hand.
Nix-Ox: -2 Magicka
DoppelGanger: 0
Night to Remember (NTR): +3
Dark Rebirth: +2
Uprising: -1 with one Nix-ox, +4 with 2 Nix-ox,+9 with 3 Nix-ox
Experiment: +1 On Nix-Ox
Pathmage Nix-Ox = -1.

More Ways to tutor combo:
Pathmage + NTR at 11 magicka = Laaneth
Pathmage at 13 magicka = Nix-ox from deck
With the ramp, it is hard to say what a “common combo” looks like. You really just have to be creative and do some math. I will give one combo I found quite a few times. Look at the video to see some example combos.
Example combo:
11 magicka
Nix-ox, Divayth Experiment, Uprising, Pathmage.

  1. Nix-ox + Divayth (assuming you have a creature) = 10 magicka, 3 Nix-ox
  2. Uprising (+9) = 19
  3. Use 4 magicka = 15. Pathmage for Laaneth
  4. Uprising for Doppel, 18 magicka
  5. Doppel Laaneth for Uprising
  6. Tutor Charge + Mentor’s Ring
  7. Total Damage: 32 Damage +

Aggro: You have a lot of early game to stall until your late game. You can use Nix-Ox for sheer tempo and win through establishing an immense board. You need to be creative and think on your feet as there are a lot of combos and risks you need to take.
Control: This combo is King of Control, unless for one specific card which I do not want to talk about.

As much as I love this solitaire deck, I want to see some changes done about this. Not in terms of the combo itself, but more of the Uprising decks (particularly Shout Scout/Shout Telvanni). It isn’t the easiest deck to pilot; figuring out combo, when to use your “combo pieces” and most importantly, the APM behind the deck, will restrict the deck to some players.


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