Day: July 9, 2018


Welcoming plzdonhakme, superthx555 and YouCanCallMeAl to Team Rankstar!

Following suit with out last announcement post, we have some interview questions for our newest members: plzdonhakme, superthx555 and YouCanCallMeAl! What brought you to TESL? Plzdonhakme: I was brought to TESL when my friend who plays other elder scrolls games saw the news and suggested we try the elder scrolls legends in November 2016. After a few weeks i took a break until Skyrim came out, and I’ve been playing a lot since. Superthx555: HS streamer that I’ve been following,

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The Elder Scrolls: Legends

Lat’s Chats with Ikarus!

Howdy folks! Lateralus here and I am bringing you the third edition to my article series: Lat’s Chats! The goal of this series is to feature different members of the community whether they are a content creator, streamer, or just a player. There are a lot of great people in the TESL community and I want to show what different members have to offer for you all whether you have been a part of this community since the beginning, just

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Meta Monday – FJS Mid Range

What can I say about my favorite  FJS mid range deck in eternal, that’s not been said before? I guess if I had to give you a Rizahn,  it would be that these colors just keep on getting better. While I don’t think Icaria armory is the way to go with it any more, the deck still has a ton of tools to pull you through most games. Let’s start with the list that got me to masters this month

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The Elder Scrolls: Legends

TESL Academy: How to effectively use Lanes

Hi everybody! WaitThisIsntMTG back again with some more tips for newbies. Today we are going to focus a bit deeper into the theory of the game itself, in the form of discussing how to use lanes adeptly. I won’t go through every possible scenario, as this is meant to focus on the theory at a high level. To gain even deeper knowledge of this, watch some of the community’s high legend players on twitch and ask questions about their plays!

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