Welcoming plzdonhakme, superthx555 and YouCanCallMeAl to Team Rankstar!

Following suit with out last announcement post, we have some interview questions for our newest members: plzdonhakme, superthx555 and YouCanCallMeAl!

What brought you to TESL?

Plzdonhakme: I was brought to TESL when my friend who plays other elder scrolls games saw the news and suggested we try the elder scrolls legends in November 2016. After a few weeks i took a break until Skyrim came out, and I’ve been playing a lot since.

Superthx555: HS streamer that I’ve been following, Xzirez, introduced me to TESL when the game was still in beta. With each expansion HS was introducing more and more features that put me off from the game so I was intrigued to try a different take on the ‘same’ game.

YouCanCallMeAl: I played several card games before TESL but spent most of my time with Hearthstone. To be honest the competitive scene in Hearthstone at the time was just too difficult to get into and I struggled to find success there which meant that I had to look elsewhere for competition. I very quickly fell in love with much of TESL’s card design and a few innovations over other CCGs such as the lane system.

What excites you most about the future of the game?

Plzdonhakme: In the majority of 2017, I was actually rather unexcited about the future of the game because Bethesda didn’t seem like they had the intention of making the game grow, so just seeing effort from them this year has been great. I’m really excited for the competitive scene, as well as Sparkypants’ new client. Ever since I first started I always felt like the color theme felt bland, and even worse the menu navigation and animations both in and out of game. I know that the new client’s menu will be better but I really hope that the new client’s in game animations are faster as well.

Superthx555: New client bringing in a lot of features such as tournament support and reworked chat, new mobile client easying the gameplay on the many android users and new developers hopefully being open to some balance updates alongside Bethesda ramping up the competitive scene is what makes me pretty excited about TESL’s future.

YouCanCallMeAl: It’s no secret that the game has had many long breaks from content and hasn’t supported a competitive scene particularly well since it left closed beta. However, that appears to all be changing right now which means this is potentially the most exciting time ever for competitive TESL players.

What do you bring to the community?

Plzdonhakme: I don’t know what I offer to the community. I feel like I’ve always just been a nobody doing my own thing, but lately I think I’ve suddenly got more publicity so I don’t really know. I think the community would be better at telling me what I bring than me telling the community.

Superthx555: I was always mostly focused on tournaments and not on community – besides people seeing my tournament decklists (and sometimes games on tournament streams) I’m not very oriented towards content production.

YouCanCallMeAl: Paul Simon’s You Can Call Me Al. But seriously I feel as though I bring a certain calm and logical thinking to any discussion I take part in when it comes to TESL. Whether it be on those rare occasions I have time to stream or in a TESL discord channel I like to be the voice of reason and realism whenever I can.

What are you looking forward to most being part of Team Rankstar?

Plzdonhakme: I’m excited with being more engaged with TESL in ways beyond gameplay whether its discussing the game competitively (and of course stealing my teammates strats kappa) or making connections. Ultimately, I’m trying to be the best player I can be and hopefully Team Rankstar can help me achieve that.

Superthx555: When invited to Team Rankstar, I was looking forward to playing and preparing with YouCanCallMeAl, Pdmd28, EndoZoa and Lateralus, which has been going great so far!

YouCanCallMeAl: Well, two of the current members of Team Rankstar, Lateralus and PDMD are my former teammates from our own TESL team as well as Team Gamer Sensei in another CCG, Hand of the Gods, which means that I already have a fantastic relationship with them. So I suppose I’m mostly looking forward to working with them as well as the rest of the Team Rankstar family to achieve great things in the newly forming competitive scene of TESL.

What is your favorite underutilized card?

Plzdonhakme: A couple cards I think are underappreciated right now is Drain Vitality and Ash Berserker because nobody seems to realize the cards are viable. Ha, gottem. Jokes aside, while i think there are a number of cards that should see more play, I do like firestorm because I think prophecy count and AoE are both very helpful to have more of right now, even if I don’t really have it in any of my decks right now.

Superthx555: Helgen Squad Leader simply because Kolento and Eyenie both played him to great success but very few other people do.

YouCanCallMeAl: I absolutely love Murkwater Skirmisher. I’ve always felt like Goblin decks are better than they are given credit for since this card is so ridiculously powerful. Their biggest issue is that each expansion goblins are hardly ever given any new cards but I believe eventually they’ll reach a critical mass of reasonable cards that the power of the Skirmisher will carry the deck.

What is the first deck you played to legend?

Plzdonhakme: The first deck I hit legend with was Dragon Ramp Scout I believe in august 2017, I’ve always been that kind of player.

Superthx555: Merric BattleMage, hit legend with Expert Atromancer budget version.

YouCanCallMeAl: My first deck to legend is probably the same as most people who started playing in late 2016, Token Spellsword, which became pretty much non-existent after the Divine Fervor nerf (it used to cost 4!). I remember loving the game straight away so I played a ton and researched all the decks and strategies the best players at the time were using and within my first few days of playing I got to legend, thanks a lot to the power of pre-nerfed Fervor.

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