Day: July 15, 2019


Unexpected Results: THE Eternal Podcast #54 – Worlds Recap + RIP ETS w/ Doc28

Platy is joined by Doc28 this week to discuss the results of the Eternal World Championship, the end of the ETS (and the future of Competitive Eternal) as well as the few spoilers we got during Worlds. Complete our Survey about the Future of Competitive Eternal Catch the show LIVE every Monday at 9 PM Eastern @ Want the VOD? Sign up to Patreon! YouTube // Spotify // Simplecast // Direct Download of .mp3 // iTunes // Stitcher Patreon

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For Fun

Fires of Creation: Yellow Valkyries

Welcome back to Fires of Creation with me, erobert! We’re back with another variation on Valkyries that you may see as a Featured Deck. We’re focusing again on making the most of card diversity by adding another color to the Valkyrie shell. This time, working in Yellow, we can also showcase multicolored cards and some underrated gems seen in Noah’s picks for underplayed cards. Let’s get started! Long-term Value and Minions As I discussed last week, in considering the possibility

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GWENT NEWS FT. BabyJosus & Crozyr with MissLadyJay_ZA

Editor’s Note: This is an opinion piece from DrDenuz and doesn’t necessarily reflect the beliefs of Team Rankstar! Intro Hello guys & gals and welcome to the third part of GWENT NEWS, where I bring you all the important stuff from Gwent in one place! This week was the craziest one for GWENT NEWS so far thanks to Pawel Burza and CDPR shouting out the show in TWIG*!Check it out here: *TWIG – This Week In Gwent – show hosted by Pawel

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Syndicate Archetype Overview

Syndicate was released with a few archetypes. Bounty rewards you for killing your opponent’s units. Firesworn goes wide, and swarms the board. Intimidate rewards you for playing the faction’s special cards. Tribute gives you more ways to spend coins, and Hoard breaks the linear conversion between coins and points.

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Hearthstone Dev Sheds Light on Big Priest

The Hearthstone: Saviors of Uldum AMA took place July 9th on Reddit, during which Hearthstone game designer Dean Ayala, AKA Iksar answered a question about Wild balance changes.  He said, “Barnes comes up as a topic of conversation a lot and it’s something we’ve been looking at a little closer in the last week or so as Saviors of Uldum gets closer and closer to release. One of the biggest concerns we’ve had with changing Barnes is that the Resurrect

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