Day: August 9, 2019

For Fun

A Closer Look at the Features of Mythgard

Erobert here, and this week we’ll be taking a bit of a breather to highlight some of the exciting features of Mythgard. This is an expansion of some parts of this blog post at Inked Gaming that you should definitely check out as well. While more veteran players are probably familiar with the many ins and outs of Mythgard, the features are sufficiently complex that it’s worth going through them carefully and deliberately, especially as guidebooks in game are still

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The Elder Scrolls: Legends

Legends Cast Episode 09: Special Guest Elemayo

This episode Mark gets to hang out with TESL streamer and Master Series competitor Elemayo!  This is a great chance to get to know Elemayo and hear some of the background that goes into preparing for the Masters Series by the players.  In this episode they also talk a lot about better decision making in a game and Elemayo gives some great tips on deck deck building and refinement. 

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TheBoxer’s Decree: All That We Get

Hello and welcome to the first edition of TheBoxer’s Decree! This will be a recurring article format where I focus in on a specific card or type of card and explain why I think it’s underplayed or overplayed. For all the fans of my Grenadin content, don’t worry, my history of Grenadin article is coming soon. Today I’m going to talk about a highly controversial opinion of mine. Royal Decree is a bad card. Notice I didn’t say unplayable. Bad

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Xenan Surprise | Video

This is my take on Xenan heavily leaning into an Ambush theme. The deck may still need some tuning. Definitely something I will continue to tinker with. I hope you enjoy the games! Decklist on

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Team Rankstar

This Week In Team Rankstar 8/9

An exciting week for the CCG realm! Hearthstone got a new expansion, Gwent got a huge balance patch, several of our members received the opportunity to play the new CCG Causa. Top that off with MercurioBlue joining Team Rankstar and a Trail Stories with our very own Magikarp, there is a lot to sink your teeth into this week in Team Rankstar! Community Eternal Gwent Hearthstone Magic: the Gathering Mythgard The Elder Scrolls: Legends Use the code “TRS12” to get

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Five Cards We Mill Miss Upon Rotation

Standard Rotation looms, and cards are slated to disappear with the release of Throne of Eldraine. Though there are a slew of cards we won’t shed a single tear for, there are some favourites that we will be sad to see go. Here are five cards that we’ll be lighting a candle for when Standard Rotation occurs. TREASURE MAP Once upon a meta, control archetypes didn’t have search and dig options to cycle through their decks with ease and frequency.

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Magic: The Gathering

#4 Mythic with Quasi Reef

thank u, nex Hello! I’m Ben Williams aka Prosody and I streamed this deck to #4 Mythic last night in the best of 3 ladder! First, gaze your eyes upon this: Link for easy import: What is this deck doing? The game plan is to play a risen reef and to then keep copying the risen reef with Quasiduplicate. This game plan is stronger and more resilient than you’d ever imagine. With Cavalier of Thorns and Tamiyo, Collector of

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