Day: August 12, 2019

Deck Tech

Fires of Creation: Mono-Purple Night Market

Erobert here and we’re back again this week with Fires of Creation! Settling more into Purple, and discerning what sorts of strategies emerge from this new card pool, I’m working out a deck in mono Purple. Relying only on Purple’s distinctive features, items and large minions, this deck seeks to make the most of high gem costs and the virtual card advantage of colorless items and temporary mana. Let’s get started! Virtual Card Advantage As we have discussed in previous

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EZ Guide: Mono Red lvl II

This week’s EZ guide is level two of mono aggro red. Building on level one’s deck, this build uses the Steam-Kin, Experimental Frenzy, Chandra combo. Full Deck List:

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Josh Sampson

Rankstar’s Arena Rumble

Team Rankstar, in partnership with, is hosting a month-long Magic the Gathering: Arena tournament series with over $1600 in prizes! Here is are specifics of this series and what is to come! Dates, Times, & Signup Links Rankstar Arena Rumble Qualifier #1: September 6th 6:00 PM (PDT) SIGNUP LINK: Rankstar Arena Rumble Qualifier #2: September 13th 6:00 PM (CEST) SIGNUP LINK: Rankstar Arena Rumble Qualifier #3: September 20th 6:00 PM (EDT) SIGNUP LINK: Rankstar Arena Rumble

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Team Rankstar


Tchamber5 (otherwise known as Tim Chambers) is a CCG fanatic and has been playing various card games since he was 9 years old. Almost twenty years later, he is a content producer focusing on MTG and Eternal CCGs, and a proud member of Team Rankstar. Tim is also a Certified Sommelier and worked as a chef for almost ten years before taking a step back from the demanding life of working in restaurants to start a family. Tim still plays

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GWENT NEWS ft. Spyro_ZA |Current State of Gwent

Editor’s Note: This is an opinion piece from DrDenuz and doesn’t necessarily reflect the beliefs of Team Rankstar! INTRO Hello guys & gals and welcome to the fifth part of GWENT NEWS, where I bring you all the important stuff from Gwent in one place! In this weeks episode of GWENT NEWS we together explore some fine observations by the users on Gwent’s subreddit, a great new Gwent Card Predictor app, memes and more! Guests For this episode I welcome Spyro_ZA of Team

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