Day: August 16, 2019


Advanced Lane Mechanics In Mythgard

One of Mythgard’s most distinguishing features is its usage of lanes. This lane system leads to a very large number of nuanced decisions per game. Understanding and utilizing good placement and movement in Mythgard can be the difference between good and great players. I’ve written about some basics of lane placement previously, so be sure to check that out before reading this article. This article is going to be a little less structured and flowing than normal, as we’re mostly

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This week in Team Rankstar 8/16

We have had several new content producers putting things out with Team Rankstar this week! Ace_of_plats, the113lift and others who are working on new projects. On top of that, we announced a new MTGA tournament series to look forward to! We are also very excited to post an updated TESL Meta Snapshot for the post Masters Series Meta! Eternal Gwent Hearthstone Magic: the Gathering Mythgard The Elder Scrolls: Legends Use the code “TRS12” to get 12% off your order on

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Big Combrei | Video

This is a deck I got from Slepher13 during a stream this week. It’s just a classic Big Combrei deck hearkening back to the days of Set 1. Hope you enjoy it! Decklist on EWC

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Five Rotation-Proof Decks

Magic’s Standard meta exists in an environment that is in annual flux. As new sets are introduced, older expansions are pushed out the back door. Standard rotation ensures the meta has a scheduled expiry, keeping things relatively fresh. Though many popular cards will soon vanish from the format, the decks they populated are not necessarily doomed to disappear. Here are five rotation proof decks you can count on. Izzet Phoenix Izzet hit a sweet spot during the Ravnica block, scoring

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For Fun

The Infamous Desert Obelisk OTK Druid!

After Desert Obelisk was instantly considered to be one of the worst cards of the Saviors of Uldum set, and maybe of the whole Standard format, I just knew I had to find a way to make it work! This would prove to be a tough task due to the high cost of this minion, five mana, and due to how understated it is, being only a 0/5 that can never trade on its own and that rarely sticks on

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The Elder Scrolls: Legends

Legends Cast Episode 10: Special Guest TRS Lazergician

This episode Mark gets to talk with Lazergician from Team Rankstar!  Lazergician is the content team captain for TESL, the lead editor for TRS, the host of the Masters Series Finals, and most prominently a TESL caster.  Mark and Lazergician have an in-depth discussion about the current meta and the way that is is shifting after Masters, deck creating and tech cards, and an overall understanding of what Lazergician does and how he got involved in TESL.  If you are

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