Day: September 6, 2019


Legend lists to try in Wild – August 2019

Use the code “TRS12” to get 12% off your order on InkedGaming here: Make sure to follow us on our socials and check out our sponsors: It’s already a month onto the new expansion, and we can see how Saviors of Uldum is already affecting the meta. This post will feature all the new lists that are seeing success recently. Togwaggle Druid made a resurgence, with Sleight piloting the deck to legend. Joybuzz makes it relatively easier to

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Galaxy Brain 5000 | Video

 Decklist on EWC Here’s a meme centric deck for y’all that was and is an absolute blast to play. It features some of mechanics and themes in Eternal that I hope Dire Wolf Digital expands upon more in the future. Enjoy!

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TheBoxer’s Corner: Kennadin

In this video I give a deck tech and then play 5 games with a Kennadin list given to me by LightsOutAce. Kennadin is a deck built around Combustion Cell and Tribute cards. Please note that this video was recorded before Garden of Omens was released. I believe it is likely incorrect to play zero copies of Garden, but I don’t have an updated list to share with you.

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Team Rankstar

This Week in Team Rankstar 9/6

Some really exciting things have been happening in the CCG world this past week! Aphelion and Magikarp had the pleasure of spending time with Direwolf Digital at PAX this weekend, getting some awesome info as well as spoilers for the upcoming set 7: “The Flame of Xulta”! Also, several new MTG sets were announced, cataloguing what we can expect next year, as well as plenty of spoilers for the upcoming “Throne of Eldraine” set! In MTG news, Stoneforge Mystic was

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Magic: The Gathering

This Week in Arena 2019-09-06

Throne of Eldraine Previews, Brawl on Arena, Historic, Red Deck Wins The News Throne of Eldraine Preview Season The preview season for Throne of Eldraine officially kicked off this week bringing us several interesting cards and new mechanics, the most interesting of which is the Adventure mechanic. With this mechanic, you can cast the card from your hand as the Adventure card. In the case of Lovestruck Beast, The Adventure spell is Heart’s Desire, which is a Sorcery that creates

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