Day: October 6, 2019


Glimmers Of Genius: Emma Handy

The Facts:  Favorite Deck? Modern Infect Favorite Color (or Color Combo)? Simic Favorite Card? Gitaxian Probe Favorite Format? Mental Magic IRL Occupation? Magic writer, commentator, coach, player.  I write for SCG and Tolarian Community College, do casting for SCG, coach people over the internet, and grind tournaments/Magic online. Age?  27 Team Affiliation? None, as far as I’m aware. Most Notable Achievement (MTG related) Winning the PAX Magic championship earlier this year is probably the biggest thing I’ve won, but that’s

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Deck Check – Battle Skill Olympics

In this one Calebovitsch makes use of the alternative art Twitch drop premium super rare never-before-seen unit and passes a torch … or what passes as a torch … around some units.

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Hearthstone Wild Meta Snapshot – October 2019

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