Day: October 25, 2019


Heroic Combrei | Video

Decklist on EWC This is a list I found on Eternal Warcry by ThaliaTea that I liked the theory behind so I decided to give this take on Combrei a whirl. Let me know how it works for you!

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Magic: The Gathering

This Week in Arena 2019-10-25

This week’s Magic the Gathering Arena news including: Patch 1.01.00, MCV Results, Historic, Bannings, All About Brawl!

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The Elder Scrolls: Legends

Legends Cast Episode 20: Goblins Goblins Goblins!

This episode Mark and DBN talk about all that is new in TESL….which is not much.  They get into a good conversation about RNG and the apparent design philosophy change.  They both share some thoughts about the gauntlet and dive into a discussion about some new goblin monk decks that have been running around the ladder.  They close out with Mark’s Closing Thoughts and announce their next guest for episode 21, Silverfuse.  

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