Day: November 28, 2019


True Power Nero – TEPPEN Deck Guide

Nero is the newest addition to TEPPEN’s hero roster. So naturally he is seeing a lot of play on the ranked ladder. However, his story is a little different than Jill’s release. That’s because Nero has plenty of tools to solidify him as one of the strongest heroes in the game right now. Two of his hero arts are viable in their own way, but this guide focuses on True Power. That’s 12 AP to level up one Growth unit.

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Merchants of Novigrad #7

A biweekly podcast where we discuss everything Gwent, from the freshest of leeks and patch news, through the meme and content creation, all the way to the competitive scene! While Gwent goes through what sports casters call a silly season, the Merchants shift their focus from the esports scene and the overall balance to content creation. How does one start their career as a Gwent content creator? What motivates Gwent youtubers and streamers? We’ll discuss these and many more topics

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