Day: March 14, 2020

Team Gwent
Team Rankstar


Hey, my name is Ernandas, better known as Ern16. I am 23, from Lithuania and i started playing Gwent in autumn 2017. After Homecoming, I managed to get good scores on Pro Rank and this inspired me to get competitive. I hope joining Team Rankstar will provide better game play experience and most importantly, more fun!

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TheBoxer’s Corner: Who’s the Beatdown III: Endgames and Resource Allocation

Hello and welcome back to TheBoxer’s Corner! Today I’m going to give you my take on the classic question “who’s the beatdown?” First asked by Mike Flores and then Zvi Moshowitz. The theory states that victory is determined by correct assessment of roles in a match-up. Flores focuses on the more traditional idea of one deck being the aggressor and the being control. Moshowitz abstracts this idea by focusing on the idea of inevitability and what happens if the game

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