Aetherllama is a turn-based strategy game enthusiast, from tabletop board games to online card games. He has been rank 1 in Prismata, Faeria, and Eternal. In Eternal, he primarily enjoys building new decks, both for fun and competitive play. Aetherllama original brews include: Alessi Moment, Alessi Tavrod, Alessi Tempo (precursor to Blitz), Big Rakano Marley, FTS Sentinel Reanimator, Legend Crown, Night Maul, and Talir Mask Combo. These decks and more are available here

Aetherllama recently began competing in the ETS, winning 3 of his first 10 tournaments!

Market Masters 1st place
ETS S4W2 1st place
ETS S4W7 1st place
ETS 2nd place
ETS 3rd place

Master’s League 1st place
Alpha World Championship 3rd place

2 Invitational top 8s

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