What is the Opal Waystone Classic?

“It is an upcoming Eternal Card Game community event featuring a $350+ prize pool co-sponsored by Shiftstoned, Eternal Warcry, the Eternal Community League, and Kaelari’s EternalTournaments.com

“In order to qualify for participation, registered decks must contain a minimum of eight cards in at least four factions. Multi-faction cards count toward the minimum requirements for each of their colors, but cards in the Market do not. The deck-building requirements will be automatically verified as part of the registration process.”

This takes place on Sunday April 7th 2019 at 12PM EDT and will be streamed LIVE on twitch with casters Grimfan, Bassoon Buffoon, and Team Rankstar’s very own, The Mantid Man.

Most (all) of the above was taken from the FAQ page for the event which you can find here.

What you will find in this article are a bunch of lists brewed or compiled by ThePlatypusKing that will be legal for the Opal Waystone Classic. I will be playing in and streaming this event, as long as I don’t wake up late. The list that I am currently planning to play is the first deck that I will share with you. Public Service Announcement: most of these lists are likely to have sub-optimal power bases and you may want to give them another look.

4F Aegis Rod

EWC Link by ThePlatypusKing

This is a deck that I’ve been playing on ladder a lot lately +4 Initiate of the Sands -4 Ixtun Cargo. For better or worse, a common thread between a lot of the lists I’ll be sharing is that they simply have 4 Cargo and 4 copies of a card of the fourth faction. Cargo counts towards the requirement but next time they do this event, I would vote is that they don’t. The deck building process is much more interesting without relying on Cargo.

At any rate, this might actually be a better version of the deck anyway. One of the most feel bad parts of this deck is getting a Svetya on the board and then drawing an Icaria, the Liberator and being unable to cast it. Previously, Icaria was the number one card to market away. Now? It’s not that simple. This deck could also use Strategize. If you are set on using that card, Korovyat Palace or Equivocate would most likely be the best cards to cut. Things to keep in mind: you can use Korovyat Palace, Sword of Unity, and Spellshield Architect to give yourself (more) Aegis units for Divining Rod. You’ll be surprised with how many folks scoop to you hitting just Svetya, Merciful Orene off of Divining Rod. I think this is a very strong choice for the event which is why I plan on playing this deck.

4F Nightmaul

EWC Link by ThePlatypusKing

So this deck is a bit loose. It is basically traditional Elysian Nightmaul deck with 4 Kerendon Cargo and 4 Andrik, Renegade Priest. Now, while Andrik is obviously a completely sick card when combined with Nightfall just like Teacher of Humility, it’s also completely anti-synergistic card with Nightfall as your own extra cards will cost an additional 3. I think our curve is low enough and that this is a punishing enough effect that it’s totally worth it in this format. I would definitely give the powerbase another look.

Other than the market, the influence requirements in the main are two time, one justice, one primal, and one shadow (TTJPS) with an additional P and S being needed from the market, but not often. So if there’s any changes needed for the power base, it would likely include making sure that early Time is focused on.

The fact is, I think this strategy will be very strong as I expect the format to overall be much much slower than usual which is fantastic for Nightmaul. If I don’t end up on Aegis Rod, this is likely going to be the deck I fall back on.

4F Hamm-ory

EWC Link by ThePlatypusKing

I’m going to admit that this is likely the weakest (but possibly sweetest) deck on this list. More of these decks should probably be playing 4 Petition (like this one) instead of any amount of Cargo, if Cargo didn’t count towards the faction threshhold. So this deck is a pseudo-armory style deck that is pretty much built around Phoenix Hammer. Honor of Claws could be great in this list but I just can’t figure out how to fit it in. Herald’s Song is great at helping you hit power on turn three and beyond thanks to discarding Privilege of Rank. Some of you may be looking at the list and looking at Feln Cauldron in the market and being like “why the hell is that there?”. Well, it synergizes with Privilege of Rank and with Phoenix Hammer, both in discarding the cards and in recurring them. It’s much better, although it might look overly cute.

Brel, Solist Apostate is absolutely fantastic in this deck and is probably the actual centerpiece. Recurring both Brel and Xo with Display feels filthy. If there was a way to recur Smuggler’s Stash after casting it mutliple times, the deck would be broken. Stormhalt Knife also has to be filthy in this deck, especially if you play a Brel afterwards. It’s vomit inducing for sure. Ruincrawler Yeti as a target for Rise could probably be changed. Cutting one Hammer for a Starsteel Daisho (or fitting in 2 Auric Runehammer in the main and putting Daisho in place of Cauldron in the market) would likely also be reasonable. Reforge was another card that I wish I could have fit in here. This is a deck that would also likely enjoy Display of Honor. And the deck plans to go very late into the game. Prepare for a grind if you pick this one up.

4F Exodia Control

EWC Link by Batteriez

This is a spicy one from the mind of Batteriez. This deck (to my knowledge) was not made with the event in mind. This is a deck that he linked me while I was streaming in the first days of the Homecoming Campaign and oh my does it look absolutely killer. I love toolbox dekcs and I think Stormhalt Knife is one of the most underrated cards in the set and it is a four of in this list. Give me a hell yeah! What is there to say about this deck? It’s all about surviving and stalling until you kill the opponent with some combination of The Great Parliament out of the market or your 4 Stormhalt Knife and 1 Pit of Lenekta in the main.

4F Scattershot Combo

EWC Link by brianorwhatever

So for those that don’t know (or don’t remember), there was a deck made in Summer 2018 by a friend of mine by the name of brianorwhatever. It was a 4F Combo deck made consistently possible by the advent of Merchants. Well, he finally updated the deck (at my request) for this event with Smugglers. The deck contains 28 Merchants, 3 The Praxis Arcanum, and 44 Power. Now, you might be asking yourself, “why the hell is there 44 power and so many merchants in this deck?” Well, here’s the combo.

The market contains the following cards. Journey Guide, Quarry, Recurring Nightmare, Iceberg Scattershot, and Nesting Avisaur. Quarry is the worst card in the market. You could theoretically make room for Quarry in the main if you really desired. The best card against you is Torch. The whole point of the deck is to make Recurring Nightmare cost 0 with some combination of Journey Guide, Nesting Avisaur, and The Praxis Arcanum. The site is probably the least consistent piece of the cost reduction to rely on. You then play Iceberg Scattershot and cast Recurring Nightmare on repeat until your opponent is dead. Everytime you cast Recurring Nightmare, it will deal 1 damage to your opponent and infiltrate will cause it to return to your hand. Infinite damage. This deck is a bit weaker in a tournament setting with open decklists as the opponent knows what you’re up to, so play at your own risk!

4F Stranger Aggro

EWC Link by Calebovitsch

To paraphrase from the fingertips of Calebovitsch himself: Many folks have said that there is no aggro in a four faction format. This is something I’ve dabbled with previously on regular ladder and had success with. Play at your own risk!

This is a very interesting but aggressive list that seems to rely on Grim Stranger and Soaring Stranger for much of its offense. Primal is your main Faction followed closely by Fire then Shadow and Time respectively. This deck is chock full of synergy and is definitely capable of completely steam rolling your opponents. Will this deck win the event? That depends. Are YOU going to register it?

4F Dark Chalice

EWC Link by RedGoingGray

This is a deck from the archmage himself. This deck is based around Crystalline Chalice. It is a value based inevitability control deck. It’s super sick. You get to endlessly recur 4/5 Ephemeral Wisps and draw all the cards in the world thanks to Golem Press and Chalice. Just steer clear of Bore and friends. If you wanted, you could probably try to fit in some Harsh Rules in this deck. Maybe in place of Feeding Time or Slay? But I’m unsure. Amaran Stinger has proven to be a fantastic player in the current meta after the buff and I don’t expect that to change in the four faction meta in the Opal Waystone tournament. Chalice is definitely a strong contender to consider. You could even consider adding the fourth Chalice to the main and adding Smuggler in place of one of the merchants even though it doesn’t get pumped by Chalice. Just another thing to consider. You could then plan a Xenan Initiation in it’s place in the market. There are definitely a lot of ways to go with this deck.

4F Vargo

EWC Link by I_Am_Monstrum

This is basically FJS splash Vargo Redclaw. If I were to change anything, it would be to replace End of the Story with Display of Ambition. I know that Monstrum has tested this list much more than I have but in my (limited) experience so far, 4 board wipes is enough for Vargo and we usually don’t need to go up to the full 8. That said, having 8 board wipes with Vargo is super fun and awesome. Monstrum’s original list had 3 Lost Scroll but I think that card is terrible (especially in this format) so I cut them for 3 Petition. I think 6 Cargo might be too many and we don’t need them for the faction requirement stipulation. I’m not sure how, but I’m nearly positive that 4 Display of Ambition (or atlest 3) should be in this deck somewhere. I think it’s also worth considering fitting a Korovyat Palace into the market somewhere. Maybe in place of the Howling Peak? Maybe the Token of Honor if you’re brave. Either way, hard to go wrong with a base FJS Value deck. Similarly, I think we could make a list with Time instead of Primal and play Heart of the Vault for the ultimate value machine. Maybe even five faction cutting Inquisitor Makto from this list for Vault and somehow fitting in 4 other Time cards. Maybe Diogo? Sandstorm Titan? Moment of Creation? Darya? Siraf? Reality Warden? Azindel? Zal Chi? Nictotraxian for the ultimate lols? You’d almost certainly have to cut all 6 cargo for 4 Seek Power at that point but maybe then we’ve completely jumped the shark? The world may never know!

4F Scream

EWC Link by NotoriousGHP

Another list that could possibly use a tweaking of the powerbase. You could always ignore the ability to cast our Justice cards and just play 4 Cargo like a cop out or something, but this is definitely more enjoyable and much cooler. This is a take on NotoriousGHP’s list from the Homecoming – Primer article back when the Campaign launched. Why didn’t I make an article like that…? Leave it to GHP to immediately come up with a Scream list featuring Vargo Redclaw. For those that may have missed the memo, if you Haunting Scream Vargo Redclaw, you have the card forever. You could likely also create some kind of five faction Pledge Scream deck with Glasshopper, Vargo Redclaw, and Dread for the ultimate scream fest!

4F FJS Heart

EWC Link by ThePlatypusKing

You know what? I got so inspired about what I said about Monstrum’s 4F Vargo deck, that I slapped together a quick FJS list splashing the triple off faction card, Heart of the Vault. Joining our lovely friend are 2 Moonstone Vanguard (to technically “help” with the splash” and 2 cop out Kerendon Cargo. The powerbase needs a bit more work as according to the Shiftstoned Power Calculator, we only have a 49% chance to cast Heart of the Vault on curve but hey, the list is sweet an absolutely the definition of value town! I think between 4 Seek Power, 4 Petition, 2 Kerendon Cargo, and your opponent also playing four factions, this deck might be just right.

4F Charging Death Rod

EWC Link by marvin_the_imp

A good friend of mine since me this list at the 11th Hour of writing this article. I believe it to be a take on a list that some nobody named camat0 made but with an additional faction for the sake of the event. The plan is simple: Slam some charge units on the field and try to to RNG a Divining Rod onto one of them to absolutely decimate your opponent with value. It’s either that or slamming your face against the wall in absolute tilt after infinite bricking. Hell, you might even end up literally losing yourself the game with Demand Death but I promise you that it is absolutely worth it. If you like to go to the casino or play the lottery, this is definitely the list you should bring to Opal Waystone Classic on Sunday!


I’m a sucker for events like this one and I hope we have more in our future. With $350+ in total being on the line, I’m very excited about this event. If I can just defeat the end boss that is waking up by 9AM Pacific on a Sunday, I just very well may acquire the first place purse. Thanks for joining me. My current stream schedule has me on at 1PM Pacific (if I wake up on time, which is harder than it sounds for my lifestyle) on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday as well as during the ETS on Saturdays (again, if I can wake up in time) so come hang out sometime at twitch.tv/theplatypusking and watch the best in the world at what I do, which is DOMINATING CHILDREN’S DIGITAL CARD GAMES!

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