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I am sure that many of you were, at least once, pissed that your engines didn’t last more than one turn. Well, this happened to me last night and while reconsidering my life choices and falling into despair because of the flooding of proactive cards in the Pro Rank, I came up with this abomination of a deck that disallows your opponent to react to your cards (well, most of the time).


The deck

How to play


In your first hand you are looking for Dwarven Agitators to create carry-over for the next rounds as you don’t really care about the outcome of R1. Also, you would prefer to draw to your Mahakam Volunteers to thin your deck to have better draws next round. You may also like to have some Bad Bronzes just to waste more of your opponent’s cards.

Round one

As mentioned above, we want to create carry-over points and thin the deck. Last but not least – waste as many opponent’s cards as you can without playing your crucial cards – Scorch, The Great Oak, Sihil, Novigradian Justice etc. (You get it, the great golds plus Mastercrafted Spears).
We usually pass around 3-5 cards in as we are not able to catch up with our opponent anymore.

Round two

We usually loose the R1 and if that’s the case and opponent passes just smack a useless card on the board! If they are trying to push you and commit a strong card, just place down the Sihil and that will certainly scare them out of the round. If not, just spare some strong point swings as long as you can. It’s really unlikely you will get 2:0 as your opponent could easily go card down (Scorch, The Great Oak can serve for that use).

Round three

If you suspect your opponent is going to play Artifact Removal play Mastercrafted Spear first to reduce the danger of Sihil getting removed. And then, the “no fun party” begins (well no fun at least for your opponent, you will enjoy it). Increase the value of the Sihil, lay down other Artifacts and see your opponent suffer from not being able to target anything. Row-stack for you Great Oak to increase its value as much as you can. Gregoire de Gordon also comes among the last cards as you don’t want him removed – the shield helps too and it’s really easy to set him up for full value.
NOTE: Be careful NOT TO SCORCH your own units!
Time your Pitfall Trap the best (usually denying double last say).
Crushing traps also come in the endgame. How late? Depends on the fact if you have your Pitfall with Iorveth.

This is it for the deck guide you can find more tips in linked video bellow and feel free to ask further questions in the comments!

Thank you for your time and see you next time!

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