Hello again, fellow godlings. We’re back, and for some of you it might be none too soon. Last time, we jumped headfirst into some of my customizable puzzles – one of my absolute favorite features Mythgard has to offer. I gave out FOUR puzzles in fact.

And zero solutions.

I know for a fact some of you guys have solved them all. Some of my readers even found secondary solutions that I hadn’t intended! What makes me happiest is that even those solutions almost always used the lesson/skill I wanted the puzzle to focus on. (What can I say, except it’s the teacher in me?) Anyway, enough of the lead-in. Let’s get to the heart of this article: the SOLUTIONS!

Oh, and if you read all the way through, you’ll also get some brand new puzzles for your trouble too!

If you want to see the puzzles from last time, here’s the link BACK to the previous article one more time.


If you want to skip them, use the Table of Contents to jump to the NEW Puzzles at the bottom!

A Reminder: Importing Puzzles

I can’t really make the format any cleaner, and I apologize for that. However, it’s truly as simple as “copy and paste” for most of these. Here are the instructions once again.

 1) First, make sure you’ve copied (CTRL+C) the whole puzzle you want to attempt.
2) When you open up Mythgard’s main menu, click on the PLAY menu.
3) Click on PUZZLE, which is closer to the front of the scroll now (because it’s so awesome)
4) Underneath all the scrolling pictures, you should see two buttons, “PLAY” and “IMPORT.” If you click IMPORT, it will try to load your clipboard – and if that is a puzzle, it’ll pull you into a game.

**If your clipboard is not a puzzle, or if the puzzle has an error in its construction, you’ll get “Import failed.” At that point, make sure you’ve copied the whole puzzle, click IMPORT again, and you should load into the puzzle! It’s really that simple!

SOLUTION 1: Stone’s Throw (common)

I said I put this puzzle first because I found it telegraphed, but you guys definitely shot through that with your comments! The second solution didn’t even use the Plagiarist, which I thought was half the battle! But then again, Frenzy is a super strong keyword. Anyway, let’s get into the good stuff.

Internally, I always called this puzzle “Stop Hitting Yourself” which definitely points to my intended solution. And of course that’s why False Mjolnir is in our starting hand. 😉

bearsman6’s Designed Solution

– Impel (2) the Fey Plagiarist into lane 1
– Play Seahaven (3bb) under it, and use Agile to swing straight across
– Choose Singing Stone with the Breach trigger
– Cast Singing Stone (1) giving all your minions ON AN ENCHANTMENT +1/+1
(Hint: This is one of the reasons we want to put our Shatterfist on an enchantment.)
– Use Bragi’s 1st ability to loot, putting the Berserkr Sickness back in the deck.
– Burn Fossegrim
– Play False Mjolnir (2b) on the opponent’s Draugr

This is the key to the entire solution going this route. Draugr gets so big and can deal so much damage that you don’t ever have to hit the opponent. You just hit the Draugr and let him kill himself.

– Play Cairnhenge (1b) under the Jotun Shatterfist
– Swing with Shatterfist into Draugr [11 damage]
– Swing with Einherjar Berserkr into Draugr [4 damage]
– Activate Norn Datacore, which now has charges due to the above minion deaths, to gain 1 mana
– Cast Jaunt (1b) on Bragi, and teleport him to lane 4 on the Cairnhenge, which puts him at the correct health pool to…
– Swing Bragi into Draugr [7 damage]

The big idea behind this puzzle was using False Mjolnir to make the opponent kill himself. I’ve always liked that kind of puzzle. However, someone else showed me a second victory line, which of course I’d completely overlooked because I thought I was merely adding in a few extra false lines! Oops!

Extra Solution

– Cast False Mjolnir (2B) on Thane
– Jaunt (1b) on Enherjar Berserkr, who teleports to lane 4
– Impel (2) Bragi 1 left and loot to draw the Cairnhenge, putting the Fossegrim back
– Suicide with Bragi into the Thane
– Berserkr Sickness (2b) our Jotun Shatterfist, swinging twice into the Thane
– Play the Cairnhenge (1b) under the Berserkr
– Burn anything for BLUE
– Activate Datacore to gain the mana and gems needed for Berserkr’s Frenzy, and swing twice

It’s so easy you could do it twice! Right? Right?
Ahem. Maybe it should have been uncommon. Oh well.

SOLUTION 2: Ender’s Game (uncommon)

For this puzzle, I meant the lesson to be about the Rainbow’s End Path. I know just how commonly it’s played, but you’d be surprised how often people don’t know all it’s effects. Like, for example, that you can not only overwrite enchantments with others… but in so doing, you gain temporary mana back for the difference in cost! If you didn’t know that, you’d never be able to solve Puzzle 2.

For me, this puzzle was called “Rainbow Supreme.” I wanted it to be nasty. To be crazy! I wanted you to have to overwrite all those awesomely powerful enchantments with weak, seemingly-insignificant alternatives. But in so doing, you’d create enough mana to power that Daigoju to victory! It converts mana into damage 1:1 after all. That’s the best rate in the game (tied with Plague Maidens)!

Anway, here’s how you solve it.

– Jorthsong (2bb) your own Cairnhenge, because we need it in-hand and we want to draw a card.
– Cast the Balance (4pp) that you drew
– Overwrite the Stairway in 4 with Pocket Instance (1p) to net yourself +4 mana
– Smash the Decoy into the Eager Recruit [+3 mana]
– Burn Freki Sidecar for [+1b mana]
– Overwrite the Stairway in 6 with Cairnhenge (1b) [+4 mana]
– Replace the Stairway in 3 with Field of Poppies (1p) [+4 mana]
– Play Cairnhenge (1p) over the Arena in 5 [+3 mana]
– Overwrite the Garden in 2 with Demolition Speedway (2PP) [+1 mana]

Hopefully you’ve noticed the trend by now. Expensive enchantments get replaced! Think of it like banking, or investing, and all those enchants were great, but we need the mana now.

– Activate (4) Daigoju Supreme  to kill the Ifreet [4 damage]
– Impel (2) Daigoju Supreme into lane 2, and activate (4) to kill the defender [4 damage]
– Activate (4) Daigoju Supreme [4 damage]
– Activate (4) Daigoju Supreme [4 damage]
– Activate (4) Daigoju Supreme [4 damage]
– Then swing Daigoju Supreme into the Eager Recruit, being glad it has Overwhelm [8 damage]

Did you find the line? Did you know about Rainbow’s End’s secondary ability? Either way, you surely do now, and that’s kind of the whole point.

SOLUTION 3: Hurry Up and Wait (rare)

I think crafting this puzzle made me a better player, because it taught me a little bit about seeing past or seeing through the immediate consequences. Its lessons are also a little dated, since Rush minions have sort of slid from the clear “big bad” of the game to just a smaller part of the current top meta deck, RedOrange Heaven & Hell. Anyway.

The first thing we need to do is clear off the Red Cliffs, because it’s shutting off our Rush. But the Necromantic means we’ll have to kill that AND whatever it summons afterward. Luckily, I made the follow-up a pushover (Kolobok). So, here’s how we do it!

– Swing with Ringmaster into the Hopeless Necromantic
– Impel (2) Master of Shadows and move him to lane 5’s Arena –> fight and beat the Necromantic, boosting the bonus of the enchantment +1/+1
– Cast Ignition (1r) to kill the resulting Kolobok
– In lane 3, play Wings of Abaddon (4r) and use its ability to sacrifice the Master
– Play Racer (1p) on the Arena to fight and kill Strigoi Reaver
– Play Daring Trapezist (2r) in 4, swing [2 damage]
– Swing with Wings [4 damage]

Lesson number 1: Red Cliffs stops all rush, not just the three lanes in front of it. Now, most everyone knows that, but it’s still a good reminder. And if you didn’t remember that the Necromantic dying and subsequent Kolobok spawning would trigger the Cliff’s ability, well, now you do. You have to swing with the Ringmaster! You have to!

Lesson number 2: Immortal doesn’t mean that Master of Shadows cannot die. You can still sacrifice it!

Lessons 3 & 4 deal with Whitemoon Arena: “winning” a fight means your dude must survive… and the damage it does counts as non-combat damage, so the 1/1 Master cannot be “deadly” if you’re battling through the Arena.

So if you knew all that, this puzzle probably wasn’t that hard. There’s even another solution (found by a reader) that got one point of overkill! But it didn’t utilize the Arena OR sacrifice the Master, so I viewed it as defeating the purpose. So it goes.

Regardless, I wanted this puzzle to give you a little break before we got to the one that really took me a while. Puzzle 4 was all about sequencing. Ooh boy, sequencing.

SOLUTION 4: The Thousand Cuts (mythic)

I knew, when I first conceived this puzzle, that I wanted it to be a Fleeting Firebird kill. That was my only goal. I knew I was going to bend over backward to make it work. Then I spent literal hours tweaking and tuning this thing just to get it to work the way I wanted it to. That’s why there are Laser Grids covering the opponent’s board and why the Beast of Plenty exists at all.

What am I talking about? Do I sound crazy? Keep in mind, when you Awaken the Firebird, he gets energy based on how many cards are in the opponent’s hand at that moment. He keeps that energy count until activated. But… he can’t activate immediately. Not unless you give him a standard action. In these colors, that mean Volition. So that is what I set out to do! I even thought I succeeded!

…And then someone else beat this puzzle a different way. Oh well. Such is the life of a brewer! I still think the puzzle and its solution are fantastic. So why is it called “the Thousand Cuts”? Simply stated, because you must keep in mind, as long as we have both Cadejos alive, we gain 1 life and deal 1 damage to our opponent whenever we a minion is created OR dies. Also, once we get the Mothmara on board, we’ll be doing 1 damage with each spell too. So basically, by doing anything we’ll be slowly whittling our opponent’s health pool down.

How do we do enough? That’s the question, because that Iku-Turso is a massive fun-blocker. The jerk. We can’t let him win!

bearsman6’s Designed Solution

– First and foremost, use Bela’s 1st ability to reduce the cost of all spells by 1.
– Play Mothmara (1g) on top of the Verdant Jungle in lane 5 (+1 temporary mana) [1 damage]
– Burn Volition (+1Y)
– Play Clay Effigy (0y), but put the Statue in our OPPONENT’S lane 2 [2 damage]

This is one of the lessons here: you can play the Statues in any empty lane. Fun times can now be had!

– Play another Clay Effigy (0y), putting Statue in OPPONENT’S lane 3 [2 damage]
And this is the second fun part, because we’ve just triggered our opponent’s Model of Duality by creating two minions for them. Increasing our opponent’s hand size is going to be critical to this solution.

– Activate White Cadejo on Bald Mountain (1) to return Detained
– Cast Detained (0g) on Iku-Turso [1 damage] because we need that second spell, too…
– Cast Deported (1gg) on either Yahui [1 damage]

And keep in mind that every card we add to their hand will matter in the end.

– Cast Marching Orders (0g) on our opponent pushing RIGHT [1 damage]
– Infuse (2) White Cadejo, discarding Wake the Bones to our Disk
– Suicide Bela into the Beast of Plenty [2 damage], drawing the opponent ANOTHER card.
– Activate Fleeting Thunderbird to bounce it

Fun fact: if I could have set the Thunderbird’s starting energy to anything non-zero, even just 1, this puzzle would only have ONE solution. Not that I’m mad or anything…

– Recast Fleeting Thunderbird (4yy) [1 damage]
– Cast Volition (2y) on Fleeting Thunderbird [1 damage]
– Activate Fleeting Thunderbird for biiiiig damage [8 damage]
– Swing with White Cadejo [4 damage]

I don’t know how hard or easy that line was to find, but it must have been sufficiently difficult, because a few other people found a totally different line instead. Oh well. Breeding creativity is the goal for puzzles, right? This does just that!

Alternate Solution

– Use Bela’s first ability (0 energy)
– Cast Mothmara on A2 [1 damage]
– Fleeting Thunderbird in lane 4 suicides into Yahui in 5 [1 damage]
– Burn Clay Effigy (+1y)
– Wake the Bones (0g) our Fleeting Thunderbird [1 damage]
– Cast Fleeting Thunderbird (4yy) on the Verdant Jungle in lane 5 (+1 mana) [1 damage]
– Volition (1y) on Fleeting Thunderbird ( [1 damage]
– Activate Fleeting Thunderbird [5 damage]
– Cast Clay Effigy (0y) to put the Statue in our lane 4 and draw [2 damage]
– Again cast Clay Effigy (0y) and put the Statue in lane 3 [2 damage]
– Cast Marching Orders (0g) to move the enemy’s board LEFT [1 damage]
– Infuse (2) Bela and attack the enemy player, resulting in her death [4 damage]
– Attack with White Cadejo, resulting in his death [5 damage]

All in all, though this solution works, it shortcuts the intended goal, which was making the opponent draw cards to make our Thunderbird activation BIG. Oh well. If you can see it both ways, then more power to you!

As a special treat, I’ve got another set of puzzles for you. Though I have been told these are a touch harder…

PUZZLE 5: Something Old (rare)

intro: What’s the old saying? If at first you don’t succeed… throw more Zealots in? Sounds right.
p1 portrait: fin
p1 life: 6
p1 path: Rainbow’s End
p1 power: Infuse
p1 mana: 10
p1 gems: RROOOOOOO
p1 burn: true
p1 hand: Eager Recruit; Storied Martyr; Ignition; Vulcan Brand; Parsa Clarion; Resupply Caravan; Xerxian Sympathizer; Dire Benediction
p1 artifacts: Spear of Destiny; Alchemical Key
p1 lane 1: Dashing Ringmaster; Thieves Bazaar
p1 lane 2:Desertification Engine
p1 lane 3: Oil Field
p1 lane 4: Twinfire Zealot; Thieves Bazaar 
p1 lane 5: Sandscape
p1 lane 6: Sandscape
p1 lane 7: Xerxian Hideout
p2 name: People Eater
p2 portrait: Llort
p2 path: Journey of Souls
p2 power: Protect
p2 mana: 9
p2 gems: PPPPPPPPP
p2 life: 84
p2 boneyard: Master of Shadows
p2 lane 2: Perfect Grade; Pocket Instance
p2 lane 4: Lantern Colossus; Pocket Instance
p2 lane 6: Nine-Tailed Vixen; Pocket Instance

So we’re facing down a board of Pocket Instance’d fatties. And their dude has waaaay too much health. Hm. Luckily we can just throw tons of little Zealots at these guys. That’s the Parsan way! Who cares if a few die here or there? As long as we win in the end!

Can you reach that finish line?

PUZZLE 6: Something New (uncommon)

First up, I need to make a disclaimer for this puzzle.

I had designed it with the opponent having a War Fan (which reduces the cost of ALL cards by 2), but due to a hiccup in the current puzzle system, cost reduction does not trigger at the onset of a puzzle – it only activates in part unless you interact with it. So… this Puzzle’s first step I’m going to give to you:

*Step 1: Play Pillage (3gg) targeting the opponent’s War Fan to steal it and “reactivate” it.*

I accounted for this and increased both the gems and mana the player receives; it IS NOT intended, but is unfortunately necessary currently.

That all said, here’s the puzzle!

intro: Girls and their cats. Isn’t that a meme?
p1 portrait: fin
p1 life: 6
p1 path: Disk of Circadia
p1 power: Impel
p1 mana: 8
p1 gems: bbbbggggg
p1 burn: true
p1 hand: Berserkr Sickness; Breath of Wintertide; Canine Cavalry; Volkov Pointman; Avenging Alpha; Focused Frenzy; Pillage
p1 artifacts: Matryoshka; Matryoshka; Matryoshka
p1 lane 1: Volkov Veteran; Ruslan’s Bight
p1 lane 4: Winter Wolf; Demolition Speedway
p1 lane 7: Volkov Heavy; Cairnhenge
p2 name: Come Again
p2 portrait: Recursionist
p2 path: Disk of Circadia
p2 power: Protect
p2 mana: 9
p2 gems: pppbbbbbb
p2 life: 54
p2 boneyard: Indrik Beast; Perfect Grade; Chort Stag; Indrik Beast; Baku Bogeyman; Iku-Turso
p2 artifacts: War Fan
p2 lane 1: Hopeless Necromantic
p2 lane 2: Familia Sprite
p2 lane 3: Hopeless Necromantic
p2 lane 4: Familia Sprite
p2 lane 5: Hopeless Necromantic
p2 lane 6: Familia Sprite
p2 lane 7: Hopeless Necromantic

Can you find the line of play to win this turn using all these good boys? Do you see the lessons you’re supposed to learn?

PUZZLE 7: Something Borrowed (common)

This was actually the last puzzle I built in this batch, but due to the thematic titles, it had to be the seventh and not the eighth. You know how it goes; dedication to the theme matters! However, I also knew that I wanted this one to be the easiest of the batch. Thus, it needed a simple but important lesson. Can you see it?

intro: Sometimes real life is stranger than fiction.
P1 name: Navy Seagull
p1 portrait: Duskwing Angel
p1 life: 6
p1 path: Rainbow's End
p1 power: Impel
p1 mana: 8
p1 gems: oobbbggg
p1 burn: true
p1 hand: Cairnhenge; Ved'ma Skyranger; Wake the Bones; Marching Orders; Temptation
p1 boneyard: Freki Sidecar
p1 lane 2: Gallows Boy; Seahaven
p1 lane 4: Giant’s Stairs 
p1 lane 6: Shadhavar Beast
p2 name: MetaMan
p2 portrait: Steam Bun
p2 path: Rainbow's End
p2 power: Protect
p2 mana: 9
p2 gems: rrrrrbbbbb
p2 life: 11
p2 boneyard: Fire Eater; Daring Trapezists; Ironbelly Wyvern
p2 lane 2: Faun of Decay
p2 lane 3: Brass Bouncer
p2 lane 4: Strigoi Reaver
p2 lane 5: Ensnaring Serpent
p2 lane 6: Kara Mourningwives; Hekate's Wheel

This puzzle is “Borrowed” because it was loosely inspired by a real game that Navy Seagull played (and won) early in Mythgard’s life. That’s why he’s the default player name and icon. Fun facts!

Anyway, in this puzzle we’re up against the dreaded MetaMan playing RB. Granted, he’s playing some non-meta cards… but nobody’s perfect! Especially since there’s a line of play that causes him to lose the game this turn. Can you find it?

PUZZLE 8: Something Blue (mythic)

This puzzle came about because I wanted to try something different, at least for me. But then I ended up playing BP anyway. Something about those Norden Harmony decks, man. I just can’t get enough!

intro: The Fun Police is trying to live up to its name. Can you find lethal this turn anyway?
p1 portrait: fin
p1 life: 6
p1 path: Rainbow's End
p1 power: Infuse
p1 mana: 9
p1 gems: bbbbbpppp
p1 burn: true
p1 hand: Field of Poppies; Steam Bun; Berserkr Sickness; Freki Sidecar; Stubborn Tengu; Rune of Denial; Pentacle of Flavors; Allfather’s Horn
p1 deck: Jaunt
p1 boneyard: Tyr Monomund; Magnus Thorsson; Kara Mourningwives
p1 lane 1: Jin-Sook, Dollmaster; Waystone Garden
p1 lane 3: Shinobi of Fire
p1 lane 4: Giant’s Stairway
p1 lane 7: Master of Shadows
p2 name: Fun Police
p2 portrait: Vilja Windfury
p2 path: Journey of Souls
p2 power: Protect
p2 mana: 9
p2 gems: YYYYYGGGG
p2 life: 23
p2 boneyard: Sapo; Venomfang Mutant
p2 lane 2: Revolutionary Totem
p2 lane 3: Iku-Turso
p2 lane 5: Gallows Boy; The Invisible City
p2 lane 6: Hopeless Necromantic
p2 lane 7: Blood Idol

You’ve got 23 health to get through. Can you defeat the Big Bad Yellow Green Fun Police?

Starting the New Year Strong!

With that, I’m going to say a fond farewell to 2019. It’s time to welcome in 2020! It’s amazing how much Mythgard has grown and improved in the months since I started playing, and I can only see it getting better still going forward.

In that spirit of reflection and hope, I hope you all have been enjoying these articles and the game throughout 2019. No matter how you fared on my first batch of puzzles, I wish these new ones strike you as more fun, more challenging, or just more your style somehow. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! And whether you struggle with any of these puzzles (or none of them), I hope you’re enjoying playing the game – and maybe learning a few things too. Mythgard is not easy, and I know that’s one of the reasons I love it so much.

If you have any great puzzles you’d like to share, post them in the comments below! Then maybe you’ll have as much fun as I’ve had putting this article together for you guys.

Until next time, when I reveal these NEW puzzles’ solutions,  I’m bearsman6, and I want you to keep playing, keep learning, and keep brewing!

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