Hello, my fellow godlings. Today’s article is going to be a bit of a departure from my norm, but that’s because since last time, the devs at Rhino have added a truly incredible feature to the game: customizable PUZZLES.

Some personal background here: “Find Lethal” puzzles have always been one of my favorite aspects of card games, and it was initially one of the things I missed most when I pivoted away from Magic: the Gathering. There are already a few cool ones in Mythgard – with the most recent addition from Navy Seagull being particularly devilish!

But they used to not be quite “enough” for me, especially since the first batch are easy, and once you’ve solved them, well, that’s that.

Enter Rhino Games with the brilliant idea to allow us players to create and import our own, user-created puzzles! Besides my previously-stated love of this format, I’m also a teacher. Being able to create my own puzzles means I can truly teach some of the more obscure rules/interactions, especially for newer players, in a way that people might actually like.

Piecing It Together

First, if you haven’t already toyed around with the new Puzzle feature, let’s make sure everyone knows how to import a user-made puzzle.

1) First, make sure you’ve copied (CTRL+C) the whole puzzle you want to attempt.

2) When you open up Mythgard’s main menu, click on the PLAY menu.

3) Click on the farthest right play mode, PUZZLE (image shown above).

4) Underneath all the scrolling pictures, you should see two buttons, “PLAY” and “IMPORT.” If you click IMPORT, it will try to load your clipboard – and if that is a puzzle, it’ll pull you into a game.

Make sure you click “IMPORT” for a custom puzzle

**If your clipboard is not a puzzle, or if the puzzle has an error in its construction, you’ll get “Import failed.” At that point, make sure you’ve copied the whole puzzle, click IMPORT again, and you should load into the puzzle! It’s really that simple!

Building from the Corners

Master of Shadows

I’m going to present you guys with four puzzles today, ranging in difficulty, which I’ll label according to Mythgard’s own rarity system: common (easy), uncommon (medium), rare (hard), mythic (ridiculous). Each puzzle serves a specific purpose, highlighting what I view as either interesting, or under-utilized, or just generally cool set of cards, effects, and rules. Each puzzle will focus on a different type of interaction, but they will all aim to stretch your knowledge of Mythgard in various ways.

Sounds like a lot of fun, right? So what’s the downside? Well… I’m not going to give you the solutions until my next article. Then I’ll go into the breakdowns for each puzzle. Why I chose it, what I wanted to accomplish, which rules you really need to understand to complete it. And, of course, the step-by-step solutions. I’m not evil, after all, just a bit sadistic. 🙂

If you’re still reading, I hope that’s because it sounds like fun to you. It certainly appeals to me! I’ve had an absolute blast creating, tweaking, and tuning these puzzles.


Ahem, forgive my enthusiasm. >:)

Puzzle 1: Stone’s Throw (common)

intro: Yeah, he's got you between a Stone and a hard place, and you're playing Jank. But can you beat bearsman6 this turn anyway?
p1 portrait: fin
p1 life:6
p1 path: Rainbow's End
p1 power: Impel
p1 mana:8
p1 gems: bbbbbbbb
p1 burn: true
p1 hand: Jaunt; Berserkr Sickness; False Mjolnir; Fossegrim; Seahaven
p1 deck: Cairnhenge
p1 boneyard: Tyr Monomund; Magnus Thorsson; Kara Mourningwives
p1 artifacts: Norn Datacore
p1 lane 2: Fey Plagiarist; Demolition Speedway
p1 lane 5: Jotun Shatterfist
p1 lane 6: Einherjar Berserkr: Misfortune; Demolition Speedway
p1 lane 7: Bragi Runesinger; Odinthrone
p2 name: bearsman6
p2 portrait: master of shadows
p2 path: Rainbow's End
p2 power: Protect
p2 mana: 9
p2 gems: pppbbbbbb
p2 life:23
p2 boneyard: Baku Bogeyman; Einherjar Thane; Racer in Shadow
p2 artifacts: Singing Stone; Singing Stone
p2 lane 2: Rogue Idolon; Waystone Garden
p2 lane 3: Cairnhenge
p2 lane 5: Einherjar Thane; Giant's Stairway
p2 lane 6: Draugr; Giant's Stairway
Puzzle 1: Stone’s Throw (common)

I placed this puzzle first because, while it may be a bit more telegraphed, it’s still just fun. Especially given how much I love under-appreciated cards. (And pay NO attention to the opponent’s power!)

There’s a lot to take in with this setup. First of all, we have a pleasant 6 health, but our opponent has 23! Yikes. Secondly, our board, while slightly developed, looks pretty easily outclassed by the opponent. At least we’re running Impel, so that’s an added tool. What can we possibly do to come away with the win here? Hmm. Can you spot the line?

Puzzle 2: Ender’s Game (uncommon)

intro: This may look like the End, but there's still one way to beat bearsman6 this turn, if you can you find it.
p1 portrait: fin
p1 life: 1
p1 path: Rainbow's End
p1 power: Impel
p1 mana: 9
p1 gems: bbbbbbppp
p1 burn: true
p1 hand: Jaunt; Jorthsong; Stratagem Thirty-Six; Emperor Koi
p1 deck: Balance; Cairnhenge; Pocket Instance; Fossegrim; Freki Sidecar; Demolition Speedway; Field of Poppies
p1 lane 1: Daigoju Supreme; Neo-Gangnam
p1 lane 2: Waystone Garden
p1 lane 3: Giant's Stairway
p1 lane 4: Decoy; Giant's Stairway
p1 lane 5: Whitemoon Arena
p1 lane 6: Giant's Stairway
p1 lane 7: Cairnhenge
p2 name: bearsman6
p2 portrait: master of shadows
p2 life: 28
p2 path: Rainbow's End
p2 power: Impel
p2 mana: 10
p2 gems: oooooooooo
p2 boneyard: Armageddon Angel; Ghul; Quicksand Hourglass
p2 deck:
p2 lane 1: Serendipity Ifreet; Sandscape
p2 lane 2: Resupply Caravan; Mirage
p2 lane 3: Eager Recruit; Thieves Bazaar
p2 lane 4: Thieves Bazaar
p2 lane 5: Shadhavar Beast; Sandscape
p2 lane 6: Mardykhor; Sandscape
Puzzle 2: Ender’s Game (uncommon)

Puzzle 2, on the other hand, looks like an absolute mess at first glance. It takes a while to see everything that’s going on, and that is by design. Yes, there are several cards in here that are criminally underplayed. But that’s OK. Maybe people will read them when playing this puzzle and appreciate them like I do!

Sigh. A brewer can dream.

Here we can see that our opponent clearly has us on the ropes. We’re at 1 to their 28. But we do have one massive weapon up our sleeves … or in Lane 1. Will that be enough?

Puzzle 3: Hurry Up and Wait (rare)

intro: What's the rush, friend? Can't you at least enjoy the Arena a little before bearsman6 wins? 
p1 portrait: fin
p1 life: 2
p1 path: Journey of Souls
p1 power: Impel
p1 mana: 9
p1 gems: RRRRRRPPP
p1 burn: true
p1 boneyard: Firesong Prodigy
p1 hand: Panic Raider; Daring Trapezist; Wings of Abaddon; Racer in Shadow; Ignition
p1 lane 1: Dashing Ringmaster
p1 lane 4: Master of Shadows
p1 lane 5: Whitemoon Arena
p2 name: bearsman6
p2 portrait: master of shadows
p2 life: 6
p2 path: Disk of Circadia
p2 power: Impel
p2 mana: 10
p2 gems: gggggrrppp
p2 boneyard: Chort Stag; Celestial Dragon; Grinning Kolobok
p2 lane 1: Strigoi Pup
p2 lane 2: Hopeless Necromantic; Red Cliffs
p2 lane 4: Strigoi Reaver
p2 lane 6: Duskwing Angel
p2 lane 7: Fated Firebird
Puzzle 3: Hurry Up and Wait (rare)

I’m particularly proud of this puzzle — even though there are a few minor variations in how you can defeat it! I tend to prefer “only one right way” puzzles, but this one requires just enough finesse that I love it anyway. Besides, the lessons it teaches is super important in today’s “anything goes” meta.

The situation at first looks pretty bleak. There is a Necromantic sitting on the Red Cliffs, seemingly shutting off all our Rush entirely! But we do have a few tools at our disposal… The opponent is only at 6 this time. Can you find lethal? (And no, I don’t mean casting Ignition on our own face. Sheesh.)

Puzzle 4: The Thousand Cuts (mythic)

intro: Victory may seem Fleeting, but one path will spell doom for bearsman6 this game. Can you find it?
p1 portrait: Fin
p1 life: 1
p1 path: Disk of Circadia
p1 power: Infuse
p1 mana: 9
p1 gems: GGGGGYYYY
p1 burn: true
p1 boneyard: Bald Mountain; Misanthropia; Detained
p1 hand: Clay Effigy; Clay Effigy; Volition; Marching Orders; Mothmara; Wake the Bones
p1 lane 1: Black Cadejo
p1 lane 4: Fleeting Thunderbird
p1 lane 5: Verdant Jungle
p1 lane 6: Bela, Witch Queen
p1 lane 7: White Cadejo; Bald Mountain
p2 name: bearsman6
p2 portrait: master of shadows
p2 life: 24
p2 path: Turn of Seasons
p2 power: Impel
p2 mana: 12
p2 gems: ggggyyyyyy
p2 artifacts: Model of Duality; Samosek, the Living Sword; Samosek, the Living Sword; Shroud of the Pit; Ollama Ring
p2 boneyard: Clay Effigy; Yahui; Revelation of Ximec; Hopeless Necromantic; Grinning Kolobok; Maze of Iyatiku; Grinning Kolobok
p2 hand: Chort Stag; Revelation of Ximec; Wonder Drug; Sapo; Twin Junah
p2 deck: Traitorous Murmur; Boneyard Abomination
p2 lane 1: Iku-Turso
p2 lane 2: Laser Grid
p2 lane 4: Beast of Plenty; Laser Grid
p2 lane 5: Yahui
p2 lane 6: Yahui; Laser Grid
Puzzle 4: The Thousand Cuts (mythic)

I’m not going to lie, this puzzle was INTENSE to make. I went through so many iterations, and all because I wanted a very specific outcome. I needed it to happen. So I may have warped the game state a bit. Isn’t that what puzzles are all about?

I won’t hold it against you if this puzzle isn’t your favorite. There is absolutely a LOT to parse in this: what’s going on, what we need to accomplish, how in the heck we get to 24 damage dealt? I will say this though: the process needed to win is darn cool, and quite demanding. It requires knowledge of more than a few uncommon rule interactions.

Good luck!

The Big Picture

And those are going to be my first batch of puzzles! I hope you enjoy them, and of course I hope you complete them too. I’m of the opinion that the process of unraveling a puzzle is usually more valuable than the completion. That’s why these were so fun for me to make! I basically got to dig into some of the corner cases of cards and find ways to exploit or reveal them!

Sometimes the answer just takes a bit of Brainstorming

Whether you struggled with any of these puzzles or none of them, my next article is going to be the “official” solutions to them. I hope those are also the only solutions, but what can I say? I’m not perfect, and perhaps some of you guys found alternative paths. Knowing me, they’ll probably even be easier. I overthink things a lot. I’ll also have a few more new puzzles to share next time. Some inspired by other my Team Rankstar teammates! I think they will be a treat to anyone who loved these!

So while this may not be a deck tech or a new brew, it did help me flex some of my creative muscles. (In case you’re curious, though, the deck from my last article also got MUCH better with the most recent balance patch, so check that out too!) If you have any great puzzles you’d like to share, post them in the comments below! Then maybe you’ll have as much fun as I’ve had putting this article together for you guys.

Until next time, when I reveal the ideal puzzle solutions (and maybe even add a few more challenges), I’m bearsman6, and I want you to keep playing, keep learning, and keep brewing!

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  1. Cool set of puzzles.

    Puzzles are cool.
    I wish there was a way to save them in-game though, and not have to copy and paste a puzzle between takes.

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