Closed Beta is finally upon us in the land of Mythgard. With no more account wipe looming, it’s now more important than ever to be smart about building your collection. Let’s explore some cheaper options for climbing ladder that won’t leave you swimming in debt for those sweet, sweet, mythic cards just yet. Our normal budget deck building rules are in place again. This means that these decks will have 0 mythic cards and no more than 6 rares that aren’t available through the Story mode.

Mono-Red Aggro

Another month, another pick for Mono-Red Aggro. This deck still remains one of the most efficient strategies in the game and will likely not be making its final showing in budget selections for some time to come. I don’t think the ladder meta has shifted to a point that this deck has more unfavorable matchups than it does favorable ones. People are starting to build against this a bit, but it’s still definitely my pick for the deck you can expect to see the most.

The recent nerf to Blood Moon has us changing up the gameplan just a bit from the list I posted last month. Rather than backing up our Rush-heavy strategy with the suite of Vampire cards, we’re just going even more heavy on the Rush gameplan. The loss of 2 Duskwing with the Vampire package gives us room for 2 Wings of Abaddon where the Blood Moon used to be and Extract Life offers some removal not present in the last build.

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Alternate Builds

This deck needs very few strict upgrades, so we’ll list them first and then look toward explaining the Vampire swamp if that route interests you. The big change in upgrade path from last month to now is the addition of The Oak of Dodona. This card is great and is most definitely something you should look to add when you can. Gigantomachia is pretty great to add in for getting around larger matchups. Shopworn Bull being changed from an Action to a Utility Action merits its inclusion over a Pureblood and a Huntress.

For those of you who prefer tribal strategies, this deck can easily shift its focus a bit and retool itself for Vampire synergies. Swapping our Wings of Abaddon and Extract Life for Strigoi Familiar and Blood Dolls puts us in a fairly solid spot to later expand into playing Lord Valentine as well.

Blue/Yellow Valkyrie

Valkyrie decks are something that a lot of newer players gravtiate to early. I think this is largely because they present a cohesive gameplan with not much room for misinterpretation. While you’ll find Valkyrie cards in both Blue and Red, I think one of the more popular builds lately has been using a very small Yellow engine.

Bulwark is the key contributor here. Providing card draw while also allowing for favorable trading has made Bulwark a card that you should expect to see a fair bit of on ladder. Generally, you’ll want 3 other sources of Yellow to make this work well. We’ve opted for 3 Poxbringers to help with a relatively weak removal suite. There are definitely other routes to go for your Yellow engine though.

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Alternate Builds

Valkyrie decks have a lot of room for upgrades as your collection builds out. With cards like Magnus Thorsson, Bragi Runesinger, Kara Mourningwives, and Ingrid Stormdottir, there’s a lot to work with here.

If you’re looking for more options on the yellow side of this deck, try swapping out a copy of Poxbringer for Orbital Jamming Satellite or even dropping another Poxbringer and trying 2 Black Cadejo or 2 Godspore Mushroom.

Green/Orange Aggro

I presented a list like this last month, which I had based on a deck that EndoZoa was testing. I decided that we’d go straight to the source this month. EndoZoa sent me this list for this article and wants to present it, as it’s still a really solid ladder choice.

There are some slight variations between this build and the one I presented previously. Xerxian Recruiter over Peri at the Gates lets you keep your curve more more aggro-friendly. Gamayun and Dune Cat provide a bit more utility than the Vital Broxas I included before.

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Alternate Builds

In the way of upgrades, this deck has a few solid options. Peri at the Gates is probably priority number one, as it’s one of the best minions available in this strategy. Scion of Pride fits very well here too, giving you the flexibility for pseudo-removal or even turning a Parsa Recruit into a more potent attacker.

If minor optimization with tech choices or meta calls is more your style, look no further. Endo covered us there too. Born-Again can help you grind out a long game and Ghul is great vs Reanimator strategies. Herald of Famine is an interesting card for this deck as well. It works nicely in more tempo-focused builids looking to really suffocate the opponent, but may not work quite as well in more grindy variations, as its ability is less of a playaround in the late game.

Purple/Orange Midrange

This deck is a variation of a deck I’ve written about previously. I criminally undervalued Mardykhor at the time and have since learned my lesson. The nerf to Sword Saint definitely hurt a bit, but I think there’s still quite a bit of potential in this deck. What’s not to love about a deck whose initials can just literally be “OP”?

Making use of Sandscape to fuel our Oil Field and Hideout, while also making Mardykhor into a dual threat, is crucial to this deck’s success. Purple has quite a bit of reach with Shinobi of Wind and an Ignition on legs in Racer in Shadow. Back Alley Ronin is your big late game threat due to how easy it is to trigger with Shinobi, Racer, and so many tokens.

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Alternate Builds

There are numerous upgrades available for this deck. You can look to shore up your midrange strategy with cards like the Scion of Pride above, as well as To Heaven and Back, Kushiel the Unforgiving, and Pentacle of Flavors.

You can go a bit lower to the ground in this shell if you’d like. Cards like Rogue Vocaloid, Ghost in the System, and Soma Oasis let you bolster your early drops a bit.


There are lots of budget options in Mythgard and my TRS friends were so kind to help me compile this list today. There were too many to present them all here, but I’m sure if you ask around on Discord, you’ll be met with help for any strategy you want to play. Do you have any other favorite budget strategies? Let me know in the comments below!

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