Hello and welcome to the Weekly Stream Recap with Weissenberg! In this segment, your humble servant and the loyal subject to the Nilfgaardian Emperor provides a written testimony of his adventures in the realm of Gwent. Each week we will try our luck with a creative deck and non-competitive and each week we will design a set of rules we have to follow throughout the broadcasts.

Commanding the Troops

Soldiers Nilfgaard… That one Nilfgaard deck that is always around, but never good enough to define the meta or make it to a tournament. But, thanks to a number of content creators it is popular again. Popular as in being played, that is. And with that being said, we decided to play it ourselves. Of course, not the traditional version of it. That is not how we do things around here.

People usually play soldiers with Emhyr var Emreis, and that makes sense. You can replay Vreemde, or at least Vrygheff. That sounds good, but is too mainstream. We were going to play Morvran Voorhis. It is the Nilfgaard leader with the lowest playrate. Actually, it would not surprise anyone if Morvran was the least played leader in the entirety of Gwent, not only its own faction. Also, going Morvran solves one of the main problems of the archetype, which is lack of a proper finisher.

Soldiers are known to be a one-round deck. Once you have played your main combo involving Daerlan Soldiers, Vrygheff and Vreemde, you are out of points. This is common knowledge, so if you did not win round 1 your opponent would mercilessly bleed you round 2. Morvran actually prevents that by way of pairing it with Vilgefortz and Tibor Eggebracht to get a solid 16-17 point finish to the game.On top of that, add the classic Assire var Anahir into Roach combo and your short round looks rather good. Another problem with Soldiers is that the deck typically lacks early tempo. We solved this by adding Artorius Vigo and Impera Brigade… and the tactic package to make sure we don’t brick the combo. You can find the list below, and as always, feel free to swap cards as you please.


Considering how many mini-combos this deck contains and how painful the mulligan is, adding more rules might seem like we are deliberately trying to lose. With that being said, no specific rules were applied this week.

Match #1: King Foltest’s Commandos

Our first match of the session was against King Foltest’s Commandos, a deck that quickly rose in popularity towards the end of July after a refined list was posted online, then received a number of significant buffs and, as a result, dominated the following season. But, then again, was subjected to a variety of smaller nerfs… and if you think it is an awful lot of changes, I have a surprise for you, because as leaked during the last tournament, more reworks and nerfs are coming. In any case, this list is now strong, but balanced, and even made it to the latest Challenger which should definitely increase its popularity in the next couple of weeks. 

We opened round 1 with Nauzicaa Sergeant, which as an engine usually gets removed quite quickly, but since our opponent’s list does not contain too many removal options, this time it stayed alive. Our next move was to play Artorius into Impera, which also triggered Roach. This way we thinned our deck and produced some nice tempo. In the meantime our opponent was mostly playing baits. Meaning insignificant cards hoping we would waste our removal on those rather than the actual targets. One thing that we did not expect was the early Falibor play. It is a high provision high tempo card and it seems our opponent might have played it a bit too early. Then they played the Blue Stripes Commandos which was to be expected since they needed to copy them in order to guarantee a massive round 3 swing. We then decided to remove said units to prevent our opponent from making even more copies, after which, they passed.

Come round 2 we decided we have to bleed, because, let’s be honest, Foltest’s long round is much stronger than ours. We opened with the Dazhbog Runestone commonly known as the RNGstone. We then used Marching Orders to thin another two cards and remove our opponent’s card. After they played Summoning Circle and Royal Decree into Roche: Merciless and spent another charge of the leader’s ability we concluded that we have seen enough and it was time to move on. So we passed.

Then we got to the crucial mulligan. We needed to make sure that Tibor is in our deck together with another gold that we could play with Roderick (or Rodriguez, if you are an official tournament caster). The main goal was to play both the Daerlan – Vrygheff – Vreemde combo as well as the Morvran – Vilgefortz – Tibor finisher. Our hand obviously was not perfect. Because, and let’s be honest about this, there is too many conditions for it to ever be perfect. But, it was workable. Good even. Once again, we opened the round with Nauzicaa Sergeant and then proceeded to spam our Daerlan Soldiers. We then resorted to RNG by playing Roderick and hoping we would find either Necromancy to resurrect the Daerlans we played round 1 or Vrygheff to copy those that were already on the board. Unfortunately, RNGesus giveth, RNGesus taketh away, and we had to play Peter for meager 6 points and without any further synergies. Our opponent then played Draug, but without properly setting up the combo, it did not lot that scary. We used Morvran’s leader ability and set up our finisher. We were ready. Regardless of what our opponent had in hand, we were ready. Even with a semi-bricked Vreemde we were still ready. And then the time had come. We burned our own Peter and pulled Tibor out of the deck. 16 points including the trigger on our engine and we took the game!

Match #2: Dana Maédbh Poison

Dana is an interesting deck. On one hand, it is somewhat similar to other pointspam Scoiatael decks (looking at you, Francesca!), but on the other hand it makes use of an interesting and underused mechanic: Poison.

Round one, our opponent opened with the Elven Swordmaster that they boosted using their Tactical Advantage. I hate that play. I know that we went second, I know that it is my own fault I do not have any tall removal… but I hate that play. We answered with a Sergeant. Our opponent played some carryover and we… we looked at our hand and realized it is pretty bad. The only reasonable play was Menno Coehoorn into Marching Orders into praying to RNGesus we get Artorius and not Roderick. Our prayers had been answered, and we got the former of the two. Our opponent then played Treant Mantis: Strike. We did not know this at the time, since it was a trap, but we learned that quickly enough. After that we exchanged a number of courtesies typical for round 1 and went on like that until our opponent was down to 4 cards and trailing by 3 points. We then took advantage of the fact that we went second and passed. See you later, alligator.

In round 2 our opponent did the only reasonable thing they could in that situation. They drypassed. We played a Daerlan that we were going to revive with Necromancy and passed as well.

Early round 3 went as expected. We revived our Daerlan and copied it with Vrygheff while our opponent played the Waters of Brokilon. Obviously, we did not tolerate any of that engine nonsense, so we removed both targets that the Waters spawned. We then proceed to do mostly our own thing which was to set up the Vreemde play and the Vilgefortz finisher. Our opponent did their own thing too, which was mostly to brainlessly spam points (oh, the joys of playing this season’s Scoiatael). Our opponent’s finisher was a 15 point Sheldon Skaggs, which we expected (it’s always Sheldon or The Great Oak, isn’t it?) We were trailing by 11 with no engines to trigger. Normally getting this many points is not that easy. But the Vilgefortz – Tibor combo was more than enough.

Thanks for reading!

That’s it does it for this episode of the Weekly Stream Recap! Thanks for joining us today, I hope you enjoyed the read. You can catch us live at: www.twitch.tv/weissenberg

See you next week!

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