When I read the patch notes and saw the changes I immediately knew that Francesca is going to be really great in this update. As I woke up the next day I was impatiently waiting for the patch to download. Then I jumped to game and created this deck I have been making in my mind before sleep.

So here is my creation which I’m really proud of and have a lot of fun playing!



In your R1 hand you are looking for Dwarven Agigators, Ithlinne Aegli and Mahakam Volunteers to thin your deck and make some carry-over for next rounds. If you happened to draw both of your Nature cards and Fauve, redraw one of the Nature cards. And your obvious redraw are double Mahakam Volunteers.


We don’t usually go for the win in R1. Our main goal in the first round is to create carry-over for the next rounds with the Agigators and Ithlinne. Your main target for the boosts is Sheldon Skaggs. If you didn’t draw your Ithinne you may even use the Call of the Forest to fish for her. Once you have made some carry-over and thinned your deck of the Volunteers, you might even sink some other bronze cards in to lower the chances of your opponent to try to 2:0 you. It’s not a big deal, but we prefer the longer R3.


If your opponent dry passes, just play some bad bronze card to gain the points needed to win for the round. If your opponent seems like they’re going to push you, don’t worry about using Water of Brokilon or Milva to make an engine. If your opponent still continues pushing you can even use Pavko Gale as he is really scary in our build! If the R2 is played correctly when we are being pushed, we can easily end up cards up on our opponent and after that there’s no way back for them and a loss is awaiting him.


If you still have the Water of Brokilon start with that and when you have your Oak, Sheldonn and Barnabas in your hand consider using the other copy of Water of Brokilon with Francesca. Then lay down Milva – this is how you gain the full value on both of these cards!

Note: Against Nilfgaard be extra careful with the double Water of Brokilon as they might be running Serrit and Auckes and lock your Dryads.

After playing Water/s casually continue playing with setting up Pavko and reacting to your opponent’s plays with Milean, Morenn or even The Great Oak if neccessary.

Note: Don’t forget to rowstack for your Oak!

Now the time of our last say is coming. With the right setup, meaning The Great Oak in the deck, Call of the Forest in the graveyard and at least 7 point Sheldon Skaggs in hand, we can get at least 32 point finisher that might climb even up to 37 point with the Dryads and Milva!

There you go, you have most probably won the match! This is it for the written part and here’s the video guide explaining each card from the deck!

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