Hello and welcome to a new installment of Drafting with the Stars. We are getting deeper into the Homecoming draft format and there is already a new set on the horizon Frontier! Yes, golden times for games and gamers indeed! Let us start!

Pack 1 Pick 1

p1p1.jpg Alrighty, we can start by appraising our rare. She is a 3/3 Shadow Gunslinger with Deadly and an upside when she attacks with exactly one additional unit. All in all decent stats and abilities. Among other good cards we have Victor’s Cry that is a great trick. Adaptive Predator that just takes care of games when uncontested (although I still do not know how he can sometimes gain Quickdraw with those tiny hands). Cabal Recruiter is good if you can get some Levitates, a Secret Passage or a Cover of Darkness, but his Infiltrate ability still caries a lot of randomness – you could get a lowly 2-drop or a big ol’ Sentinel. Results-oriented indeed! The rest of these cards is sub-par. The choice between a great unit and a great trick is a close one that usually comes down to personal preferences this early in a draft – you cannot go wrong with either of these choices. I also think that Ashara is much better than Cabal Recruiter and Predator is too expensive to take this early.

Caleb’s choice: Ashara, Ruthless Assassin

Pack 1 Pick 2

p1p2.jpg Iceberg Warchief caught my eye here, as it is a great cornerstone of Yeti tribal decks in this format, and I would surely pick it over Yeti Windflyer as we can still choose our colors and are not constrained to Shadow, even despite first-picking a very good Shadow unit. Finest Hour is also a great option, as it is the most cost-effective trick in Justice. Ankle Cutter, Grenadin Bellower and Copperhall Porter are decent, but they are not material for a second pick. Timeworn Sentinel is quite good, but it usually requires going into Praxis or at least Elysian. I could also go for a Banner – with the Xenan one being a more obvious choice – but in the early packs I prefer to pick good meaty cards over fixing. Once again we could steer ourselves into a lot of directions here and I opted to go for the most powerful card of the pack. Also, three-damage Snowballs!

Caleb’s choice: Iceberg Warchief

Pack 1 Pick 3

p1p3.jpg Iceberg Scattershot is an unassuming Yeti, but it does trigger all Yeti Spies and Yeti Snowslingers right off the bat … or sling. There is also a Skycrag Banner here and my thoughts go the following route: my two first picks could make me go into Fire/Primal/Shadow. Ashara has a double Shadow requirement which means I would probably go into Feln or Stonescar, splashing the third color. Therefore Skycrag Banner would be ideally in a main and splash color. Perfect! I also noticed that there are no Primal cards in this pack, meaning one of the two people drafting before me took a Primal card. This means I will probably see fewer quality Primal cards in this pack and the last one. Got to remember that as I go forward! There are also other options available here. I could forsake one of the previously picked cards and go for a Cabal Recruiter or a Nocturnal Creeper, or even delve deeper into Gunslinger territory with First-Shot Rioter. Not today, though!

Caleb’s choice: Skycrag Banner

Pack 1 Pick 4

p1p4.jpg This pick is between Dark Return and Feln Banner and – as I said before – I prefer to go with meaty cards over color fixing in the opening picks. Dark Return is also a better option than e.g. Frontier Confessor or Scaly Gruan as it is both a more powerful card and it is in a color that I already know I want to include in my deck.

Caleb’s choice: Dark Return

Pack 1 Pick 5

p1p5.jpg I have not seen any good Yetis after picking the Warchief, so I probably have to forget about that option and find another way. The fork in the road points to either Copperhall Marshal or Nocturnal Creeper. Now, Marshal has a potential synergy with Ashara as a fellow Gunslinger and needs some weapons to trigger his ultimate ability – and remember that currently there are fewer quality weapons in the curated packs! Creeper on the other hand i just a high quality 2-drop with Xenan having the option to go with Relics, Dinosaurs or Empower units. After some deliberation I have made my decision to try to go the Argenport route.

Caleb’s choice: Copperhall Marshal

Pack 1 Pick 6

p1p6.jpg And then I can get … a Banner or another Banner. This is more like reading the future and where the cards I already picked can lead me. Combrei Banner says Empower while Stonescar Banner says ‘slingers. But wait, there is also a Triggerman here and I do have two ‘slingers’ already! Okay. Bonding a 3/3 Quickdraw for two-to-three power is usually a good deal, but I do need to get some weapons for him and Marshal.

Caleb’s choice: Triggerman

Pack 1 Pick 7

p1p7.jpg Yay, another Gunslinger! This tiny fella turns into a slightly larger fella, but is a good early drop in a Gunslinger deck nonetheless. I could also go for a Cover of Darkness as I like having one of this finisher in my Shadow-based decks, but you cannot the ‘slinger discount synergies – however few and far between they may be (at least compared to the other tribes).

Caleb’s choice: Steady Marshal

Pack 1 Pick 8

p1p8.jpg Finback Komonat and Town Watchman are here to underwhelm us! Insistent Automaton and Temple Raider are not for my colors. Xenan Banner might help me splashing some time into my Argenport-looking deck, and that is a relevant three-color combination when it comes to getting my picks from the Defiance packs soon.

Caleb’s choice: Xenan Banner

Pack 1 Pick 9

p1p9.jpg This pick goes into the same category as the previous one – splashing Primal could happen, while playing Lethrai Memory-Keeper will probably not happen – at least not while I have something to say about it!

Caleb’s choice: Feln Banner

Pack 1 Pick 10

p1p10.jpg Blood Beetle is great if you can play it reliably on turn one or if you have Infiltrate-enabling tricks such as the afore-mentioned Levitate, Secret Passage or Cover of Darkness. Also, the other two cards are quite bad.

Caleb’s choice: Blood Beetle

Pack 1 Pick 11

p1p11.jpg Wow, there is a Yeti to pick finally! Woohoo! Wait, am I still thinking about that Iceberg Warchief? Icebow is good if you have Deadly units and so far I have one. Still, I can see the Yeti dream somewhere far far away in pack four…

Caleb’s choice: Yeti Snowslinger

Pack 1 Pick 12

p1p12.jpg Okay, this is nice. Thank you!

Caleb’s choice: Xenan Banner

Pack 2 Pick 1

p2p1.jpg Okay, things are looking … strange, to say the least. I could go in a number of directions. Argenport Gunslingers can get some help from Time as I already have two Xenan Banners. This would mean me picking the likes of Display of Vision here, with a possibility of picking up Crested Runt. I could try to embrace Gunslinger Winchest with picking up Oni Forgemaster, which in turn is better than Gilded Flames for this archetype. Other than that … I could maybe go for Flickerling to not get attached to any of these ideas yet and see which factions get passed over to me. There is also Token of Vision acting as a bad Skycrag Banner if I went back to the Fire/Primal/Shadow plan. In the end I went with the more powerful card which was easier to play given my current Banners.

Caleb’s Choice: Display of Vision

Pack 2 Pick 2

p2p2.jpg I will be playing Shadow for sure, which is why I first looked at Kerendon Steward and Mob Rule, with Steward being the more powerful card by far. Bottoms Up or Glacier Shaper could see play here if I were to go for these colors, with Display of Vision requiring me to go straight up into four colors. Given that Steward is a card rated by me as 9/10, this is by far the easiest choice.

Caleb’s choice: Kerendon Steward

Pack 2 Pick 3

p2p3.jpg Twinfang Cobra, while a decent unit, would be a stretch here given its double influence requirement. There is also Flickerling, Lethrai Hideaway, Kosul Huntsman and Mesmerized Moth. Kosul Beastmaster is the same kind of stretch as the Display was in the previous pack, so while he is the most powerful card in the pack I am already discounting him as a potential pick. After some deliberation this choice came down to Moth vs Flickerling. What is better? One more attack and being in the main color or one fewer attack and creating a Relic in a potential splash color? I think the former, as it presents a higher probability of me playing the card I am about to pick here.

Caleb’s choice: Flickerling

Pack 2 Pick 4

p2p4.jpg Sadistic Glee – now there is an option of milling your opponent for a lot of cards. I have rated this card low before, but given the number of board stall situations, being able to mill your opponent for ten or twelve cards can be the difference between losing and winning. Also I already have a Dark Return here, so there is the option of milling the opponent twice! This game plan is much better than just getting a Curator’s Spear – which you can usually get later on – them or Iron Hooks. Mischief Yeti would also be an option, but it seems I have long abandoned the Yeti plan.

Caleb’s choice: Sadistically Statistically Sadistic Glee

Pack 2 Pick 5

p2p5.jpg Seeing Cliffdiver Mantasaur this late is very interesting and usually means that Primal is an open color for the remainder of this and the next pack. Eye for an Eye is a bad removal in my opinion – too expensive and too conditional (still better than Inspire Obedience, though). Breathstealer is just a filler. Mighty Strikes could also be an option, but it is in two off-colors instead of just one. I could forego all my Justice / Gunslinger plans and switch into … Auralian? I mean so far I have some Feln cards, but also two Xenan Banners allowing me for some sweet Time splashes. Okay, let me try this for now.

Caleb’s choice: Cliffdiver Mantasaur

Pack 2 Pick 6

p2p6.jpg In this empty pack there are still the likes of Lazy Firemane, Honeypot and Scavenge. I count the red card out first, as I do not have any other here aside from one Yeti. Scavenge could help me with some splashes, but I do not have any combos with going wide – except maybe for Sadistic Glee. As for Honeypot … I did say that I can veer into Auralian. Also, if I were to splash Iceberg Warchief it deals at least three damage, even without Relics. Okay, let me delve deeper into the madness that this draft has become.

Caleb’s choice: Honeypot

Pack 2 Pick 7

p2p7.jpg Now there is that Spear I passed up earlier. Well maybe not literally that one, but a Curator’s Spear nonetheless!

Caleb’s choice: Curator’s Spear

Pack 2 Pick 8

p2p8.jpg A very nice main color unit here!

Caleb’s choice: Lethrai Intimidator

Pack 2 Pick 9

p2p9.jpg Lethrai Courtier would mean embracing the potential AuRelics, while Mischief Yeti would make me reconsider going for the tribal synergy. After some deliberation …

Caleb’s choice: Lethrai Courtier

Pack 2 Pick 10

p2p10.jpg …aaaand nothing?

Caleb’s choice: Broken Wing Brawler

Pack 2 Pick 11

p2p11.jpg Once again nothing.

Caleb’s choice: Iron Hook

Pack 2 Pick 12

p2p12.jpg And still nothing.

Caleb’s choice: Rumbling Contraption

Pack 3 Pick 1

p3p1.jpg This draft is turning up to be a bit awkward. Halfway through I have no idea what my deck is going to be, only that it will include Shadow cards. I still have no color fixing for Justice, so probably Auralian is the way to go, like Feln with a yellow splash. I could go all-in and commit to Time with a Powerbreach Sentinel or go the safer route and get Mob Rule. Clan Huntcaller is theoretically also an option, were I to go with Feln splashing Fire for Iceberg Warchief and this. Right now this deck can go in any direction, but my indecisiveness might make my deck short on playable cards in the end. Okay, so I have decided. Feln with splashing Time for Honeypot and Fire for Warchief. Obviously these two cards go well together anyway.

Caleb’s safe choice: Mob Rule

Pack 3 Pick 2

p3p2.jpg What do we have now? Heirloom Seeker is great, but both Curator’s Spear and Iron Hook break easily and thus are not reliable sources of buff for this Elf. Elvish Swindler could get me Spear or another Relic I might pick up in the next eleven cards. Bannerman is also here and is a safe pick, given my vision of going into four colors. In the end I decided to go for broke and picked the most powerful card.

Caleb’s choice: Heirloom Seeker

Pack 3 Pick 3

p3p3.jpg Warlock’s Brew is a decent removal, but can be seen also as a Shadow anti-trick. I have no weapons to put on New Order Watchwing and it requires double Justice. There is also Mischief Yeti and Honeypot here, with Brew being more reliable than Honeypot and also in the main color. Yeti could be a good pick here, but is more replaceable than removal.

Caleb’s choice: Warlock’s Brew

Pack 3 Pick 4

p3p4.jpg This choice seems tough, as there are a couple of great cards waiting for me. Both Heirloom Seeker and Acantha’s Outrider are great, but I would need a lot more Relics to support either strategy. Kerendon Steward is also amazing and does not require any additional build-arounds. Token of Vision is not what I am looking for, as I seem not to pick any Time cards at all. Given my lack of Relics, the winner is…

Caleb’s choice: Kerendon Steward

Pack 3 Pick 5

p3p5.jpg I have to answer the same question here – Steward or Outrider. Or rather – given the outcome of my previous pick – how many Stewards are too many Stewards? I think three is a good number. There is also Defiance in the mix as a very strong removal, but I have long abandoned the Justice plan with only two mediocre Gunslingers waiting for me there.

Caleb’s choice: Kerendon Steward the Third

Pack 3 Pick 6

p3p6.jpg Now, Sudden Schism … I could play it on Sadistic Glee to mill the opponent even more! Other than that I can copy … Ashara, Mantasaur. Yes, I think I have to pick this card. Consuming Greed doesn not have any good food sources and the Time units are not of the splashable variety.

Caleb’s choice: Sudden Schism

Pack 3 Pick 7

p3p7.jpg Both Sloth and Watchwing catch my eye here and boy oh boy is this a late New Order Watchwing or what? I only have eighteen playable Feln cards so far and still have not chosen the end route this deck will go. After some though I actually turn my eye on Astromancer’s Compass, as it helps Heirloom Seeker, maybe even Lethrai Courtier if I decide to include it. Okay, that is as sound a plan as any I can come up here.

Caleb’s choice: Astromancer’s Compass

Pack 3 Pick 8

p3p8.jpg Some Argenport player is going to be happy with the plethora of mediocre choices left for them! Back to my story – Mob Rule number two? Yes.

Caleb’s choice: Mob Rule

Pack 3 Pick 9

p3p9.jpg Token of Knowledge could help with my plethora of potential splashes, and even if I were to forsake Time (yes, I know I bounce a lot between what I want out of this draft) it is still a bad Feln banner, but it is color fixing nonetheless.

Caleb’s choice: Token of Knowledge

Pack 3 Pick 10

p3p10.jpg Honeypot … maybe it will get played.

Caleb’s choice: Honeypot

Pack 3 Pick 11

p3p11.jpg Consuming Greed … maybe. Well it can eat a Compass or a Spear. Sure!

Caleb’s choice: Consuming Greed

Pack 3 Pick 12

p3p12.jpg Wind Cloak is okay here, working well with the likes of the Greed I just got and Heirloom Seeker. A nice gift indeed.

Caleb’s choice: Wind Cloak

Pack 4 Pick 1

p4p1.jpg Yeah, Momentum Builder! Which I cannot get to work, aside from fringe techniques like Compass or getting it back via Dark Return. That is a shame. There is a premium piece of removal here, though. Man, I did pass a lot of juicy Justice cards – two Watchwings, two Victor’s Cries and more. Someone is probably going to be happy.

Caleb’s choice: Extinguish

Pack 4 Pick 2

p4p2.jpg Iceberg Warchief number two? Oh, game, how you like to taunt me! There is also Triggerman, but it would work only with Ashara and his twin. Trail Maker in a splash color is all kinds of mediocre. Feln Banner is an option, but I already have some fixing. Levitate is a very good trick and a cantrip (an old Magic: the Gathering term meaning an effect on a card that replaces it when you play it). I mean, getting back to the Warchief – he is splashable. And I do have two Honeypots which they can boost. Oh, game, how your taunts work perfectly! There is also still a chance for me to pick some Yetis up in the next ten picks!

Caleb’s choice: It’s a trap! Iceberg Warchief

Pack 4 Pick 3

p4p3.jpg Lethrai Target Caller is a great early game unit that can give Quickdraw to my plethora of Deadly units making it a prime candidate here. There is also Feln Banner, Nesting ‘Nasty’ Avisaur, Final-Shot Rioter or even Wild Rider (because it is a Yeti), but none of those come even close to LTC’s power level.

Caleb’s choice: Lethrai Target Caller

Pack 4 Pick 4

p4p4.jpg Trusty Revolver is all I need to trigger … some of my units. Or is it? Do I need it? There is nothing else to pick for me here – I do not have any good Dinosaurs (just one Mantasaur) for Fishing Dinoch, I have enough removal that I do not need to play Dispel, Back-Alley Delinquent is mediocre for this deck and I already have six to seven good 2-drops.

Caleb’s choice: Trusty Revolver

Pack 4 Pick 5

p4p5.jpg Beastcaller’s Amulet this late? Yes, sign me up! I have early units, Deadly units, evasive units, everything I need to trigger its Infiltrate! Snap pick!

Caleb’s choice: Beastcaller’s Amulet

Pack 4 Pick 6

p4p6.jpg Extinguish number two? I have to say once again that I have forsaken Justice and will not get Stonepowder Alchemist here – although it is a great unit. I should have enough fixing for now as well, so Banner is out. Yes, more removal plz!

Caleb’s choice: Extinguish

Pack 4 Pick 7

p4p7.jpg There is Triggerman here, but he does not combo well with the rest of the deck and will usually just cost five. I do not think I need Cover of Darkness that much, as I have both removal and evasive units – meaning I do not need the extra oomph to get through later in the game. Nightfall Creeper is an early drop in a color that is just a potential splash and in a cost slot I already have covered well.

Caleb’s choice: Triggerman

Pack 4 Pick 8

p4p8.jpg Stonescar Banner is great right now, as it can help me play those two Yeti Warchiefs.

Caleb’s choice: Stonescar Banner

Pack 4 Pick 9

p4p9.jpg Stonescar Banner is great right now, as it can help me play those two Yeti Warchiefs.

Caleb’s choice: Stonescar Banner

Pack 4 Pick 10

p4p10.jpg Caleb’s choice: Heroic Bravo

Pack 4 Pick 11

p4p11.jpg What? This late? Nice!

Caleb’s choice: Dark Return

Pack 4 Pick 12

p4p12.jpg What? This late? Nice!

Caleb’s choice: Feln Banner

Draft Pool

pool.jpg There were almost no good cards coming in my direction … although if I had chosen a different path full of Justice I would have some good tricks and units. Thirty-five cards greet me here, with eight additional power. After staring blankly at the screen for what seemed like an eternity (but in reality was closer to twenty-eight seconds) I decided to start cutting the bad cards away. So goodbye, Heroic Bravo, Lethrai Courtier, Astromancer’s Compass, Iron Hook. Four more cards to go. In theory I could cut both my Time and Fire splashes and be left with fifteen units in this almost mono-Shadow deck. I do have seven Banners and a token, with three effortless sources of Fire and three effortless sources of Time. After some deliberation I re-included Compass and Courtier, but the latter lasted less than ten seconds. Compass on the other hand helps with Heirloom Seeker and Consuming Greed and honestly I do not have any more cards to fill this deck up. I have only one Gunslinger other than two Triggermen which makes them really bad here. If I cut them, though, I have to keep both Iceberg Warchiefs because I am at a precariously low unit count of fifteen! Revolver can also go. I need to cut two more cards. Given the high number of removal I am sporting I am thinking between cutting from among two Honeypots and two Mob Rules. In the end I decided on cutting the latter. After adding some Sigils this is what the deck ended up looking like.

Draft Deck

deck 1.jpg

Draft Summary

This is not a bad deck per se. It has some options. I mean, the low unit count is disturbing, but even starting with one unit I can trade early on makes Dark Returns count as units as well. I also have a Sudden Schism which creates a unit as well. The plethora of removal backing up my early plays should be good to get some wins, so I was not discounting this deck in the slightest. After winning two games with good tempo-oriented plays, I decided to go back to deckbuilder and finally exchanged both Honeypots for Mob Rules. This also meant I had to cut Two Xenan Banners and a Time Sigil. While Banners were easily replaced by Shadow Sigils, in the end I opted to include another Fire Sigil in place of the Time one, because I already had a ton of Primal and Shadow sources in the deck. deck2.jpg The deck ended up going a magnificent seven wins and one loss. The single loss was in game number seven, which kept me away from achieving my twentieth 7-0 draft for the most insanely difficult achievement in the game (i.e. goin 7-0 in fifty! drafts). And yes, the loss was momentous with opponent playing an Adaptive Predator and killing my unit about to be Suddenly Schismed (is that a thing?) in the following turn. Still – the draft as a whole was won, to the surprise of many devout viewers on Twitch who discounted this deck as being sorta bad. Thank you for reading. I hope you have learned something new about drafting in Eternal. If you want help in your future drafting endeavours you can also find me on Twitch and Discord.

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