Hello and welcome to a new installment of Drafting with the Stars. Although Dark Frontier looms closer the current draft format is still live and kicking. Remember that if you still cannot find yourself in drafts, there is an extensive draft guide right here on Team Rankstar’s website! In the meantime, let us draft!

Pack 1 Pick 1


First pick again, how long has it been? Okay, Ruby Catalyst … no, do not read through this card – it is highly unplayable. Other than that it is quite the good first pack indeed! I have Veteran Strategist, Minotaur Duelist, Victor’s Cry, Dark Return, Nocturnal Creeper, Unpredictable Outlaw, … The safest pick would be Veteran Strategist for sure, as it will fit right into just any ol’ deck. From among the whole pack, though, the highest rated card in my opinion is Victor’s Cry for sure! So let me just go with raw power in pick one – as you should usually do!

Caleb’s choice: Victor’s Cry

Pack 1 Pick 2


What do we have now? Parapet Sentry. Decent size, kills opposing fliers, has a good name tag – triple check. Other than that there is another Dark Return, a Yeti Snowslinger, a Shadow Gunslinger, maybe even Nesting Avisaur. Once again I want to go for raw power here, especially that both of my picks can find home in a number of archetypes, thus not limiting me later on.

Caleb’s choice: Parapet Sentry

Pack 1 Pick 3


Okay and now I am once again in the empty pack territory. I mean, there is another Dark Return waiting for me here. There is also Copperhall Porter, a medium Justice unit that can help me get second influence to play Victor’s Cry. Wild Rider, Dispel and Twilight Hunt are also reasonable. 

Let me think now of where this deck is heading. The two cards I have picked up are in Rakano, which could mean Ixtun, Winchest or some other strange combination. Also, Parapet Sentry is a Sentinel and that tribal is good when you are running Praxis. With all that being said, I should have picked Dark Return, but instead I went for …

Caleb’s choice: Twilight Hunt … because Praxis Sentinels!

Pack 1 Pick 4


Having picked three different factions already I still do not know exactly where this deck is going! I can steer into Dinosaur territory with Fishing Dinoch or even Horizon Seeker, maybe go for the most obvious trick in Entrapment or venture out for a Yeti. 

In my opinion it is best to go as wide as possible right now to cover all my bases, which I will explain …

Caleb’s choice: Yeti Snowslinger

Pack 1 Pick 5


… now! 

From this point on I can go practically anywhere, usually just sacrificing two of my first four picks. Praxis Sentinels? Check. Skycrag Yetis? Check. Rakano goodstuff? Check. Insert another random archetype? Check. Just let me see what combinations are open.

To be honest, this pick does not present a lot of choice for me. Two best cards are Eilyn’s Choice and Yeti Windflyer and both want me to go into Ixtun-based Yetis, usually with one of these colors being the splash. On the other hand in Yeti decks Primal is usually the main color and both of my potential splash cards, i.e. Victor’s Cry and Parapet Sentry have a double influence requirement. This might end up being a tough draft. In the end I went for potential synergy over power.

Caleb’s choice: Yeti Windflyer

Pack 1 Pick 6


Slope Sergeant and Yeti Windflyer? See – the Yetis are coming!

True Myria Fact™ – In the Yeti society, Sergeants are higher up than just measly Wild Riders.

Caleb’s choice: Slope Sergeant

Pack 1 Pick 7


Okay, so I could go for Serene Excavator or Temple Raider and solidify my position in Praxis or Jennev Sentinels … and Yetis, or go even wider into all the colors to keep myself that more open to all possibilities. I mean come on! Dark Return pick seven? Shadow must be open.

Caleb’s choice: Dark Return

Pack 1 Pick 8


This time around it is just good … Time. With one of the cards being an exceptionally versatile early drop – more so than having a potential Dinosaur synergy.

Caleb’s choice: Nocturnal Creeper

Pack 1 Pick 9


This is an easy one, especially given that these go much better in multiples!

Caleb’s choice: Slope Sergeant

Pack 1 Pick 10


If I were to go for another tribe it would be for sure…

Caleb’s choice: Scourstone Sentinel

Pack 1 Pick 11


Back and forth between the two synergies.

Caleb’s choice: Wild Rider

Pack 1 Pick 12



Caleb’s choice: Trick Shot

Pack 2 Pick 1


So, what do Yetis and Sentinels have in common? They go well with Fire, much better than with Victor’s Cry or Dark Return-related colors. And boy oh boy, do we have a premium pick for the Jennev colors here! Other than that, there is just New Order Watchwing hovering over us, full of Justice. No, I think the Justice path is long gone and two Jennev-based paths are wide open!

Caleb’s choice: Display of Instinct

Pack 2 Pick 2


There is Infused Guardian and there is Parry. On a related note, there is also Token of Instinct, as I am currently setting my sights on one of the Jennev variants available to me. Also, I have found Notorious Scoundrel to be severely lacking in terms of power and setting up a potential card advantage for the opponent. I value the unit slightly higher than the trick.

Caleb’s choice: Infused Guardian

Pack 2 Pick 3


Araktodon Egg is good. No, wait, there is Pitfall Trap in here! Yes, it has to be Pitfall Trap, as my early game is not 100% going to be Time. There is also Kerendon Steward, but I think that Display solidifies me in Jennev. Goodbye, Auralian!

Caleb’s choice: Pitfall Trap

Pack 2 Pick 4


Not a lot of choices for a fourth pick here. The only one that really matters for my colors is Powerbreach Sentinel.

Caleb’s choice: Powerbreach Sentinel

Pack 2 Pick 5


Once again, a clean and simple choice.

Caleb’s choice: Stoneshell Walker

Pack 2 Pick 6


Finally, there is a choice to be made! Pompous Historian is great in a Sentinel deck, Courier Albatross is one of my favorite cards from Defiance and Carnivorous Sauropod is just a beast in the late game. Do not forget that there are also Fireheart Recruit (he is at his worst in Jennev), Grandfather’s Axe (same) and Kosul Huntsman. Yes, sometimes you get Argenport packs, sometimes you get Jennev packs. This one is surely the latter.

Anyway, back to my choices – I believe Albatross is at its best in Jennev, as you usually have a lot of power to spend, and its card draw can sway clunky midgames in your favor. That works also for the other two cards, true, but flying on the Albatross is the kicker that puts it over the top. Also, easier influence requirements!

Caleb’s choice: Courier Albatross

Pack 2 Pick 7


Now back to the emptiness. Surveilor is one of the cards that got slightly better with the introduction of Homecoming drafts, as its high power can be used to bond Scourstone Sentinels and Intriguing Ancients all around! And remember that playing a 7/8 Overwhelm on turn five is nothing to sneeze at!

Caleb’s choice: Surveilor

Pack 2 Pick 8


I still hate Packbeast with all my drafting heart – every time I have it and play it on turn two, I either miss out on Power cards to play or on targets I wanted to ramp up in the first place. The only other card worth picking here is the triple Fire Forgeborn that will probably not make it into the deck – as it is in a splash color. I do not think my bias here should have gotten the best of me and I still should have went for the Camel, just to have a potential early game body if I ended up needing it.

Caleb’s choice: Forgeborn

Pack 2 Pick 9


Now I can get that Historian that is full of himself. Yes, with six playable Sentinels it already looks decent. Pomp us a Historian!

Caleb’s choice: Pompous Historian

Pack 2 Pick 10


Egg / Relic Weapon retriever activate! It can also bring back some stuff left in the void with Historian. A defensive statline, too.

Caleb’s choice: Ancient Excavator

Pack 2 Pick 11


Another example of a card that has been buffed just by having more synergies in the format.

Caleb’s choice: Mischief Yeti

Pack 2 Pick 12


Caleb’s choice: Steely Resolve

Pack 3 Pick 1


Without any further ado I finally take out Victor’s Cry and Dark Return from being potentially played into the depths of the unplayables. With those cards out of the way I am confronted with a loaded pack! Shingane Firebrand is in a splash color and does not have a ton of support, i.e. cards I can play to trigger his Renown ability. Glacial Shaper is also good, but his Renown is also not going to trigger. This leaves me with Powerbreach Sentinel, Conflagrate and Carnivorous Sauropod. The Dinosaur is a bit lower on my card ratings than the other two cards and between the Sentinel and the removal I think I need more removal, and I mean way more removal as I already have decent enough late game. Conflagrate is also a good late game removal as it can target two units. Some legends say of mighty sorcerers that were able to target even three units with it … but I am getting ahead of myself and also spoiler alert!

Caleb’s choice: Conflagrate

Pack 3 Pick 2


Now it might now be shiny this time, but it is still contender number two from the previous pack. Other than that Scorpion is a consideration, but it seems I already have Yetis to fill out my early game and Sentinels to win the late game in bulk! The two Tokens here are both Argenport-based, so they are not even bad Banners for me.

Wait a minute! While I do have great cards for this deck, halfway through I have no color fixing whatsoever! Got to look out for Tokens and Banners and pick them even higher now! Oh yeah, and back to the choice – it surely is a beach day!

Caleb’s choice: Beach Boy Powerbreach Sentinel

PS. I think we need more cool nicknames for cards in this game.

Pack 3 Pick 3


Crested Runt, Pompous Historian and Conflagrate are worthy considerations in this pack. I have grown very lukewarm on Spitfires over time and I do not think I can be their best representatives any more. Anyway, when I look through my potential deck list I see eighteen playable units, which is a fine total at the end of the draft and I am only halfway through! This means I have to pick removal, tricks, fixing and potential uprgades to existing cards – in that order. 

Caleb’s choice: Conflagrate

Pack 3 Pick 4


Yet again, I have the option of picking Conflagrate and, yet again, I am considering it. Okay, considered it!

Caleb’s choice: Conflagrate number three

Pack 3 Pick 5


The Time and Primal cards here are garbage-to-very-low tier, so I am just going to go for Surveilor for the reasons stated in the middle of pack two.

Caleb’s choice: Surveilor

Pack 3 Pick 6


I only have a Pitfall Trap to help me play out Acantha’s Outrider out on turn three, so it will be of no help to me at all. Grandfather’s Axe is really not needed here. Pompous Historian, yet again. People tend to think very low of him, but given that I already have up to ten (!) Sentinels that I can play, he will surely be drawing me many cards over the course of this draft.

Caleb’s choice: Pompous Historian

Pack 3 Pick 7


Acantha’s Outrider is once again a no-go. Fledgling Avisaur is bad aside from weapon-heavy and Dinosaur-heavy decks. It is between Hordeleader and Awaken the Ages then. I will probably not end up playing either of those cards, but let me still go for the one with the higher probability of ending up in the deck. Hordeleader suffers from the same lack of Renown triggers that made me not pick Glacial Shaper earlier in this pack and I rely on big Sentinel bodies rather than on going Winchest-wide. Awaken the Ages on the other hand can help me ramp up into said big Sentinel bodies. Also, my 3-drops are kind of lacking and my 5-drops are already kind of great.

Caleb’s choice: Awaken the Ages

Pack 3 Pick 8


Twinfang Cobra can stop the opposing units … twice.

Caleb’s choice: Twinfang Cobra

Pack 3 Pick 9


Okay, three Pompous Historians might be pushing it. Also, I am light on 3-drops, as I said two picks ago, and all of this makes me very happy to pick up the Dinosaur. Also, it is great to have a meaningful draft choice this late in the pack.

Caleb’s choice: Carnivorous Sauropod

Pack 3 Pick 10


Great! Another one!

Caleb’s choice: Carnivorous Sauropod

Pack 3 Pick 11


Big body with Pledge? Probably will not make it in, but still… easier to play out than Forgeborn.

Caleb’s choice: Runic Protector

Pack 3 Pick 12


Wow, this is great! It is very good to have at least one bounce effect to be able to battle opposing Voltron strategies.

Caleb’s choice: Be Gone

Pack 4 Pick 1


Is it time to follow up on all the Yeti synergies? Or maybe go for raw power? The last pack presents a Dinosaur bomb in the form of Predatory Carnosaur – bomb because it is usually removal and a huge body. All thanks to being able to use Killer the turn a unit comes into play! Also in the pack, there is another Slope Sergeant and … Dispel? Ancient Defenses (double Fire though). No, nothing even comes close to the seven seven for seven. It might mean I have to lean heavier into Time, though.

Caleb’s Choice: Predatory Carnosaur

Pack 4 Pick 2


I already said it at the beginning of this draft – do not even bother to read Ruby Catalyst, it is set to disappoint most of the time! As for my Jennev draft deck, there is a premium pick in Scorpion Wasp – a tricky removal, but a removal nonetheless – and a couple of medium picks in Scaly Gruan and Dispel. I do not need to fill any curve holes with Gruan, so the winner is…

Caleb’s choice: Scorpion Wasp

Pack 4 Pick 3


I wonder if I can ever make Song of War work, be it in draft or in constructed. It is a good third best spell off Ijin’s Workshop, sure, but I would never include it in a deck. Maybe a very go-wide Winchest one, but still I would rather play Blaze in that one. Anyway, Trail Maker is very promising ramp and fixing, one of the best 2-drops in the current format – especially that the only other contenders are the Fire units and remember – early units in a splash color are usually not worth it.

Caleb’s choice: Trail Maker

Pack 4 Pick 4


The best payoff for having scores of Sentinels is surely Scourstone Sentinel, alongside my pair of Pompous Historians, obviously. The only other potential pick here could be Sandglass Parma for the Teleport, but I was already gifted a late Be Gone bounce spell.

Caleb’s choice: Scourstone Sentinel

Pack 4 Pick 5


I have no real Dinosaur synergies for Surveying Mantasaur and Disrupt is just horrible, which leaves me with Ankle Cutter. Still, a good 2-drop, too bad it is in a splash color.

Caleb’s choice: Ankle Cutter

Pack 4 Pick 6


Ambush! I am suddenly aware of a large bomb dropping from the skies of Myria and into my deck! Yes, Hunting Pteriax is a bomb, even if you do not get to take out an opposing unit with it (which happens more often than you might think!) it is still a tricky 5/3 flier.

Caleb’s choice: Hunting Pteriax

Pack 4 Pick 7


What is better than big Sentinels? Big flying Sentinels!

Caleb’s choice: Levitate

Pack 4 Pick 8


Wow, this is a really late Finest Hour, for sure! I will not be splashing for it anyway. This means I am left with Yeti Spy and Yeti Windflyer to choose from. I have six Yetis so far, but thirty (!) good units total. Some of them are going to be cut. Still, Flier Flyer is better here.

Caleb’s choice: Yeti Windflyer

Pack 4 Pick 9


Yetis are good (and shiny), but Insistent Automaton has a ton going for it. I can bounce back units with Summon effects, such as Carnivorous Sauropods, Pompous Historians or even Courier Albatross! It is at its best in slow decks, because you always have the option of slowing your opponents by playing a 4/5 on turn four. Sure!

Caleb’s choice: Insistent Automaton

Pack 4 Pick 10


Nothing for me here.

Caleb’s choice: … does not matter, but it is still Argenport Banner

Pack 4 Pick 11


Caleb’s choice: Heroic Bravo

Pack 4 Pick 12


Caleb’s choice: Cover of Darkness

Draft Pool

draft pool.jpg

Okay, so this is a three color deck with no fixing whatsoever … aside form one Trail Maker. I do have forty one playables! What if I cut out one of the colors, like Fire? No, wait, I have three Conflagrates there. Okay, let me maybe start with non-units then. I think Twilight Hunt and Awaken the Ages might be cuttable, the rest should stay. 

Second attempt – what if I cut out most of the Primal cards? Maybe Yetis should give way to the bigger Sentinels? Out with two Slope Sergeants, Mischief Yeti, two Windflyers, Wild Rider, Levitate. Also, Forgeborn is out because of the triple Fire requirement. Thirty three cards left. What next? Twilight Hunt, because I have a ton of removal already. Runic Protector is a bit too much as well. I have a lot of 5-drops, so Ancient Excavator goes out, as I have no Araktodon Eggs or anything else for it to get back. I am also thinking of cutting Yeti Snowslinger, because it is a 2-drop in a splash color, and although I will end up with just three 2-drops, I also count Conflagrates as 2-drops, because they interact with opposing units played early as well (and later the big dudes take over the battlefield). 

Now for the last cuts. If I take out Parapet Sentry my influence requirements will be TTTFP. Given the lack of fixing, this should be okay. The last one to go is Pitfall Trap – it just deals one damage and I really need to play most of my power out. If I get rid of this I will not have to hold any Power back in hand and think what if, just play it all out and Amplify all my Dinosaurs and Birds. Just need to add Sigils and this is what I ended up with.

Draft Deck

draft deck.jpg

Draft Summary

The deck looks good, but it sorely lacks color fixing and a bit of an early game. The plan was to redraw into my 2-drops and/or 3-drops, Conflagrates included – and later take control with bigger units. It should be difficult for me to cast Sauropods on turn three reliably, but the power has been good to me throughout this draft and lack of fixing ended up not mattering … this time! 

The deck ended up winning seven games and losing just one. The only game I lost was one where I wanted to be extra-greedy and started bouncing back my own Carnivorous Sauropods and replaying them for eleven … while the opponent played Bloodlust on my Scourstone Sentinel and took me down from twenty one health. Good game!

Thank you for reading. I hope you have learned something new about drafting in Eternal. If you want help in your future drafting endeavours you can also find me on Twitch and Discord.

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