It’s only a few days onto the new expansion, but for its power level, Saviors of Uldum is already affecting the meta. This post will feature all the new lists that are seeing success recently.

Odd Warrior is still going strong in the newborn meta, demonstrated by ksr. His deck plays no new card, but you can try a Livewire Lance for some early tempo. His Renolock runs Zephrys, a card that is touted to be even stronger and more flexible than Kazakus.

RenoJackson, a Warrior specialist, hit Legend with a Tempo based build of Taunt Plume Warrior. He advise switching weaker taunts like Alley Armorsmith for Injured Tol’vir for its synergy with Battle Rage, and one Unstable Ghoul for Loatheb.

Hijodaikan’s Renolock runs another new card in Riftcleaver, a very strong removal that has its downside negated by Reno. His Jade Druid runs all the draws in the world and the new Anubisath, while he’s going defensive in his Secret Mage with Flame Ward and Arcane Flakmage.

Seems like Renolock is the go-to deck for many players right now, with Gankplang piloting a version with Expired Merchant for extra value to legend. Khartut Defender doubles up on the N’Zoth value upon resummoning, and you can potentially get an extra N’Zoth as well.

Is Reno Mage finally back? Certainly looks like it, with Awedragon taking it to Legend already. Reno the Relicologist is a pretty good and flexible upgrade, while the new secret presents some awesome control tools that Mage has been longing for so long.

Yami used a Mech centric version of Handbuff Paladin with Micro Mummies bringing sticky early game. A big early Flying Machine could be a real nightmare to deal with for many decks!

Mentalistic hit as high as #11 with Exodia Paladin, Subdue being the only new card! It feels good against all the new Reno decks and Linecracker Druid popping up on ladder.

Asdfads from the Asian server used this Zoolock version to reach Top 10. The new Eggs provided obvious synergy with Plague of Flames, while the new lackey spell is also used for the value out of the 3 mana card EVIL Recruiter. A similar version without Plague of Flames and with Sanguine Raveler and Skull of the Man’ari to cheat out big demons was piloted to legend on the same server by Hatatagami.

RenoJackson incorporated an Elemental shell into Reno Mage, steadily climbed to #7 at the moment. The fact that Zephrys, Siamat and Cloud Prince being elemental has helped the tribe tremendously, enable much easier Elemental synergy at times of need.


Skylight climbed as high as #32 with this Tempo version of Reno Mage, utilizing early secret synergies to leverage tempo. Zephrys, Reno the Relicologist and Kazakus are all great tempo options when you draw them.

Gankplang shows that Murloc Shaman can still do well even in a meta that’s hostile towards it. The introduction of Murmy is really what the deck needed for a stable and consistent early gameplan, while Siltfin is great in Aggro mirrors and versus Defile.

Duwin continues to be the Hunter man this expansion, piloting yet another Reno deck to legend – Reno Hunter. His version plays all the new good Hunter cards, with Wild Bloodstinger providing massive combo breaking potential.

Corbett has been perfecting the craft of Secret Mage as he tried out the new cards. He deemed Flakmage, Flame Ward and Ancient Mysteries to be 2 ofs, and dismissed Ice Block and Forgotten Torch. With Ancient Mysteries, there are more opportunities to draw with Stargazer Luna now.

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