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Hey Party Peoples,

It is I, GhettoBiolan, here once again with a community spoiler.  While my spoiler this time isn’t as cool as a legendary spell that creates and draws a Dragon, it is still, at least, a rare that has a rather unique effect that doesn’t yet exist in Eternal.  Now before I go showing you this shadow spell, I want to prompt you with some scenarios that have probably happened to you at one point or another if you have played Shadow control.

You are playing against a midrange deck and have basically run your opponent out of cards (your discard spells show you they have only power), you don’t have any threats either but have a pair of desecrate in hand, then they warp in a Heart of the Vault, charge in an Icaria or Zal Chi, buff their deck with a Svetya, get some tech with a merchant, or just out value you with a site like Temple, Peak, Office, or Palace.  

All of these cards do something that can’t really be responded to, especially when you and your opponent are in a topdeck war. There are a few cards that currently exist that can work against these sort of scenarios but they won’t work against all the above as they each have limitations.  Shush can stop future summon effects, but does nothing to stop the body already in play and they still got one summon effect and can’t touch Sites.  Citywide Ban can lock down some of the above if they are one of the 3 most expensive cards in the deck, but good luck catching a Merchant with it and it can be destroyed by curse/relic hate unlocking the dangers once more.  Royal Decree will take out any card, but the opponent has to have drawn it, not played it, and you have to have triggered Onslaught to get the copies in the deck.

So, what if I told you that for 3 power you could look at your opponent’s deck and see all unique units and sites and choose one and discard all copies of that unit or site from their deck?  Well, with my spoiler, that is exactly what you can do!  Some of you might then say that works great for some threats, but not for others, some of us who have been playing a long time might remember the scourge that is Dawnwalker (who am I kidding, I played more Dawnwalkers than almost anyone else).  If you chuck him in the void, you just help your opponent.  What about reanimator, the last thing you want to do is put all the Varas or Azindels into your opponent’s Void.  Well that is where this cards second ability come in, you’ve waited long enough, here is Waylay in all it’s glory.

That’s right, look at the whole dang deck and steal the void away.

We’ve seen steal the opponents Void once before, on Vishni, Lethrai Highborn and it has been able to hose reanimator strategies on occasion. The problem with Vishni is that he has to Infiltrate to steal the opponent’s bombs.  Waylay is more similar to dropping a Lumen Reclaimer, but even more powerful as you have just stripped a win condition from your opponent’s deck and stolen their void.  

While Waylay is a powerful card with a unique effect, it does come with a large downside.  You are giving up a card to hurt your opponent’s overall power level, but you do nothing to hinder them on board or in hand.  Additionally, if you use the Decimate effect, you set yourself back even further by giving up that maximum power.  And while you get a lot of information about the opponent’s deck, you do not get to know how many of any given card are left in the deck (I already checked with the developers, but you will see any altered versions of a card separately, Warcryed units for instance).  These are real costs and you have to consider if the trade-off is worth it if you chose to put Waylay in your deck.

There is one card in Eternal that is fairly similar to Waylay and that is Unexpected Results.  The main difference between these two cards is Results targets spells in the opponent’s deck and Waylay attacks units and sites, and while Results transforms the offending card into a Firebomb to get rid of it permanently, Waylay’s second clause of stealing the void acts in a similar way.  As these 2 cards are so similar I would look to see where people played Unexpected Results as a guide to where we might see Waylay played. Unfortunately, Unexpected results saw almost no play (except in meme firebomb decks [I really miss enkeeper]) it also came out before markets existed.  I think the place we will most likely see Waylay will be in the market.  It will be grabbed as anti-reanimator tech/void hate or pulled out to preemptively to strip a hard to deal with site or unit.  Expect Waylay to act as an Adjudicator’s Gavel for Shadow decks that don’t have access to a Justice market, if Gavel is popular, count on Waylay to be popular too.

One last note, while reanimator decks will hate this card being played against them, they can also use it to great effect, ripping an expensive bomb out of the opponent’s deck and them Grasping at Shadows it back can be a real power move. Kairos, Grand Champion is seeing a lot of play, especially for a card from an unreleased set, and we all know that Praxis decks have no way of dealing with a 12/12. 

I don’t think Waylay will have a large impact on the metagame, but I expect that it will be an important safety valve that we will be thankful for as it keeps degenerate void strategies in check.  Thanks for reading, I was hoping to get this article out much sooner, and wished I could have come up with some cool lists for the card, but my wife had a death in her family last week and I was out of town dealing with that.  Extra special thanks to Team Rankstar for hosting this article, MantidMan for setting it up, Pat Chapin for answering my card questions, and to Direwolf for creating this awesome game and once again giving opportunity to randos like me to spoil cards from the new set.


P.S. IlyaK, just because a card interaction does not operate the way you think it should does not mean it is bugged.

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