Hellooo there! DrDenuz here once again with a banger of a deck for your Seasonal mode!

This time I am bringing you a showdown for my Woodland Spirit “Hyperthin” deck with a surprising finisher! And the finisher is one and only beautiful Mourntart!

So without further a due let’s get into the deck showdown!

The Deck


The obvious mulligans are double Foglet and Wild Hunt Riders. You obviously don’t want to have both of them in hand. Other than that just keep in mind your Portal and that you will be pulling out four 4 provision units out of your deck with it so mulligan as many of these as needed.

And also you don’t need to have two Petri’s Philters in hand so mulligan one of them.

Note: Generally you try to use all your mulligans if you don’t have Mourntart in hand to increase the chance of drawing you.

Round One

Your first play should always be Foglet into either Pugo or Griffin to thin them out before you play Portal. Then you bring out your portal to have some sort of engine and to create more Kikimore Warriors for your graveyard to later consume with Mourntart. Then you usually play your Ancient Foglets if you happen to have any in hand and feed them to Kikimore Warriors. Also try to use your Griffins in R1 to ensure that you are not going to brick them later when you will have almost only high units on board. Don’t worry about committing your good golds in order to win the round. We have a strong last say that we want to survive so we want the last say. You can even use your Leader if really needed.

Round Two

Start your round with replaying Portal with Caretaker for big tempo, deck thinning and filling your graveyard. Utilize the cards you have pulled out with the Portal (play Griffins into the Ancient Foglets, make more Kikimoras). You can play any cards you want, just keep Petri’s Philter and Mourntart.

Pass at the right time to not go card down. This is up to you to decide when is the right time to pass.

Round Three

Play out your remaining cards in order you need to – if you have some damage left keep the damage for some dangerous Order cards and engines. If your opponent is running a lot of Control just play the Petri’s Philter to maybe make them waste some of their removal cards without a target e.g. Serrit on an empty board looses them 3-5 points.

Your last say is obviously Mourntart and in many cases boosted Mourntart. You play her last to avoid her removal because that would hurt a lot. Also boost her with Leaderb one turn before playing to make sure you have enough time to use her Order!


I also bring you extended version of this guide on my YouTube channel where you can find more info about each card in the deck as well as some example games!

This is it from me, enjoy the deck as much as you can and you can surely have your fair share of fun even in Ranked mode!

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