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Hello everyone! My name is Alex, AKA Ace of Plays, and I make content for Gwent: The Witcher Card Game on Youtube. I am very passionate about creating custom cards as a way to get creative with a CCG, and after having done a handful of custom cards videos on my channel it has become quite evident that a large part of the Gwent community share my passion. The custom cards featured in my video series are for the most part submitted by my lovely viewers, but occasionally I try to sprinkle in some creations of my own. At the end of the article you can read how you can submit your own custom cards, but for now let us get on with the show!

Custom Scoia'tael card Secret Passage

The custom card I want to show you today is one that I made myself. This is “Secret Passage”, a Scoia’tael Artifact resembling Svalblod Totem (Skellige) and Sacred Flame (Syndicate). I’m a big fan of these cards’ designs because they take away some of the binary nature of the first Artifact cards we got in Gwent Homecoming. I also like how they make sense as Artifacts as opposed to Special cards, because their presence on the board is relevant. This card also synergises with the Elves archetype, the Movement archetype, and some individual cards within the faction.

How does it work?

As soon as Secret Passage hits the board it Spawns a unit on each side in the form of Elven Pathfinders. These are 3 Strength tokens that just provide you with some points immediately. The spawned tokens are Elves, which synergises with cards like Aelirenn and Isengrim Faoiltiarna. Moving on (pun intended), the real gimmick of this card comes from its Order ability, which has a Cooldown of 1. Secret Passage lets you move an allied unit to the other row and boost it by 1, almost as if the unit is moving through the passage to a more advantageous position…Get it? Cards like Vrihedd Brigade and Dol Blathanna Sentry will love this new Artifact.

I’ve already mentioned a couple of cards that resemble Secret Passage, but we could also compare it to Malena. She’s a 4 Strength unit that lets you move any unit once per turn, and she has Zeal. Secret Passage only moves allies, but it also provides additional points through boosting, and it’s an artifact which makes it more resilient. I’m pricing this card at 10 provisions, similar to Svalblod Totem. All in all I’d say Secret Passage is stronger, but it requires more turns and arguably more synergistic cards on the board.

Share your own custom cards

That does it for my custom card, Secret Passage. I would be very interested to hear your thoughts on it, and also to see your ideas for custom cards. If you want to share your own creations, you can send them to me via any of the methods listed below. I hope you enjoyed this edition of Custom Card Review, thank you for joining me. Until next time, guys, have a good one!

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