Hello guys! Today I have decided to bring you a deck guide on a very strong deck that has only few worthy opponents!

It’s a deck that I have been using on my journey from rank 5 to rank 2 and I am confident that I will reach Pro Rank with it in the coming days!


The Deck

How to play


In your first hand you are trying to look for cards that will help you create carry-over value and help you thin (Smugglers, Agigators and Gabor Zigrin). Always mulligan Water of Brokilon and Cleaver’s Muscle and cards that don’t have so much use in general.
Note: Always keep in mind your opponent’s leader when mulliganing.

In most match-ups you lay Milva down first to make the most points out of her (you don’t do that if you play against Skellige or Monsters(An Craite Marauder, Predatory Dive)). Then you try to get your Dryad Fledgings going (again to make most points out of them and to bait out removal before you play Smugglers). Then try to boost your hand and thin. You don’t need to commit too much, don’t worry about not winning R1 or even losing on even. If your opponent pushes we have a lot of Tempo to even go card up in R3.
Note: If an important card needs to be removed, do it.

If you win R1 you can bleed your opponent or even 2:0 them. If you don’t want to do that, just leave Gabor on board and maybe play Mahakam Volunteers (try not to go card down of course).

After you lose R1 and your opponent is bleeding you, play Fauve into Waters of Brokilon when it seems like they’re trying to 2:0 (usually going under 7 cards or commiting good cards suggests this behaviour). This should either scare them off or give us a chance to go even a card up!

Usually in R3 we have our excessively boosted cards in hand and that gives us a solid chance to wipe the board the with our opponent.
Cards we want in R3 are our Leader, Fauve (if possible), Novigradian Justice, The Great Oak, Boosted Skaggs, Barnabas and Ciaran. Having most of these cards is a really easy win.
Fauve is usually played at the start of the round (either with Leader or from hand) to maximize the value. On the other hand, The Great Oak and Shelldon Skaggs are best played as late as possible (tall removal, better targets, Oak’s synergy)!


And this concludes the article. I wish you many wins!
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