Despite the December Patch dropping December 4th to accompany the console release of Gwent: Homecoming and The Witcher Tales: Thronebreaker, deck builders have been hard at work figuring out ways to counter the current Wolfsbane meta. While the meta still exists in this form I’ve decided bring all this hard work and rising decklists to light. (Wolfsbane is going to be nerfed heavily in the upcoming patch, see the official CDPR forums for the change along with some extra ‘leeks.’) Additionally, I’ve included a few lists that are fun to play and have strong potential in the meta if piloted correctly. Therefore, enjoy the following 9 decks.

This update is meant to supplement the original Meta Update from November 13th, 2018. You can check out the original Meta Update here.

For those of you asking for tier lists, fear not! Stay tuned 🙂

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Stay tuned for updates on the Homecoming meta in your bi-weekly Meta Tuesday posts! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave a comment below.

Thanks so much to my fellow Rankstars Sevenzh, JeffTan, and Kacodo for their suggestions, experience and perspectives!

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Skellige – Golden Froth

Skellige – Eist Warriors

Skellige – Coral Lippy

Monsters – Eredin Imlerith (Sabbath)

Monsters – Eredin Card Advantage

Scoia’tael – Brouver Midrange

Northern Realms – Adda Hubert

Nilfgaard – Cahir

Nilfgaard – Spies



Golden Froth

Although Golden Froth was nerfed in the last hotfix to 13 provisions and many people were quick to dismiss it, it now has a strong matchups against several popular meta decks. Most importantly, it has good matchups against the Crach Wildboar/Wolfsbane/Bloodthirst, Woodland Giants, and most NG lists.

Like Golden Froth lists of ages past, the simplified sequencing of this deck is to put down lots of bodies in a single row (such as the Witcher Trio, Harald Houndsnout’s skulls, and the Skirmishers from the Discard package), and  then use Golden Froth once or twice if you have Gremist. Additionally, there are some bloodthirst elements of this deck that help out in a long round. Crach and Light Longship will cause the damage, and Svanrige, Donar, Djenge and the Pirate Captains will take advantage of the damaged units.  If you try out this list, you will find that Golden Froth is still very potent in medium long rounds. This particular list was created and optimized by Magus of the Moon.

Eist Warriors

This list is included in this meta update because of a particular update in the December patch. Xavier Lemmens will be nerfed in the December patch, so expect more graveyard-based strategies to re-emerge, including this particular list. This deck focuses on the Warrior tag synergy in Skellige, revolving around Jutta an Dimun and Tuiseach Veterans. Although they drop on the board at half their strength, they are able to achieve their full strength (if not more) with Bekker’s Dark Mirror and the Sigrdrifa’s Rite summoning spell. Jutta + Bekker’s Mirror is a strong 18 point play in two cards, and Sigrdrifa’s Rite will summon Jutta from the graveyard for a strong 12 point finisher. Additionally, Hjalmar an Craite is capable of utilizing Jutta’s or the Veterans’ full strength for high ceiling removal.

Expect this deck to see more play after the december patch, and you can get a head start on it now!

Coral Lippy

If you’re looking for some fun, this might be the deck for you! This particular list revolves around Coral’s passive ability to deal 2 damage to a random enemy when a special is discarded, which is a solid engine along with Bran’s passive ability of dealing 1 damage. With the amount of discarding and drawing this deck is capable of, it is very easy to thin to zero. Therefore, Lippy Gudmund is essential to guarantee having more cards to discard along with Coral around for both Round 1 and Round 3. This deck does well against decks that don’t have enough removal for coral, because if she can’t survive two separate rounds the deck will have trouble keeping up in points. Outside of that rare situation, this Coral Lippy deck does well with the surprise factor as long as the opponent does not expect the combo in two full, long rounds.


Eredin Imlerith (Sabbath)

With the meta turning to focus on swarm control and outpacing with a few finishers, decks with the capability of controlling a round completely and bleeding freely have risen. This strong decklist is a testament to this, with Imlerith and Ciri in combination with Eredin’s ability creating a strong and hard-to-counter round control or close-to-guaranteed card advantage. This deck has strong matchups against most current meta decks with proper piloting.

This list was created and optimized by Green-Knight and Saber97 from Team Leviathan Gaming.

Eredin Ciri Card Advantage

Again, Immune is becoming more and more favored in a meta where surviving bloodthirst and pinging is key to many meta matchups. This deck focuses more on having several Card Advantage threats in both Ciri and Ciri: Dash. Along with Eredin’s Immune ability, these cards are close-to-guaranteed card advantage. It incorporates a bit of the Woodland Giant strategy with Ozzrel, Ghoul and Golyat and Old Speartip: Asleep as finishers, but its main focus is achieving final say (or double final say) against certain control decks. The control decks are only strong if they capable of achieving their full potential with their finisher with last say, so Card Advantage is very important in those matchups.


Brouver Midrange

Brouver for movement is out, now Brouver + Schirru is in. The same-round-combo of Schirru and Brouver is very potent because of the prevalence of the Witcher trio and because so many units are 4 strength. To guarantee Schirru, this deck runs an elf swarm core with the Aelirenn + Call of the Forest Combo. This deck also runs Dragon’s Dream and Saesenthessis and Milva to keep some essential points from the old Movement deck. This list is fairly strong against many matchups due to its flexibility, so “Midrange” is very fitting.

Thanks to my teammate Kacodo for creating and optimizing this list.

Northern Realms

Adda + Hubert

This list might look familiar to the Draug lists that are going around, except it has a unique leader and a unique finisher in Hubert Rejk. However, these two changes case a huge change in the way the deck is played. Instead of focusing on maximizing the points gained by the orders units, it focuses on maximizing the damage inflicted in one turn – the turn you play Hubert. Hubert + Adda could be a 19 finisher on its own, but with many damaging effects, Hubert could be an enormous finisher in the right situations. Several essential finishers could be required to win r1, so resource management is an important skill to pilot this deck effectively. Give it a shot if you’re looking for a challenge!



Cahir Dryffryn is one of the most interesting card to build a deck around in the game right now with his ability to boost himself by the same amount an enemy gets buffed by. In theory he is the perfect counter to decks that are centered around boost effects such as Mahakam Defender, Golden Froth, Glustyworp, She-Troll, Ghoul, Ozzrel, etc etc. So why isn’t he played at all? Although it is possible to build a deck around him, as I have shown here, it is very draw dependent and requires a medium to long round in order to set up and protect Cahir. However when it does get set up and you’re able to boost a single enemy, Cahir + Regis: Higher Vampire is a huge combo.

Unfortunately this deck doesn’t quite have the shell to be strong in multiple rounds, but it is fun to try! Give it a shot if you’re looking for something new. I have hope for this deck in the future with expansion cards.


This list works extremely well in the meta right now because it runs so many engines that can stay alive easily with Morvran’s effect along with boosting from cards like Emissary and Joachim de Wett. With high-powered engines such as Eskel:Pathfinder, Magne Division, Impera Enforcers, along with Card Advantage cards like Ciri, Ciri: Dash and Isbel of Hagge, this deck is very potent and has many high-value targets for Letho: Kingslayer. Therefore, the gameplan for this deck is to overwhelm your opponent in round 1 with unstoppable engines, and then force Card Advantage in round 3.

Some versions run Regis with Prince Villem to help activate multiple row sweeps along with the emissaries.

This particular list was created by Saber97 from Team Leviathan Gaming. 

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