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Hello guys & gals and welcome to the third part of GWENT NEWS, where I bring you all the important stuff from Gwent in one place!

This week was the craziest one for GWENT NEWS so far thanks to Pawel Burza and CDPR shouting out the show in TWIG*!
Check it out here: https://youtu.be/-rR6K-1XAg0

*TWIG – This Week In Gwent – show hosted by Pawel Burza

Furthermore we have a look at this weeks top memes, beautiful Thronebreaker arts by Yusuf Artun and upcoming competitive events in Gwent!


In this weeks adventure we are joined by Crozyr with MissLadyJayZA talking about the possible balance changes on cards and reviewing some of the suggestions made by Gwent enthusiasts!

Next guest is the one and only BabyJosus who brings us his Pro Rank Gernichora deck guide with which he had incredible success by reaching 2497 MMR reaching 22 wins and just 8 losses!

I myself would like to present you two decks I have been actively using and been having a great succes with down below!



The 8th of July

The 15th of July



The first deck that I would like to share with you is a Dana Méadbh deck. I’ve made a complete deck guide on this deck just yesterday so go and check it out here: https://teamrankstar.com/gwent-meta-deck-guide/


The other one would be my variaton of Gernichora with which I was very successful.



Usually you play The Frightener first to make sure it goes off (play it only when you have enough units to destroy your own!).The first synergy you try to make go off is laying down Foglet and then you hit it with Pugo Boom-Breaker. Use your leader afterwards(to make sure Pugo hits the Foglet(if you have some other cards to kill Foglet use the Leader first!)

After playing Pugo, play Nekkers to get the most out of them. Then you may proceed with Kikimore Warriors to have an engine set up.

When your engines are on the board, you can continue with Griffins to play some tempo/gain dominance/set up graveyard.
At this point we usually have dominance, so be sure to go for you Wild Hunt Riders to thin the deck.

Now your Frightener has finally turned into a 12 point card. (if not play a Griffin/Cyclops/Brewess/Predatory Dive) If you think you are ahead by a lot of points and your opponent might have problems catching up with you with only one card down you may consider passing.
It’s really up to you, you can basically push the round with some of the Crones – maybe try keeping the Whispess(for control purposes).

In round 2 – if you won round 1, you may consider pushing your opponent if your cards are good enough.

In round 3 – Basically we start simillary to R1 by setting up Nekkers and Kikimoras. If playing against Monsters try to have Dominance (even for your Protofledder). The card that you try to keep as long as possible is Geralt to make sure you kill the highest unit! Other cards worth waiting to use are Whispess and Parasite!

Note: Drowners are mainly used at the beginning of the rounds to get most points out of them but if you are expecting a row locked card spare them!!

This is it for this week’s GWENT NEWS, be sure to check out the links below!

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