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Hello guys & gals and welcome to the fifth part of GWENT NEWS, where I bring you all the important stuff from Gwent in one place!

In this weeks episode we take a look at a NEW WITCHER MOVIE about the Witcher Lambert – it’s a movie of a polsih production. You can find more in the article! Then I hint about the article with Jason Slama by CDPR and we look at some top memes of this week!

This weeks deck guide is going to be on a deck by McBeard that I really enjoyed playing as it has some meme potential!


This week we have only one guest but he talks about a really interesting topic – about his return to Gwent. Our host for this week is a good friend of mine Weissenberg!
Twitch channel: https://www.twitch.tv/weissenberg



The 22nd of July

The 29th of July


The deck

The Guide


Generally you try to find your Kambi and Morkvarg as soon as possible so you can use your mulligans freely(there’s only a small chance of bricking). Usually we try to get rid of Svalblod Butchers and Svalblod Fanatics. Maybe even mulliganing Dimun Longships and Heymay Protectors isn’t bad when you lack some cards you want.

Round 1

From the start we try to set up our engines being Svalblod Priests, Longships and Protectors. Try to set up the Priests with Harald’s Pals and also thin out the Drummond Shieldmaidens.

Usually we are able to outpoint our opponents really easily as the bronze tempo is unbelievable. Don’t be afraid to even blow a few golds(but keep Svanrige for the sweet finisher with the leader).

Winning R1 is preferred but it’s not our win condition so don’t stress about not winning it(but you win R1 really often). You generally want to push the R1 to win when your opponent is relying on last say big play. In that case we have Geralt of Rivia.

Round 2

If you won R1 and you have a good hand just push your opponent a bit. The cards you want to keep for last round are just Kambi, Morkvarg and Svanrige(with the Leader). When pushed correctly we might even end up getting to R3 with one card advantage!

Round 3

There’s not really an order in which you play your cards. If you have engines, set them up. If you have Tainted Ale place it on board so your opponent has one less turn to interact with your board and it also provides you a nice source of removal. Other than this keep your Svanrige in hand as long as possible but before playing Kambi. Kambi is our ultimate finisher with Morkvarg in hand!


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