Hey guys & gals it’s DrDenuz here and I have something new for you! I have decided that I will use my guitar (I would go as far as call them skills) to make some original Gwent Songs for you!

Yes I know I may not have the voice of Priscilla and am not as charming as Dandelion but I have tried my best with these two songs to make your day at least a little bit better in these dark times of Gwent!

The Bald Man of the Empire

This first song takes an inspiration from the current state of Gwent Meta where you can see a lot of Usurper being played. Many people despise him but I have made an appreciation song as I think that he is just being disrespected a lot and he is really needed in Gwent when dark times arise.

I have written my own music and lyrics for this song and I am really proud of it as my first work although I am really sorry that my voice is not the nicest of them all.

The Man from the Isles

This one was my second try in making music for the Gwent Community and I have aimed for the man of honour Crach an Craite! It was essentially a ballad summing up the life of the great Jarl.

For this balled I have decided to use a different style of singing and I think it went good but you are the judges! The lyrics were written by me but the core of the music was borrowed from Vance Joy’s Riptide.

I really hope you enjoyed the song and see you next time!

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