We’re nearly four complete seasons into TEPPEN and we’ve seen just about all of the nine available heroes find some deck that works very well. But there’s one that lags behind everyone else by a large margin, which is pretty disappointing for lifelong CAPCOM fans. Yes, the beloved blue bomber is not very good in the game’s current meta.

MegaMan X’s problems stem from the slow nature of green element cards in general and some of the least impactful hero arts in the game. But X fans are persistent – choosing to pursue all manner of decks despite his shortcomings.

I decided to apply the Explore mechanic, something new from the Day of Nightmares expansion, to make a red and green X deck. Here is the guide for that deck.

Below you’ll find the deck itself and the code you can use in game for easy creation.


What do you think? What kinds of decks are you using with MegaMan X? Let me know. Take care and see you next time.

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