After the much anticipated release of Roadmap* for Gwent and a surprising expansion Gwent is probably in one of it’s best times ever. But as always there is still room for improvement, so here one question comes up – How to make Gwent even better?

*Plan of what is waiting for players in terms of competitive gameplay in 2020.

2019 was a one hell of a year for Gwent, as tons of new stuff was introduced into the game. The year started of with the release of the full version of our favourite game Gwent Homecoming (this happened in the late 2018 but you get the idea). After the initial shock for all of us with almost everything being changed from Beta Gwent, it has settled down and the Gwent community has started to enjoy the new Gwent realizing that it’s better than the Beta in a lot of aspects.

Throughout the year many patches were released to fix the bugs and unbalanced cards, developers were often communicating with the community and what is most important – they listened to us and tried to compromise when they could e.g. Whoreson Junior’s Card Art.

And the list of positive things still does not end here! Most importantly three big updates extending the card pool and recently even the fourth one – Merchants of Ofir, introducing new game mechanics and even a BRAND NEW FACTION were brought to us this year in a 3 month expansion cycle making the game even more enjoyable and versatile than ever before!

Last of all as mentioned above we finally got to see the Roadmap which has introduced a one year cycle for the competitive scene of Gwent and it’s what we needed to see!

Gwent Folk Opinions

It wouldn’t be a proper DrDenuz article without opinions of other people, so here we go!
My question was: How to make Gwent even better? What would you bring back, change, or introduce in the game if you could?


“Hmm, that’s a tricky question. I would say the biggest thing for me is greater novelty and variation with game modes so things don’t become stale.
Arena, for example, needs to be reworked. There are too many cards in arena that will never be chosen because of synergy with other cards. For regular gameplay modes, it is more difficult to say.
Based on what recent numbers indicate, the number of people streaming the game has gone down. This could be due to a particular meta feeling stale, or it could be due to a fundamental issue with the game’s design. As someone who has been streaming the game for almost two years, it is natural for a game to go through its ups and downs. I just want an experience that is consistently engaging.
Another point in relation to in-game events like faction challenges and so forth. I feel like something new needs to be injected into these as well, as I am not usually that motivated to participate in them unless it favours the meta deck I am currently playing. I suppose this relates to the treatment of experienced players. We need something to grind for apart from a spot in Pro Ladder. Something different. At the moment it feels like the only carrot I’m chasing is my rank.”

Weev also added:

“I love the game and will always support it, but it has been difficult recently.”


Well, if I could change anything, I would allow players to customize A LOT more. I’d go so far as to give every player a profile that can be clicked on and explored. Like an animated room full of achievements, things he/she typed out about themselves, etc. I love Gwent because I constantly interact with people on my stream. I could not imagine playing Gwent in a dark room with nothing but the other player’s leader to interact with. I know this is very subjective, but I certainly would like it!”


“I want to see an improved pro ladder format, continuation of monthly patches and hotfixes, and more auxiliary progression that can last for a very long time and give resources meaning to veteran players .”

Bushy also made a video about this topic so you can check it out here:


“I think the priority for Gwent should be to make the ranked play matter. Right now there is very little incentive to climb. For some, reaching pro-rank might be the ultimate goal, but for the majority that’s not the case. Personally I’m in favor of a continuous ladder with unique cosmetic rewards, similar to how the ranked mode worked in beta. Those rewards could be granted upon climbing to a certain rank and then to those reaching a specific position to make sure that the most dedicated of players are recognized for their effort. In that scenario pro-ladder could be either merged into the regular ladder or at the very least give those who qualified an option to play pro or regular depending on their goals.”

sevenzh – TRS’ competitive captain

Bring back blacklisting. There’s a reason why you mulligan a specific card and drawing it back doesn’t achieve anything. Even though the impact it has on the game is smaller since Homecoming than it was before, it still gives decks less consistency.”

Seven also added:
“The game is in a good spot overall.”


“In my opinion Gwent would be a lot better if you had some observer mode where you could re-watch your own games. This is obviously nice if you want to improve yourself. Maybe this could be implemented through the playgwent website where you can already see your match history.
Another thing is that it would be nice if you had an option to save your arena decks which you could then play against your friends. This would probably attract more people to the arena mode as well.
Gameplay wise I would love to have Swap’tael back but they said they want to flash out current archetypes which I think is really needed. So that will likely take a while to get its comeback…”

[TLG] MisterHabbla1 –

“So, let me think about things that could make the game better. Overlapping animations and actions is an obvious one.
If they are going to add Custom Tournaments, I would like them to have Moderation as well, simply for the Oddball Tourney.
Maybe an increase to row limit.
Being able to sort card by rarity.
And an update to certain cards to keep up with the power creeps that are always happening.

trynet123 –

“The main thing is just refining archetypes so decks feel more distinct, though it’s not really clear how much the new expansion does that.”

Redrame –

“If I had to name one thing that would make Gwent better, it would probably be less counter based card design. It feels like whenever Gwent adds a mechanic, like weather, artifacts, scenarios, defenders, etc. it ends up breaking the game in some way and CDPR justifies it by printing a hate card that trades up with the broken thing so it equilibriums out, which results in all the matchup RNG of having complex archetypes that do crazy things without the fun of people getting to play out their strategy, since people often win or lose based on their ability to whip out a tech card that takes a dump on you. I think that cards should be balanced in a way that they can go in the game standalone, even if some of them feel a bit unfair, and CDPR seems afraid to print those types of cards without an obvious concrete answer to them. While I have a lot of gripes with MTG and view it as an over-engineered mess that artificially inflates its difficulty with way too many interactions and mechanics, one thing it does well is making its archetypes feel unfair but be balanced by giving everything something unfair, and I think Gwent could take a page from that book.”


Nicely said, and am sure many of us would like to see these changes in the game from the cosmetics to the gameplay ones!

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